The Julie and the Phantoms Book Tag! | ft. lots of throwbacks and some diverse anticipated reads


I was supposed to post this three days ago so I’d have made four posts in January but that didn’t happen 👀 Anyway, I’m really grateful for the support everyone has given me for my previous post, and I’m ready to finally post another book tag after a very long time.

This tag is special, because it’s an original tag from my friend Lais, who’s an amazing blogger whose work you need to check out ASAP! If you want to do this tag, please credit her and link back to her post!!


[PDF] [EPUB] You Should See Me in a Crown Download

Julie is the main character in JATP and her style and singing voice are both unbelievably amazing. On a similar note, another recent character that I’ve loved reading about is Liz from You Should See Me in a Crown, a short and sweet contemporary that I read a couple weeks ago.

They actually remind me of each other a lot, with their spunk, caring for their families a lot, and musical talent.

I love both of these characters! I also related to both of them a lot, and it was so fun to follow their stories. Speaking of which, I NEED a season 2 of JATP!


The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, #1)

I’m going to have to steal Lais’s answer for this one because it’s honestly perfect for the prompt. Lais, are you sure you didn’t write this question with Magnus in mind?

Anyway, it’s not much of a spoiler, but Magnus dies in the first book, within the first five pages. That’s basically the set up for the rest of the book, so it’s not a big deal to mention it here (I think).

This series, like all other Rick Riordan series, owns my heart and I thoroughly love it.

a book that introduced you to reading_a book that introduced you to your current favorite genre

This isn’t fair! PJO basically introduced me to reading too 😭 but what actually introduced me to contemporary YA novels was:

Everything, Everything

Everything Everything was one of the first contemporaries I read before I started blogging, and to be honest, I really liked it.

I have a feeling that if I reread it I won’t like it as much. Just a feeling, but it’s because I’ve outgrown this sort of novel. It just doesn’t appeal to me anymore, I guess.

I remember getting the DVD from our library and making everyone go upstairs while I watched it on our TV because I didn’t want my parents there 😂


The Rise of Kyoshi (The Kyoshi Novels, #1)

Gosh, I love this book so much! I hope that when you think of me you think of the Kyoshi duology and I also hope you go and read it ASAP 👀

These books are SO good and I could talk about it forever but instead I’m going to link you to my September wrap-up, where I ranted about this series a little bit more in depth. Enjoy!

I hope that people know me as that girl who loves Avatar: The Last Airbender and in extension that girl who loves Avatar Kyoshi!


I swear to God, Percy fits in EVERY category!! Lais, you’re making this too hard for me to choose something other than Percy Jackson!

The House in the Cerulean Sea

The House in the Cerulean Sea is a very feel-good, heartwarming book and this book is pretty much my emotional support BOOK.

All the characters are so sweet and the found family trope is the best I’ve read recently. I love the way the book made me smile AND cry, and tbh Linus and Arthur are my emotional support couple.

Also, Lucy is my emotional support child and Zoe is my emotional support big sister.


This question is way too fun, but I’m going to have trouble finding a book to match it lol.

Exclusive Cover Reveal + Author Interview: These Violent ...

I haven’t read this book but just based on the cover of These Violent Delights, THIS would be my villain aesthetic.

I want to be a very cool, romantic and tragic villain who gave up everything for love and followed the path to murder (?) all because of a love lost to unjust “heroes”. I’ll be sophisticated and scary, and basically Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Azula may not be a morally “good” character (although I would argue that she was just mislead), but she sure is written amazingly.

P.S. I really want to read TVD! Remind me to read it!


Red, White & Royal Blue eBook by Casey McQuiston ...

THIS BOOK!!! Remember when everyone was crazy about it? I read it a couple months after the hype but it definitely measured up. It was laugh out loud hilarious and I loved Alex and Henry’s banter.

Despite it involving politics, it surprisingly wasn’t bad on that aspect either! In fact, it had a lot of really great commentary especially because it’s in an alternate timeline where instead of Trump being our president in 2020, it was President Claremont, Alex’s mother.

In the words of beloved Reggie from JATP: tell your friends!!


Okay, that was the perfect segway to the next prompt!!

To be honest, I have no idea if people have been talking about Rise To The Sun a lot or very little- but I do know that I haven’t seen much talk about it despite the fact that You Should See Me in a Crown was wildly popular and this is by the same author!

Also, look at the cover!! It’s gorgeous!

I’m really excited that it’s about two Black LGBT+ girls and, like YSSMIAC, it involves music as a subtheme, which I am really excited for!! It’s supposed to come out in the summer.


Clap When You Land

I’m having a tough time thinking of a book that fits this prompt- I’m going to settle on Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo, which is about two sisters separated by distance and a lot of secrets who find each other after a long time.

I don’t want to give away the plot, but I’m also not sure if this counts as a twist on the long-lost family trope, but the author didn’t write it the same way as I’m used to. Probably because it’s in prose and it’s about two Black Latina girls, which obviously makes the experience different.



The Song of Achilles

Firstly, The Song of Achilles is a BEAUTIFUL book and it made me sob- a lot. Don’t read it without an expectation that you will cry. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to fall in love with beautiful writing and a tragically unfair love story.

Secondly, Achilles and Patroclus sure took their sweet time getting together 😂 they met as young teens and became best friends. It took years and years until they accepted their feelings for each other.


Does it count if I say Liz from YSSMIAC and Julie from JATP? I already mentioned them and JATP isn’t even a book…

We Set the Dark on Fire (We Set the Dark on Fire, #1)    Star Daughter

Carmen from We Set the Dark on Fire and Minal from Star Daughter would probably get along wonderfully- they’re both spunky queer women of color with a great sense of humor and wonderful sarcasm.


