COLLAB: Sophie recommends|reading ‘The Raven Cycle’ & watching ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Hey loves!

I’m so excited to be posting this collaboration that has been in the works for around two months now!

In late March, Sophie and I started talking about a possible collab and we came up with the coolest idea ever 😉

Both of us recommended a favorite TV series and a favorite book series to the other. Then we both had to read and watch the other person’s recommendations and see how we liked it!

Both of us are posting our reactions to the other person’s recommendations. We’re also posting why we recommended the TV series and book series we chose for the other person!

Sophie @ Me and Ink is definitely one of my favorite bloggers of all time because not only does she produce AMAZING bookish content (like, seriously) but she also has one of the sweetest personalities in this niche. I was so excited to collab with her and it turned out awesome! Check out her post here.

Now, let’s get on with the post!


What I Recommended To Sophie:

I recommended the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Avatar: The Last Airbender to Sophie!

I recommended Avatar: The Last Airbender to Sophie because it’s probably my favorite TV show of all time! The characters are incredibly well-written, the worldbuilding is fantastic, the animation and music are beautiful, and everything about it is nostalgic and wholesome. I also think that Sophie will enjoy it because lots of our tastes are similar in books, so she might like this as well!
Rick Riordan is my favorite author, and this is the series where it all started. The characters are amazing, the ships are my favorite of all time (and that’s saying something, given that I ship a lot of characters) and the narrator, Percy, is hilarious. It’s a pretty popular series and it brings me back to my childhood every time I read it. Also, we’re getting a TV series soon, so I really wanted Sophie to read it so we could rave about it together! 

What Sophie Recommended To Me:


I recommended this show because I love sitcoms, and this is one of the best. I genuinely find it hilarious, like even after I’ve seen the episode ten times I’m still laughing. Plus, the characters are just as wonderful as the comedy. They display a variety of traits and they have a beautiful found family with lots of healthy relationships. What’s not to love??


The Raven Boys: This is definitely a unique series, please don’t ever ask me to describe the plot or genre. But the reason I fell in love with it was because of the lyrical writing. There is always something new to discover within the words, whether some new symbolism or foreshadowing. Secondly, I love the characters. There is something very real about them, and they are all so different but bonded by their love for each other. The series is definitely a journey, one I’ve always loved being a part of.

My Review of ‘The Raven Cycle’:

WOW. This series completely blew me away! I loved each book so much. Here’s what I rated the books:

The Raven Boys (#1): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Dream Thieves (#2): ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (#3): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Raven King (#4): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Dream Thieves was only a four-star read probably because I started the first part of it and waited a whole week before reading the rest 😂


  • the writing: magical, eery, thrumming (honestly the best way I can describe it)
  • the characters are THE BEST (gansey is my boy)
  • the plot is amazing! it keeps you on your toes!

I would just like to put a disclaimer that the beginnings of all the books are a liiiittle bit slow but if you push through it, the books are on a whole new level!

I’m so excited that I found a new favorite set of books too so this was a total success for sure! 🙂


  • any time we got to see the women of 300 Fox Way was awesome
  • the fact that despite being a super confusing mix of genres, it’s! so! good! (it’s sort of paranormal and fantasy-ish sorta?) as someone who normally doesn’t like paranormal, you can take it from me that it’s great nevertheless 🙂
  • sargensey!! the angst !! i can’t take it!
  • maura + calla + persephone is THE power trio and you cannot make me believe that any of these characters are straight tbh
  • Mr. Gray! I love his character lots!
  • piper greenmantle. she really lived up to her name tbh. if piper mclean were evil, she’d approve.

My Thoughts On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’:

Wow. I thought that I’d never love a series as much as Avatar and while I’m still right (hehe) I loved Brooklyn Nine-Nine much more than I expected to! It’s a sitcom in a police station and I adored the characters from the beginning.


Y’all, the characters are great! We have Jake, who’s a great detective but is also kind of a total goofball (<3 ❤ <3) and Amy, the smart, organized detective who he’s always arguing with (<3 <3). And then we have Captain Holt, the new captain who’s strict and completely unlike their old cap, and Sarge, a totally rad role model and dad. Rosa, who’s a badass and completely awesome, and Gina, who’s always complimenting herself and is also hilarious. And, of course, Charles! He’s Jake’s best friend and partner in crime (well, jk, they’re cops. haha). Then there’s Hitchcock and Scully (I ship them lmao).

Also, Peralta-Santiago for the win!!

MY FAVORITE EPISODES in no particular order:

  • Basically all the Halloween Heist episodes, especially the first one and ‘HallowVeen’!
  • ‘Jake and Amy’, Season 5, Episode 22- it was just a rollercoaster the whole while!
  • Any episode with Doug Judy 😉
  • ‘Game Night’ or ‘Show Me Going’, both of which involve Rosa and the precinct
  • “The Box”!! Honestly, the criminal in this episode was played by an awesome actor even though he’s a guest star 😂


B99 has covered some serious issues, too. It had an episode relating to sexism in the workplace and the #MeToo movement (but it was handled really well IMO) and an episode where Terry gets stopped because he’s a black man. 

