From 2020 to 2021- resolutions, goals, and what this year means for all of us and our futures

Hello loves!

I can’t believe it’s 2021 already- happy new year to everyone! I hope you all had an amazing end of 2020 and a great beginning to the new year.

I have to admit, 2021 really snuck up on me. It still feels weird that we’re no longer in 2020, and even weirder to realize that I spent 75% of 2020 stuck at home. While I’m not harboring any unreasonable expectations for 2021, I still hope that I’ll spend more of my year doing normal things instead of at home.

To be honest though, I’m kind of feeling… neutral about everything. I’m not really a “eff 2020” sort of person because 2020 did actually do a lot to build my character and mold me to the person I am now (dramatic, I know), but it’s not like I loved 2020 or anything.

season 8 goodbye GIF

Anyway, I just wanted to say that one constant throughout 2019, 2020, and now hopefully 2021, has been blogging. Blogging brings me a lot of joy, and writing about what I love has been really important to keep me grounded. I’m forever grateful to everyone for building this community and inspiring me and so many others to keep writing and publishing it to the world.

Okay, this post is going to be less structured than my usual ones, and more of a word vomit, but here goes nothing.

I honestly cannot even remember what my 2020 resolutions were πŸ˜…

Did I even have 2020 resolutions? Also unsure. Signs point to no, because I’m lazy :)) Either way, I want to have resolutions this year because new year new me, right? Right.

My 2021 Resolutions:


  • Increase my reading goal to 45 books during 2021. Last year I made it to 40 books (barely) because I read 8 books in December and 5 barely any during fall. If I read consistently, I’m sure I can make it to 45 books this year, maybe more!
  • Read outside of my comfort zone. I mostly just read YA contemporary and fantasy, and while I’m not planning on stopping that at all, I want to read more mystery, sci-fi, and more graphic novels. I read three mystery novels in the end of 2020 which were all super fun and enjoyable, so I’m definitely going to prioritize YA mystery in 2021.
  • Continue reading diverse books. In 2020, my reading drastically expanded to include and promote lots more BIPOC and LGBT+ novels, which I’m proud of, and I absolutely want to keep that energy for the new year.
  • Read a few nonfiction books. When I say nonfiction, I specifically mean light theory- like books on feminism, racial justice, climate organizing, etc. I can start with finally finishing Winning a Green New Deal by the Sunrise Movement, and read something by Angela Davis afterward.


  • Post consistently. I already know this is a resolution that isn’t going to be easy, or maybe even realistic, to expect from myself, but I also know that even if I post less but more consistently, it will do wonders. Posting once every week is a good goal for me to start the year, but if it changes during the year, I’m also okay with that.
  • Widen my topic range. I’m sure you all are aware that 90% of my content is about books, which is great, because I love books, but I also know that I can improve not only my writing skills, but my deduction and reasoning, by writing about other things. Plus, I don’t want to bore you all to death. Another reason why I want to post about other stuff is so that I don’t feel pressured to only talk about one topic and get frustrated and stop blogging.
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships. I’ve made some wonderful relationships with bloggers that I definitely don’t want to let go- and I would love to keep making them as well! If you’re someone who knows me a little bit through blogging (we comment on each other’s posts, etc.) please feel free to reach out to me and talk more!!
best friends friendship GIF

personal development

  • Spend less time on social media. Earlier in the year I used to spend an average of 8 hours on my phone. I’ve cut it down to around 4 hours now, of which 2 hours are usually spent on social media, but even that is a lot. I’d rather be spending that time reading, blogging, or doing something else I love. And yeah, I like Instagram, but I really shouldn’t be spending all my time on it.
  • Actually spend time with my friends. This one’s a little hard because of COVID and the lockdown my city is currently in, but I finally realized that it’s actually not that hard to just spend time with each other while wearing masks. I’m tired of all my friendships (except, like 3) wilting and dying because I have no circumstances to interact with my friends in.
  • Continue to learn, grow, and evolve. While this is definitely a vague resolution, I know what I meant (deep down… in my heart… somewhere). In 2020, despite, or maybe because of the crazy circumstances, I grew more as a person that I can remember ever happening. Not only my morals, but also my political beliefs, and my passion for justice.

I have other goals too- like continuing to use my daily to-do list, trying to start writing more often, and more, but I think these are the most important ones for me to share with y’all.

Also, crazy to think about, but my two-year blog anniversary is coming up in March!!

I know it’s going to be tough to deal with everything going on right now, and to adjust to “normal” life once it settles down, but I also know that we can do it! I believe in you! If you ever need help or support, feel free to reach out to me.

I hope that 2021 turns out to be a wonderful year for all of us, and I’m sending healing vibes to each and every one of you! πŸ’•

27 thoughts on “From 2020 to 2021- resolutions, goals, and what this year means for all of us and our futures

  1. All the best for your goals! I haven’t been much active with the bookish community and I want to know more bookish people this year! I hope I can follow more book bloggers and share a good friendship with them!

