Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan~ Blog Tour

Hey hey hey!

Have you heard of Annie Sullivan? No? WHAT ARE YOU DOING. GO SEARCH HER UP.

If you have, yay! I’m glad to be promoting her newest release, Tiger Queen and have a super cool interview with her protagonist, Princess Kateri, for you today! Thanks to FFBC for letting me take part 😀

tiger queen cover img

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5 Comfy Back-to-School Outfit Styles for Girls

Happy September, everyone!

*** first of all, sorry for not posting this past week. I was VERY busy. ***

This is a post that I am definitely looking forward to, not only because CLOTHES (oh darn I sound frivolous *sweats* I just like clothes??) and I’m collabing with the SUPER amazing lifestyle blogger Bayance (who’s reaching 1000 followers!! if you don’t know her GO FOLLOW HER NOW) and Hazi, who I just met but am really glad that I did! She has a variety of posts as well.

Once you’ve followed both of them, come back here please!!

This post is for Bayance’s back-to-school collab season which I’m partaking in for the first time and will definitely be doing again next year!

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BLOG TOUR: Exiled to Freedom // excerpt and interview

Hey hey hey!

I’m writing this from LA (whoop whoop!) and this is going up first day of school, so it has to be done ASAP!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview SGD Singh, the author of Exiled to Freedom, a story about the Partition of Punjab, a girl who goes through it, and a girl long after who learns about her history.

Exiled to Freedom
This is my stop during the blog tour for Exiled to Freedom by SGD Singh. This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 12 till 25 August. See the tour schedule here.

Exiled to FreedomExiled to Freedom
By SGD Singh
Genre: Historical Fiction/ Contemporary
Age category: Young Adult

Seventeen year old Joti lives a peaceful life on her ancestral farm in Punjab, far from political turmoil, foreign wars, and the struggle for independence. Until the summer of 1947, when her country is suddenly partitioned to create two sovereign nations—Pakistan and India.

Punjab erupts into a shattered land of nightmares, torn apart by death and destruction. Before the violence subsides, millions of people will have lost their lives and Joti will find herself amongst the countless refugees fighting to survive one of the greatest tragedies of the modern era.

In the summer of 2018, seventeen year old Priya travels from her home in New York City to her great grandmother’s farm in Punjab. Searching for meaning in her materialistic and shallow existence, she becomes determined to uncover the mysteries of the past and heal her family’s wounds, left too long unattended.

Priya soon finds herself on an adventure of discovery, learning what it is to love and what it means to know true peace.

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DISCUSSION~ Collector’s Editions: Are They Worth The Money? // Emma @ AFCTL

Hey hey hey!

I’m excited to present the first of a hopeful series of guest posts by wonderful fellow bloggers that I’ve interacted with. Firstly, we’re starting off with my wonderful friend Emma @ AFCTL who is super sweet and funny and has the best discussion posts!

Take it over, Emma!

Hiya bookish people!
This is so amazing! Aditi has a beautiful blog, and I love her so much she is honestly AMAZING! It is so amazing that I am able to have a post published on One in a Million, so hi! I just realised I didn’t introduce myself, so here I go! My name is Emma and currently I am independently running my book blog A Few Chapters ‘til Love! (My co-blogger is currently on hiatus :/) Again, I am so happy to be writing here! Right, let’s get into the post! Continue reading “DISCUSSION~ Collector’s Editions: Are They Worth The Money? // Emma @ AFCTL”

Dear America, End Gun Violence// rants & rambles

Dear America-

Honestly, I should have said this a long time ago.

215 days into 2019, America had witnessed 249 shootings. Mass shootings.

As an American, born and brought up in America, I’m ashamed. Isn’t America supposed to be the “land of the free”? The “home of the brave”?

I don’t think there’s anything brave at all about grabbing a gun and shooting a whole bunch of people. Is there really any reason to still be proud of my country when everything is crumbling around me?

Yet I am still an American. I belong here, and there’s no changing that.

However, what we can change is the fact that there were so many shootings in barely 200 days. Is that ok? Can we just slap a label on it and agree with President Trump for everything?

The world is watching, guys. The world’s watching America flustered and stammering all over the place. They’re laughing at us. And we’re okay with that? We’re going to take it and stand there, ashamed, looking at our feet?

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Diving Into Religion: Hinduism Q&A ft. moi… and another Q&A

The title is interesting.

Yeah, I should really spice up my intros.

