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Heyy loves!

Guess what? THERE’S ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK COMING OUT. And I got the chance to read it and review it!!

What does that mean? Allll my thoughts have been splayed out… to you. Here. Even if they are very incoherent *hides*. The quotes will be bolded and my review will be in normal writing!

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Title: Relic
Author: Bronwyn Eley
Publisher: Talem Press
Publication date: 12 September 2019
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
In the city of Edriast, there is no deadlier duty than to serve as the Shadow.
As the personal servant of the powerful Lord Rennard, the Shadow’s life is all but forfeit. Rennard possesses one of
five rare and dangerous Relics – a jewel that protects his bloodline, but slowly poisons everyone else in its proximity.
When the current Shadow succumbs to its magic, nineteen-year-old blacksmith Kaylan is summoned to take his place.
It’s an appointment that will kill her.
As the time Kaylan has left ebbs away, hope begins to fade… That is, until she discovers a plot to destroy all five
bloodlines in possession of the Relics.
A rebel force plans to put an end to Rennard’s rule and Kaylan suddenly finds herself embroiled in a cause that might
just be worth fighting for. But no cause is without its costs…
As her life hangs in the balance and rebellion bears down on Edriast, Kaylan must decide where her loyalties lie – and
how she’ll leave her mark on the world.
Relic is the absorbing first novel in The Relic Trilogy, a thrillingly dark YA fantasy series.
Book links:
Amazon — To follow

Relic, by Bronwyn Eley, is the first book in the Relic Trilogy, a YA dark fantasy series by debut author Eley. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! It follows Kaylan, a teen girl living in Edriast, a cruel place where the Shadow to the ruling Lord Rennard, could be anyone over the age of ten.

Yes, you read that right.

The Shadows’ lifespans were typically shorter because of the Relic, a jewel that Lord Rennard made them wear to protect the bloodline.

Kaylan is worried for her younger brothers, both of whom exceed the 10+ age limit, and her mother, who obviously could be chosen.

What she doesn’t realize is that she could be chosen as well. And, well, she is chosen, leaving her completely in the dark about this whole new life forced on her. She needs to learn all the secrets and whispers of the Shadow- and quickly, because Lord Rennard isn’t exactly the most forgiving.

“Power is a seductive thing.”

One thing I really loved about Relic was the emphasis on family relationships and ties. Kaylan did have a love interest, and there was romance, but it was not overdone, and what really emerged on the top was Kaylan’s family. They weren’t perfect- which is surprising since lots of authors write perfect families- but their flaws were well-written and made them all-rounded characters.

Kaylan’s love for them just made her even more admirable- other than the super cool plot line that her story arc follows, she wasn’t a take-BS sort of character, but she wasn’t suddenly Supergirl either. Instead, she had to actually wisen up and experience, which I really appreciated.

“I would just become another name on that list of forgotten souls”

This quote really struck me. I think a common trope in YA fantasy, especially darker fantasy books, is when the people are just nameless creatures to a tyrant ruler, when they’re nothing more than flesh and bone.

This book did a great job of bringing it out without seeming overused and cliche, which is hard to do- and while we’re at it, kudos to Bronwyn for just acing her debut!

One major criticism I have is the pacing. At some points it was just so slow and hard to pick through. In the beginning especially I found myself putting the book down way too many times, but once I finally was invested, it moved by quickly.

“What had this city turned us into? Nothing but puppets to a grandmaster.”

Rennard was your tyrant-dictator-ruler that we see so many times across genres and in real life, but at times you almost felt sympathy for him when you learned more about Rennard or glimpsed cracks in his armor.

The friendships were an extra drizzle of honey- in the beginning, I really liked Shay, and afterwards when we started to know Markus and Jesper (who’s a woman, btw) they were also interesting.

We were limited to what Kaylan knew, which closed off some doors, but that was okay because there was still so much to learn. I wish we could have had more of the rebellion, but the book didn’t go too much into that, probably playing it safe haha.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I think that it was an excellent debut! If you enjoy dark fantasies with a unique plot and characters you can sympathize with, this book is definitely for you!


4 stars

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Bronwyn joined the military right out of high school, where she learnt (among other things) to disassemble and
reassemble a rifle blindfolded. After that, she spent a lot of her time travelling around the world. Her favourite places
(so far) are Scotland, Mongolia, Iceland, and Ireland.
Bronwyn finally found her natural habitat when she landed her first job in the publishing industry. While she has always
been a writer, it was only when surrounding herself with books that she realised her life’s dream was to become an
author. Relic is her first novel.
Bronwyn lives in Sydney and spends her time eating chocolate, reading and practicing her martial arts.

Author links:
Author website —
Goodreads —
Facebook —
Instagram —
Twitter —


14 thoughts on “Relic Blog Tour + Quotes

  1. Oohh.. the book cover is so powerful– I love it!!
    This sounds like a really interesting book and I love that is had a flawed family who cared for each other instead of just being perfect or horrible.
    The characters sound interesting and I love the quotes that you have included. It is a shame the pacing was a bit rocky to start off with but I’m glad it improved as you kept reading. I often find first book can have a slower pacing at the start as they ease readers into the world.
    Great review and I’m glad that overall you enjoyed this book!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s so cool, right?
      Yup, it’s really interesting and was a really enjoyable read! I’m loving all the flawed families, it’s such a nice break! I mean, even if the world around them is messed up and crazy 😂
      This book has some gem quotes! I love me some good old dark gloomy quotes!! And yeah I don’t really like the pacing when it’s off, but oh well 😊
      Thanks for commenting, Sophie!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Amazing!! 😍
        Aw.. I’m glad!! Yes flawed families are great and relatable even with the messed up world 😂😂
        Yes dark quotes are the best.
        I agree pacing can really affect the whole book which is a shame as you can like so many things in the book but the pacing throws you off.
        Of course, you’re welcome 💙

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh.. a dark YA fiction! Her getting selected to do something deadly, fearing for her family and a believable family with flaws on top of it is the icing on the cake. Sounds like the Hunger Games. Or not.😂 I think I am used to books with slow paces, because most of the books I have read recently start with an extremely slow pace, though. Seems like a great read. On my tbr.❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yupppp, it does sound like THG! or maybe not, minus the part where they all fight to the death in an arena, but DETAILS. 😂 Same, I didn’t have a problem with Harry Potter and the OotP, but I know it’s veryyy draggy. Yay, can’t wait til you read it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yessss…family relationships in YA are the best!!! And oh my goodness, all of those quotes are so powerful. This review is so in-depth and thought out, I definitely have to check out this book! 💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

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