Four Ways I’ve Been Practicing Self-Care While Stuck At Home (coming from a skeptic)

Hey everyone!

We all know that ever since people started social distancing, Youtubers and bloggers started to post lots of self-care and mental health-related posts more often- which is awesome! But as someone who often doesn’t really relate to any of these tips, I thought it would be useful to post actual ways that I’ve been staying sane during quarantine!

This isn’t to bash anyone who finds tips like “go outside” and “drink water” helpful- actually, I use them too! It’s just that I feel like self-care is more than just skincare or organization.

That’s why these four things are actually concrete actions that you can take to take care of yourself.

Listening to music while I go to sleep

mash up parody GIF

Listening to music while I go to sleep is surprisingly really helpful for me. It helps me relax my mind and slow my breathing so that I can fall asleep faster.

I’m actually someone who has a really hard time falling asleep quickly because my mind is always racing and I actually create stories in my head (only me? okay) but playing relaxing music on the Google Home while I’m laying down in my bed is really nice. Continue reading “Four Ways I’ve Been Practicing Self-Care While Stuck At Home (coming from a skeptic)”

Why You Should Watch The Show ‘Never Have I Ever’ Now // ft. rant, bias in the media, representation matters!

Hey sunshines!

Today is going to be somewhat of an emotional, rant-y, super long post so be warned 🙂

I just finished watching Never Have I Ever.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the new and hot TV series that everyone’s talking about- it’s about Devi, an Indian-American teen who is getting over the loss of her father and her paralyzation. The show is so Indian, and I can’t tell you how much I love it.

Here’s the synopsis:

Never Have I Ever is a series about the life of a modern-day first-generation Indian American teenage girl, a highschool sophmore named Devi. She recently lost her father and was paralyzed for a few months but is looking to ‘start over’ this year- but friends, school, and circumstances don’t make it easy for her. The series is loosely inspired by Mindy Kaling, the director’s, childhood.


I am obsessed with this show. But not just a normal fangirl- to be honest, I probably won’t fangirl about it much like I do with a lot of other books/shows because this just isn’t that sort of series.

It’s flawed.

It’s flawed, and it has issues (mostly because a lot of it was quite cringy), but in my opinion that makes it so much better. Continue reading “Why You Should Watch The Show ‘Never Have I Ever’ Now // ft. rant, bias in the media, representation matters!”

“Spaceships And Dilemmas”: scifi, romance, and little girls // StayHomeWriMo Day 25

Hey guys!

Sorry, I didn’t post yesterday either (wow I say this like every other day now) but at least we’ll be done with this challenge in a few days!!

Also, Becky, this one’s for you 😉 Scifi except I couldn’t resist adding something else lol.


Tara fiddled with the ventilators, pursing her eyebrows. A strand of dark brown hair fell in her eyes and she huffed, standing up and whirling around to face me.

“I hate this ship!”

I tried to smother my laugh. “Yeah, baby, I know. But we need this to go back home. It’s been way too long, remember? You said you missed the grass.”

Tara seemed to calm down and she slumped her shoulders, remembering. “Yes, Mommy.”

I walked over to her and enveloped her in a hug, her soft hair brushing my arms.


I turned around to see Captain Oren standing at the doorway of the mechanics room looking annoyed.

“You promised to get the ventilators fixed twenty minutes ago. Remember- this is my ship. And if you can’t contribute anything, don’t expect to be riding for free.” He said curtly.

I sighed as he walked away and turned back to my daughter. “Sorry, babygirl, but let me try fixing the ventilator now.”

Tara watched as I pulled on the knob, twisting it fifty degrees clockwise before using a screwdriver to ply out the loose nails. I finished by hammering in some new hinges and oiling up the machine.

“The ship is taking flight in ten, nine, eight-” the intercom announced.

The door to the room opened again and a man with light brown curls walked in. He shook his head and I realized that his hair was sopping wet.

“Cecil, why is your hair wet?” I asked.

He glanced at me like he hadn’t noticed that I was there and flashed me a bright smile. “Oh, hey, Keisha! Nice to see you too!”

I rolled my eyes and turned around to turn one of the knobs on the last ventilator.

“If you must know, Captain asked me to increase the thrust capacity of the rocket and I got dunked in water for some reason. It’s going to be a rocky ride,” He said, but in a joking way.

“Hey! Look who it is- it’s my favorite girl, Tara!” Cecil said, scooping Tara up in his arms and laughing.

My daughter giggled and squirmed. I was positive that other than me, Cecil was Tara’s favorite person.

“The ship is taking flight now.” The intercom interrupted.

Cecil put Tara down and turned to me. “Can we go to the skylights?”

I nodded and kissed my girl’s forehead, telling her to go back to our cabin, before I followed him out of the room.

We walked through the halls of the ship and out to the Skylight Room.