Hey hey hey! Once again, I’m stealing an idea from the wonderful Bayance. Her Q&A about Islam was wonderful and eye-opening, leading me to think about how lots of people don’t know anything about Hinduism, and it would be wonderful to see what questions you have!

I want you guys to comment below any questions you have about Hinduism. From meditation and yoga to rituals and beliefs to food and holidays- I would be thrilled to answer them!
Please note that I have the right to not answer anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. But I know you guys are great and I hope I don’t have to exercise this right!

This is another small-ish post-
wait jk I’m writing this backwards and now it’s at like 1000 words and I oop-

-but I think that’s okay. Anyways, the Q&A will be super long assuming people even want to read this post and give questions so this will be the calm before the storm.

Btw I’d like to thank Olivia @ Purely Olivia for making me become re-obsessed with changing the font sizes 😉 so you can totally blame her for the cRaZiNesS.

And can I just shout-out Mukta for a moment- she hasn’t posted in a while (WAIT! NEW POST JUST CAME I’M SO HYPED WHOOO) but she’s SO sweet and we have SO much in common and she’s Indian (and I’m pretty sure she’s a Hindu, I don’t know though…).

I’ll be accepting questions until August 15th, when I’ll start compiling the answers (I’ll do my best to be as accurate as possible) and hopefully get them out faster than my last Q&A!! It took like a month smh I’m great…

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A Peek Into My Netgalley Shelf- Give Feedback pt. 1

Hey everyone!

Look, I know I’m kind of taking the easy route… and yes, I am being slightly (ever so slightly) lazy.

But I can’t come up with any other topics, let alone non-book-related, so we’re stuck with this. I’ve seen other bloggers do this, so I thought I;d give it a try.

Do you guys know what Netgalley is? It’s an online eARC service where you request titles that you’d like to review (for free) and if you get accepted, you have to review the book whenever you can. Be warned: if you don’t download the book before it gets archived, you can’t review it and your reviewed versus accepted percentage will go down! I made that mistake once. *hangs head in shame* But we’ll only get to a few today- so I’ll just get through my ‘give feedback’ shelf, probably.

Here’s my Netgalley shelf! >>>

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July Wrap-up + Poems

Hey everyone!

It came to my attention that I still haven’t posted my poems for this month… so let’s do that right now!


your soft hands and warm embrace pulled me in

only you can make my tears go away

only you can make me smile.

everyday is valentine’s day, everyday is best friends’ day 

when i’m with you.

you make my heart leap and jump around

you make it spin and twirl even when it doesn’t want to.

but, you know, everything is platonic.

i’ll love you with every bit of my heart forever and ever,

know that you will always be my bestest friend

i’ll never forget you, ever

even if we go through hell and back.

so lemme just say one thing to you, the love of my life.

you will always be my friend


thank you.


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What’s going on in my life? + Announcement!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to write my heart out a little bit and combine it with an impromptu idea I came up with, credits go to Bayance (and her sister!). She’s going out of town for a bit and letting her sister write a couple of post ideas and I was like WHOA. Newsflash- I’m having a bit of a blogging block… so this will totally help me actually get posts published!

Basically, do any of you -AMAZING, I might add- people want to guest post for me? It’s promo for you and relaxation for me.

You know what- that wasn’t a great overview. What I meant was that you can get exposure for your blog- lots of smaller blogs produce GREAT content but don’t get as much traffic (haha I’m a small blog but I mean under 50 followers) so this could work out well for you!

(also an added bonus is that I don’t have to work my butt off and try to stay on top of life and blogging. jusstt a bonus)

Okkk and so we begin talking about my life!

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Story Prompt #2

Hey everyone! Kinda feeling no inspiration at this time, so I’m leaning back on the second part of a series that I wanted to start. I’ve always wanted to improve my writing with story prompts but I never got the chance to (well, more like I didn’t make the time to).

Hopefully this will help some people out!

Also, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but for some reason WordPress was being stupid and glitchy and nothing was working… AND THE WHOLE POST DELETED I’M SO MAD. It took so. long. to right and now I have to write it all again… well, at least it’s up now. Yay.

Want to hear the story behind this? In my writing camp last week, taught by Hannah Jayne, author of Truly, Madly, Deadly and The Underworld Detection Agency, (who I interviewed, by the way!), she gave us a prompt. We were told to write it in any story format we wanted. Continue reading “Story Prompt #2”