Finale (Caraval, #3)

It’s kind of funny because the prompt is “a book you didn’t think you’d be able to finish” and my answer is a book that I actually didn’t finish. Finale is the, well, finale of Caraval, and while I really enjoyed the first two books (I don’t know if I would like them now, though) I didn’t really care for this book. Maybe I was busy and forgot to finish it, but it didn’t capture my interest like the first two books did.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like the series very much if I reread it- thinking back, the love interest of the MC, Julian, was very much a “bad boy” and would annoy me to no end now.

Thank you so much Lais for tagging me!! I’m not tagging anybody but feel free to do it if you’ve watched the show or if you just like the prompts.

Have a wonderful day, y’all!

13 thoughts on “The Julie and the Phantoms Book Tag! | ft. lots of throwbacks and some diverse anticipated reads

  1. wow, i really didn’t realize how exciting it would be when people started answering the questions i came up with! thank you so much for answering the tag, aditi!

    for the hot dogs question, i have to admit i did think about magnus immediately after coming up with the question, hahah. but it is such a fitting one! it’s iconic for sure. i also made it hard for myself not to choose percy jackson for every answer, hahah. i love that we both adore percy with all our hearts, it’s what he deserves.

    everything everything was also one of the first YA contemporaries i’ve read. i remember thinking it was a bit weird how things got resolved, and i found the book to be a lot better than the movie. the only thing i remember about the movie is that nick robinson had slightly long hair? and it was not a look imo hahah

    your answer made me even more curious to read the house in the cerulean sea! i really need more feel-good books in my life where i can get totally invested in the characters.

    your villain aesthetic is GENIIUS???? now i’m not familiarized with azula because i’ve never watched atla (i know, a crime), but cool romantic and tragic villains are ICONIC.

    i have rise to the sun in my list of anticipated releases and i know for a fact the book is going to make me emotional. just the fact it’s set in a music festival when we haven’t been able to go to concerts for close to a year now is already making me emo hahah i miss concerts a lot!

    once again, thank you soooo much for answering, i was gushing while going through your post and seeing your take on the prompts!


  2. I lovee Julie and the Phantoms! It’s one of my favorite shows!
    There is no death that will ever be more memorable than Magnus!
    I definitely agree and Percy is of course my emotional support character😭 I always reread PJO when I’m in a slump and then everything is better.
    Everything Everything was also one of the first YA contemporary books that I read along with A Sun is also a Star.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this tag and I really need to watch JATP ! I think because the cover of You Should See Me In A Crown is purple I think it goes so well with the aesthetic (I mean I’ve legit only seen the poster) of JATP so I’m so glad to see it on this post for that reason haha. Also yes, Liz is amazing. I’m excited for Rise to the Sun as well, the festival setting sounds so cool (it means I can experience a festival without actually going haha).
    I always think of you when I see Avatar haha (of course) and it will be the same when I read Kyoshi.
    ahhh… these violent delights would be such a cool villain aesthetic (and yes I can’t wait for you to read it, I think you will love it)
    Great tag, I loved reading your answers!! 💙💙


  4. OMG I LOVE THIS TAG!!! I absolutely love this show and I didn’t know that there was a tag! I love all of the books you featured especially Red, White and Royal Blue and Clap When You Land; you have such good answers and there are so many books i want to read here like The House in the Cerulean Sea and These Violent Delights! 🥰

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  5. ahh i had SO MUCH fun reading this post Aditi, especially since i watched JATP last month and absolutely ADORED it, all the characters have my entire heart and the show made me sooo emotional and warmed my heart at the same time 🥺🥺 (who’s your favorite character? i love all of them, but Alex is my fave hehe he’s way too relatable :’)) i also love the soundtrack so much, all of the songs are absolute bops and i’ve seriously been playing the entire soundtrack on repeat haha. wake up, flying solo, stand tall >>>>> and unsaid emily never fails to make me cry 😭

    you mentioned so many amazing books in this post!! i love Liz and Julie too, they are such strong and wonderful characters !! ❤ i definitely think of you as the girl who loves ATLA and the Kyoshi Novels (omg ur taste is immaculate 😌) and i truly still can't get over how we love so much of the same wonderful things, namely ATLA, PJO, and now JATP – love that for us hehe 🤩 omg i'm so excited for you to read These Violent Delights bc Chloe Gong's writing absolutely broke me and i'm sure you're gonna love it :)) and ahh after reading your gushing & love for The House in the Cerulean Sea, i'm even more excited to read it now, it sounds so wholesome and heartwarming 🥺 and of course RWRB and TSOA are two of my favorite books of all time and it makes me so happy to see you mention them in this post 💛 very sorry for my incredibly long comment haha, but i truly enjoyed reading this post (as always) and i hope February brings you a lot of fantastic reads, Aditi!! 😊


  6. this was such a fun post, aditi!! i haven’t seen jatp but i’ve heard such great things about it and i can’t wait to watch it soon 💖 and ahh hearing that liz from you should see me in a crown reminds you of julie makes me want to watch it even more, because i loved that book and liz so much!! 🥺

    the kyoshi novels sound so good, i need to read them asap because i’ve also heard only good things about them 😭 and i hope you’re able to pick up these violent delights soon, it was so good!! i loved reading this post and i hope you’re doing well 🥰

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  7. Oh gosh, reading this post makes me want to rewatch Julie and the Phantoms SO MUCH. When is the second season being announced, dang it!! haha. But anyways, I didn’t realize Rise To The Sun is written by the same author as You Should See Me in a Crown. Strange that nobody is really talking about it, like you said, esp since the author’s debut was so popular! I’m going to go check it out on Goodreads now!

    Thanks for this fun book tag! I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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