like dominoes we fall // prose

tell me if i’m wrong, but we used to be close- 

tell me if i’m wrong, but i loved you to the end of the plains.

i know i’m right, but now you make me doubt myself.

this could be a love letter, but it isn’t, baby.

but your smile lit up my face and your words lit a spark inside me

somehow the profoundness attracted me, and somehow it stuck me like glue

but maybe the glue dried up, cause now something’s different, something i can’t quite put my foot on

girl, tell me something i don’t know: we both know it’s true- we both know this friendship is mostly one-sided.

and yeah, there’s nothing i can do about it as much as i wish you would save me from this spiral of maze running frantic.

but before you leave me at the edge of this tumultuous cliff, ready to fall, you should know something too.

my distance from you isn’t it, lovely. really.

only a stone’s throw, but it makes all the difference.

i know you want to hold on to the unchangeable, but i’m ready to move on.

so before you go, here’s a goodbye from my heart. and if we can’t make it back to each other, well, i’ll remember you.

and twenty years from now, when we both have separate lives, i’ll think back to these days when we grew like vines, paths separating-

maybe it’s not meant to be, love. you’re the beauty i need to leave.

we’re like dominoes- you gave it the first push, and i toppled some more.

now we’re teetering on the edge of the end, and i don’t know whether to steady it with shaking hands or to give it the gentle push and end it

it’s eventually gonna topple one way or the other. might as well save a heartbreak and slow end for us both, love.

but i can tell you one thing-

i promise to remember you; the one who opened my eyes.


27 thoughts on “like dominoes we fall // prose

  1. Aditi this is amazing!! I loved reading it!! It was so emotional and the words were all so beautiful!! You captured so much feeling and ahh.. I love it!!
    You are very talented!! Thank you for sharing this!! 💙💙


      1. *hides in shame* That’s my fault. I suck at keeping my emails going; I wanna move to wordpress at the end of the year so that I can actually use wordpress properly? Because blogger is good but honestly so annoying

        Liked by 1 person

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