    I am happy you are going to finish 2 years here! ❀

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  2. WHOA YOUR BLOG IS SO COOL!! Happy New Year to you too, and best luck for your goals πŸ’– I can’t wait to start blogging and make friends with you all lovely people πŸ₯Ί

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  3. aahhh this is such a great post, Aditi! really enjoyed hearing your reflections on 2020 and what you want your 2021 to look like ☺️ i have similar thoughts on how 2020 was – while objectively it was pretty bad, i feel like i went through a lot of healing and growth, and i’m definitely a different person now than i was in 2019. and hopefully, 2021 will allow us to return to some semblance of normal life :’)

    my reading goal in 2020 was 45 books, and i also barely made it at the end of December haha, but i’m gonna keep it at 45 books this year too! cheering you on for your reading goal, i believe in you, you got this 🀩

    wishing you the best for 2021, i hope this new year will be filled with wonderful books & great memories!! βœ¨πŸ’“

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  4. skajsdskdksjs i definitely NEED to read more non-fiction, all i’ve been reading is YA!! blogging has also helped me diversify my reading, and now i have so many diverse books on my tbr i can’t wait to read in 2021!! good luck for 45 books – and congratulations on completing 40 this year!! happy 2 year blogiversary in advance!! sending all the love and virtual hugs ❀❀

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  5. It is hard to believe it is 2021 now, time isn’t real !! I always find making these goal posts so satisfying and I loved reading yours !! Best of luck on all your reading goals, I’m sure you will be able to achieve 45 books !! I think it is so fun to try to read outside of your comfort zone and new things, I hope you are able to find some new favourite through doing this !! I also am hoping to read more non-fiction this year.
    I’m hoping to post consistently but I’m also trying not to put too much pressure on myself with it too. Hopefully we will both be able to do it !!
    I wish you all the best for 2021 and with all your goals !! πŸ’™πŸ’™ also so excited about your upcoming blogiversary, congrats !! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ also Happy New Year again !!

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    1. I know, right? πŸ˜‚πŸ’› Aww thank you! I actually increased my goal to 60 because I already read 9 months in Jan πŸ‘€ and hopefully I read more out of my comfort zone and we can both do it together!
      Yess same! I really hope that I can be consistent with my posting but also be gentle with myself πŸ’›
      You too, Soph! Happy new year! πŸ’›πŸ’›

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  6. reading more non fiction is definitely a goal of mine this year as well! i have a few books i wanted to read last year, but ended up not prioritizing them at all, and in 2020 i think i only read 3 non fiction books, which is a shame! i love reading memoirs and i have my eyes on a promised land by obama for weeks now but oof that book is so expensive it probably won’t happen anytime soon ahah but still, i hope i do get to read more of the genre this year!

    i also think posting about different things can be really interesting! i love reading more personal posts, as well as discussions on movies/tv/music, so really, i’m very excited about your resolution, hahah!

    i wish you all the luck on the spending less time on social media goal! i know that iPhones have a screen time feature that can be helpful, and i used it a lot when i had this as my goal, but i ended up not sticking with it for long. i know for a fact spending a lot of time in social media is pretty bad for me, but ugh it’s hard to let go of the fomo! i hope you’re better at it than i was, aditi!

    hope you have an amazing 2021 & wishing you all the luck on your new years’ resolutions!

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    1. yes exactly! i had the same goal last year but barely read any nonfic which sucks :// i’ve read a lot this month so after another novel i want to read some nonfic! and that’s so cool! i hope you love it! i’m not planning on reading it but i did get a lot of laughs when everyone shared that passage about how obama was reading leftist theory to impress “an ethereal bisexual” πŸ˜‚
      i’d love to do that!! the only problem is… that i have no idea what to write haha. i’ve been procrastinating on writing posts so much because i just have no idea what to write :(( any ideas? help a gal out here 😭
      thank you!! samsungs also have the same thing, but i tend to click “add 1 more hour” which is completely counter-productive lmao. i hope you can get better at it too lais!!
      you too! have a great 2021 <33

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  7. It’s been great seeing you flourish & grow this year although I wasn’t really there for the last couple of months whooppssss but I’m looking forward to blogging a bit more this year (fingers crossed 🀞) & I can’t wait to start interacting again! Especially since we just went into another lockdown lol not lol *ignore me & my incredibly-confused-feeling-self*
    GOOD LUCK bc I haven’t said it already <3333

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  8. i hope you had a great new year and that 2021 goes well for you aditi!! actually, i’m in the same boat about 2020. 2020 was definitely a trashfire of a year for the state of the world, but personally, my mental health was stable & i was able to do some things that i’m pretty proud of! & i really want to post consistently this year too 😭 i have so much trouble motivating myself to write a post but once i get it done, scheduled, and posted i feel so good about myself!! also my two year blogiversary is coming up in february and ahhh i feel so old i can’t believe i’ve been blogging for so long skdfjkdjf

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    1. thank you so much caitlin! and i’m glad you can relate- i feel kind of guilty for feeling this way tbh 😭 me too! my worst issue is that i can’t think of post ideas </3 i wish i could have someone come up with all my ideas and then i just write them πŸ˜‚
      happy early blogiversary! that's amazing! and same omg i've grown so much since i started!


  9. happy new year, adi!! and haha same, i can’t remember what my 2020 resolutions were either 😭 one of my reading goals is also to read out of my comfort zone, i really want to pick up books i normally wouldn’t choose as well!! and ahh don’t pressure yourself about blogging, we’ll always be here to support your content no matter what πŸ’– omg i’m so excited for your blogiversary!

    i hope you have the most beautiful new year, sending all my love πŸ₯°

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    1. happy new year ash!~ that’s a really great reading goal! i have the same one, but kind of unofficially πŸ˜‚ tbh long-term goals kind of scare me!
      <333 thank you so much! sending happy vibes :))

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