We were flying through space and I could see twinkling stars in the distance through the skylight.

Cecil let out a quick breath.

“It’s beautiful.” He said.

Somehow, I felt like he wasn’t talking about the skylights.

I turned to him, half-sitting on a desk that was in the room. He was wearing a light blue shirt over slacks and his hair was still sopping wet.

He met my stare and his gray eyes were intense, the opposite of his easy-going humor when he was with my babygirl.

“She adores you,” I murmured, tucking a braid behind my ears.

He grinned a little, a bit of his mischief evident again. “I’m quite the charmer, aren’t I?”

He leaned forward a bit, putting an elbow on the desk as he said it.

I smiled to myself. “Sure, Cecil. Whatever you say.”

He looked at me and stood up, sobering. “Keisha.”

I ran a hand through my braids again, avoiding his gaze.

“Keisha.” He said again, insistently, his voice pulling my eyes up. “Are you going to go back to Earth?”

I let out a long breath. “Yeah, I am. It’s the best thing I could do for Tara. She needs a stable home.”

“Have you thought of staying here, on this ship? You could raise Tara to be a spacefarer, and you could continue being the mechanic for the ship.”

I shook my head. “Cecil. You know that what kids need when they grow up is stability. And you’ve seen the Captain- if I stay here, he’ll make my life and my daughter’s life hell.”

“I didn’t have much stability in my life, I turned out fine!” Cecil argued.

I raised my eyebrows at him, smirking. He laughed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Okay, maybe I’m not the best example. But you know what I mean! And you could always choose another ship without Captain Oren.”

I shrugged. “What about other kids? I don’t want Tara being raised as a friendless lonely kid with no contact with anyone of her own age.”

Cecil sighed again. “I know, but you could make it work.”

His head was still bowed but I leaned over and took his hand. “Cecil. Moving to Earth won’t make us lose touch. And you’ll visit us sometimes, right?” I asked.

Cecil lifted his head and nodded slowly. “Yeah, I guess. I just don’t want to lose you guys, you know? You and Tara, you’re basically family. My only family.”

I paused. “Cecil, this whole time you’ve been trying to convince me to not move to Earth. But what if you moved to Earth with us?”

He stopped and looked at me for a moment, rubbing his neck and averting his eyes. “Yeah, uh, I suppose. But we’re not, you know, married or anything. Or even, like, together.”

I waved him off and turned to press my face to the glass skylight as if I was Tara. “Come on, Cecil. Your whole life you’ve been trying to break rules, to prove people wrong that you need to settle down. But what if you’re tired of that? It’s time to take a leap of faith and try something new. Plus, you’re still defying everything- you’ve never been to Earth before.””

I couldn’t see him, but I could tell that Cecil was smiling from his words: “You know what? You’re right. You and Tara are worth being told ‘I told you so’.”

I turned around and beamed at him. “We can take things slow, and I’d prefer that, but I’m just so glad that Tara will have you in her life.”

Cecil raised his eyebrows. “Just Tara?”

I swatted his hand and laughed. “Okay, maybe not just Tara.”

Cecil grinned at me and slung his arm around my shoulder.

“Earth will be something new for me,” he said. “But I’d go anywhere with you, Keisha.”


I hope you guys liked this!

Do you like mixing the genres Scifi and Romance? If you were in Keisha’s place, what would you do? Did she make the right decision?



My Tiniest Blogging Pet Peeves + Life Update

Hey hey hey!

I think this post is long over-due. Me, being me, has a (sort of, in my head, and very easy to forget) list of pet peeves that just tick me off… and I thought it was only fitting that I included a list for blogging, of course!

First of all, this is one of the most random posts ever, so I thought I’d start it off with a life update since I haven’t been doing monthly wrap-ups since… SEPTEMBER OHMYGOSH I’M SO SUCKY *internal panic attack* :O and most of you don’t know what’s going on in my life lol.

Anyways, here we go!

Life Update:

Over the past couple of months, a LOT has been going on! Including activism, music, school (groans everywhere amirite?) and more. Let me just break it up a little!


I gave my first hour-long solo concert in November if any of you remember, but I also sang for half-an-hour in January too! I’m going to Cleveland in a few months for national competitions so good luck to me for that *crosses fingers*. I’ve also improved a bunch in violin and dance doesn’t suck as much as usual 😂

(just kidding Cleveland was canceled because of COVID-19 wahh)


Well, what can I say? School’s getting busier by the day and as I type this up, I’m very very sick and missed two and a half days of school so I’m going to be behind as heck. We’re doing argumentative writing in English and I HATE in-class essays but we’re doing that :/

(just kidding no school for three weeks)

Also, I’m taking a class on Life Skills! This means we’re cooking every week and I’M VERY HYPED FOR THAT (as you can probably see).


This is the main one lol. I’ve joined several organizations that include feminist activist organizations and climate activist ones too.