Despite that, B99 is a comedic show above all else and it’s a really really fun watch!


That’s a wrap! This collaboration with Sophie was super fun and I’m really glad we did it. I found two new amazing series- both of which are now favorites 🙂 Go read Sophie’s post here, because she’s going to be sharing her thoughts on reading Percy Jackson and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time!

Have you read The Raven Cycle and watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine? What are your thoughts on them?


17 thoughts on “COLLAB: Sophie recommends|reading ‘The Raven Cycle’ & watching ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

  1. I’m so glad you came up with the idea for the collab because I loved your recommendations and seeing what you thought of more. I can’t thank you enough for this !! It was so fun!!
    I’m so happy you loved TRC and The Dream Thieves has quite a different feel to the rest I found !! All the writing was magical like the descriptions are so lush !! 😍
    It did start of slow I agree!! But at the end you see the detail and it is worth it !! 😂
    300 Fox Way, yesss!!
    Mr Gray was great. I loved so many of his quotes !! 😍
    Such a good idea to do highlights of the series !! Yay you are giving me all the feels 😂

    Yesss Brooklyn 99, I’m so glad you love it and we can fangirl together !! I love how much of a goofball Jake is like I need a goofball in my life always !! Amy is wonderful !! 😍😍
    Yes the Halloween heists 😍😍 I love the season 3 one especially 😍 Doug Judy is always amazing !!
    I like it when b99 does some serious issues as well. It is important and all the cast seem to care so much as well.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS !! 💛💛 this was wonderful and reading this post made me so happy you have no idea !! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such a cool idea for collab! I love both your content so much and to see this post was so refreshing! I’ve been hearing so much about The Raven Cycle and I think I might as well give it a try sometime soon!
    Definitely going to be checking out Sophie’s post now!


  3. This is an awesome idea for a collab and I loved reading both of your posts. I can’t believe I haven’t read Percy Jackson yet. I’ve had the first book for years now 🙈 I seriously want to read The Raven Cycle this year too. Everyone always loves it, the first line is fascinating, the writing sounds mesmerising and I just seriously feel like I’m missing out!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the show too ☺️ I don’t really think it’s my thing but I’ve noticed how wildly popular it is so you’ll have plenty of people to rave about it with at least!!


  4. i LOVE this collaboration so much, already!two of my favorite bloggers and i loved your recommendations as well.

    hahahh, the dream thieves is actually my favorite in the series! i love learning more about ronan and kavinsky is probably one of my favorite villains of all times. i was so weirdly fascinated by him for some reason!

    my favorite thing about this series is most certainly the squad. the characters are all so great and i love how unique each of the dynamics are too. adam is my favorite out of the boys, but i pretty much love them all!

    i never watched b99 because i don’t like sitcoms, but i’ve heard amazing things about it so i’m not surprised you loved it so much as well!

    this collab was AMAZING and i’m so glad you liked trc so muchh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg thank you so much lais 🥺 that means so much to me aghhh!

      oh really?! that’s really interesting! I loved it too, except I gave a week in between reading AND it was an audiobook so my attention span was already a sliver 😂 kavinsky annoyed me a lot for some reason but I get why he fascinates you- he’s an interesting character.

      yesss definitely- i LOVE the squad, especially their dynamic and how they all love each other sm 💖 my fav has to be gansey haha but i adore adam 🥺

      i get that! i personally don’t like sitcoms much either lol but b99 for some reason made me love it idk 🤷

      THANK YOU!! i am really glad i found two amazing series! ty for commenting lais!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. HOORAY I’m so happy you loved The Raven Cycle!! It’s one of my all-time favorites, so I always love to see people discovering how amazing it is 😀 I think The Dream Thieves was my least favorite the first time I read the series, but when I reread it I loved it just as much as the others
    Brooklyn Nine Nine is AMAZING and one of the things keeping me going during quarantine (since I forced my entire family to watch it with me >:) ) The Halloween episodes are the best!


  6. I’ve seen so many mentions of The Raven Cycle in yours and a lot of other bloggers’ posts and I’m honestly desperate to read it now!! 💖 I agree all my favourite ships come from RR’s characters because they’re just too good!! Although SOC and CK has a lot of ships but I just feel I didn’t get enough in a way 😂 Ah B-99!! I love it so much and am honestly pretty addicted, Gina HILARIOUS and Jake’s bestie Boyle is just funny with his pining for Rosa 😂 Amazing collab post Aditi, loved this!! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU NEED TO READ IT! also omg I’m so sorry for not being activeeee *cries*
      Uncle Rick crafts phenomenal ships 😉 I’m rereading all his books in July, also! I totally get you XD
      YESSSS ❤ we stan all of the characters! Thank you so muchh 💚

      Liked by 1 person

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