  1. theCramm- news outlet run by a teenage girl that ‘crams’ it into one easy read!
  2. NOW Young Fems- youth chapter of the largest feminist organization in the USA!
  3. Faces of Feminism- my amazing friend Vaish and I have taken over as the leaders of this amazing initiative!!
  4. Zero Hour- a youth climate activist organization and it’s soo amazing I love it!


Well, it IS the New Year!! (and decade but too many people have complained about me and my decade jokes so I’ll shut up) (btw I started this draft in January so ignore this BS)

I’m looking forward to another amazing year with all of you and y’all please don’t leave blogging!! Or if you do (cuz sometimes it happens 😖) tell me in case I miss your goodbye post. AND LEAVE A GOODBYE POST THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And let’s exchange numbers.

And then… coronavirus. Our city and area are in a partial lockdown and we don’t have school for three weeks. Everyone, please be safe!! I’m super bored though so hit me up and we can text!

In other news, I’m officially obsessed with zodiac signs and makeup tutorials that I have no use for! (Gemini here btw in case anyone else is obsessed hehe)

Continue reading “My Tiniest Blogging Pet Peeves + Life Update”

Happy Birthday To My Amazing Friend El! (and a very merry christmas 🎄)

Hello, everyone!

I’M SO EXCITED. As I type this post, I was just talking to my dear friend Elwho’s BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! For privacy reasons, I’m not saying exactly which day her birthday is on, but it’s closeby to today! And since Christmas is right by, I decided to combine it.

First of all, what??

Is this a post dedicated to a person?!?!

YES, IT IS. El is my bestie blogging friend (sometimes we are absolutely stupid but I also love her and the love is a little bit more, y’know) so it’s kind of inevitable that I’m posting for her birthday. Since it would be really weird if I just randomly rambled on and on, I’m going to actually write a letter to her, online! I wish I could ship her a present, but 😂 that won’t really work out haha.

Continue reading “Happy Birthday To My Amazing Friend El! (and a very merry christmas 🎄)”

Preparing For An Amazing 2020: Introducing The Happy Tribe Planathon! (blog tour)

Hey everyone!
So, yes, I’ve had a LOT of blog tours lately. But I promise this one is worth it!

A few days ago, Hedy @ Happily Hedy reached out to me and asked if I would be part of the blog tour for something called the Happy Tribe Planathon. Naturally, I was curious. I mean, what does this mean?? A plana-what?

Well, my dear friend, I’m sure you have these questions too. Let me tell you what this amazing program is, though!

The Happy Tribe Planathon is a FREE online event running the last 5 days of December (December 27-31), targeted to planning for 2020! It’s essentially an online planning party, featuring keynotes from expert coaches, printable planners and freebies, giveaways, and more to get you all set and confident for the new year. It sounds absolutely amazing and NECESSARY, and the fact that coaches will be giving pointers should indicate that you need to SELL YOUR SOUL ASAP. (yes, that means sign up.)

Happy Tribe Planathon Official Planner Preview

I’m so pumped for this because I’m a very unorganized person and that’s a fact. My room is constantly messy and I throw clothes, stuffies, and other things across it all the time. I waste time on the internet and generally procrastinate a lot (this is the biggest problem ngl) so not only do I NOT set that many goals, but I don’t even ACHIEVE them.

But somehow? I succeed. Sort of. Not to brag (mwahaha), but I do a LOT of things (school, blogging, singing, violin, dance, speech, debate, table tennis, tennis, extra math classes because I have Asian parents, etc.) and spend a lot of time on them in general. Most of it involves me getting yelled at for not practicing, which I would LOVE TO CHANGE.

This Planathon seems like the Holy Grail to solve all my troubles. It’ll take work, but I’m willing to do it and make 2020 the best I can. Which is why I urge everyone to sign up ASAP!! Even if you aren’t as messy and unorganized as me, I’m sure everyone will find something to benefit from in this.

This is why I hope you sign up for the Planathon! I’m most excited about the planning (okay, that’s cheating, fine.) Or, more specifically, planning my goals and ways to achieve them.

… But that means I need to HAVE goals. WAIT OMG IT’S ALMOST 2020, hold up sawyer, I need to go and scream into a pillow-


I hope you enjoyed this post!

I also hope lots of you sign up for this so we can scream about it together :D. Also, I’ll most likely be doing a follow-up post soon after the Planathon is over, so you’ll get to see how it went and maybe get a few tips even if you didn’t join (if so, SHAME ON YOU FOR MISSING AN OPPORTUNITY).

Thank you to Hedy, as well, for coming up with this amazing idea, organizing it, and reaching out to me!

Are you a messy or organized person? What are your goals for 2020? How do you plan on achieving them? <<for this, I’m telling you, join the Planathon!!

Have a wonderful day!xoxoadiforadi1