50 Followers Q&A ANSWERS!!! ft. laaaateness and procrastination

Hiya amazing popcorns! (proud to be a popcorn! ❤ ya Ambs!)

You might be looking at the title and wondering what the heck is this crazy girl talking about? for one of two reasons: it’s been a while since my original Q&A post came out and you totally forgot about it. Or you’re one of the fifty followers that has joined our wee little corner over here since then (aka it’s been a loooong time) *hides face in shame* (also why does it feel like I’ve been apologizing a lot lately?? oh right. because I missed my posting time. twiiiice) <<< I wrote this all in June. So. Read below for some mind-blowing facts!

Um. Wait. Do my eyes deceive me??? OR DOES MY FOLLOWER COUNT SAY 108!!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED WHAT THE HECK WAIT WHO ARE THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE! My WordPress reader never showed them! It says I still have 99…. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK.

I can’t even say HOWWW grateful I am for all of you people actually!!! I love you guys!!! ❤ ❤

Waiittt- it’s only been, what, a bit over a month?!? I’M IN AWE YOU AMAZING PEEPS. I literally love you guys so much I can’t evennnn xxxxxx. I can’t. evennnnn!

Ok, well, on to the post! >>>>

P.S. Remember when I wrote:

I’ll be taking questions until… *quickly looks up calendar* Saturday June 15th! I’ll probably post my answers the day after or some Sunday afterwards. Eh, I’ll figure it out.

Hah. Hahaha. Riiiight. Heh, it’s like mid July and my answers are coming only now?? Oh well 😀 that’s okay!

P.S. THIS IS YOUR FAULT GUYS. TOO MANY QUESTIONS ASDFGHKL; Wait don’t listen to me! I loved allll the questions, DON’T listen to that!!! (wth am I doing with my life)

Ariana’s Questions:

What is your least favorite thing to do?

Um. I don’t know?? But if I had to say something, it would probably be dance practice. IT’S JUST SO ANNOYING OKAY. Don’t judge, children.

What is something you never leave home without?

One of my bags. My trusty ol’ cross-body purses. They contain my phone, usually some mints, a pen/pencil, a scrap of paper, and random supplies that’ll prove useful in a zombie apocalypse. Someday, I say. Someday.

What is one book that you’ve read that is unappreciated?

Goshh, there’s a lot of these 😀 Maybe Counting By Sevens? It’s popular, but not popular enough for its amazingness 😉

What is one book you’ve read that you haven’t liked?

Divergent. DIVERGENT OK. I just hated it and I can’t even explain why but I did. Ok, that’s good we’re done here 😉

Nicole’s Questions:

Do you bullet journal/ have you ever considered it?

Aha, I actually just. started! Like, two days ago. I might share a post on it once I get it completely set up! <<< haha, no. That was written a week ago, before I decided that bullet journaling wasn’t for me and I gave up. So motivated.

What’s a book in your favorite genre that you absolutely hate?

Ah I actually don’t know?? I really don’t “hate” many books, and Divergent is just yuck, but I don’t hate many books? So I don’t know lol.

What’s your dream career?

Ah. I have my whole freaking life planned out, so. Author + Blogger + Side Hobby is acting. And I teach Carnatic music 🙂 because my life wouldn’t be complete without it! Maybe, if this isn’t very practical, medical research. But mehhh.

.What is your opinion on dark chocolate? 😉

YES. YES YES YES YES YESSSHH. Dark chocolate is lifeeeeeeeeeee. Need I say more?

Isa’s Questions:

What’s your best childhood memory?

Um, I have a lot! Probably playing outside with my BFFs until 9 PM in summer, or climbing the trees of our old house, watching the cricket world cup twice (India won once!!! and they better win again!!! King Kohli, go Bumrah! I’m a crazy fan, which you wouldn’t expect, but yeah lol), great times with my cousin who is still one of my closest friends, and many many more!

What’s a movie you cannot stand?

The Good Dinosaur. Please. Just- just no.

If you were a boy for the day, what would you do?

Besides the obvious, and slightly disturbing and embarassing (you know what I’m talking about- you really do) 😉 I would practice using the bathroom and try to keep it fairly mess free (I just had the weirdest thought- imagine how hard it would be for guys to get potty trained! O.o). I’d also just enjoy like strutting around and beating my chest like a gorrilla. I don’t even know why?? Maybe it’s because I can’t do that anymore 😦 puberty sucks, my friends (that’s not even the worst of it! I can complain allll day about periods ok)

Anyways, TMI.

Go try hot sauce on a grilled cheese sandwich and tell me what you think.

This isn’t even a question, Isa! XD But I did it- and my oh my it was much better than I expected! Definitely give it a try, everyone!

Sophie @ T.O.M’s Questions:

If you could only read one book, listen to one song and eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Wow, great question! I would read Counting By Sevens over and over again so I would have to motivation to live (this isn’t even funny though), listen to a song that none of you have heard of, guarenteed: enna thavam seidhane, sung by MSS particularly (I reallyyy love Carnatic music. I don’t listen to much English music, but I literally couldn’t live without Carnatic music. and this song is just so meditative and beautiful I might cry), and I mean, if I’m being honest, I would eat Thai fried rice.

Coffee or Tea?

Haha, tea. I’ve only had Indian-style coffee, but I don’t like it much. It’s kinda addictive though… not good! I love boba tea, though *insert heart eyessss* which El definitely knows! 😂

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet, savoury- both are great! But I’ll have to err on the sweet side, primarily because… *has no good reason* WHOOPS! The brownies are burning, I’m out!!

What is something you wish more people knew/did?

I wish more people actually knew about Indian culture, especially the beautiful music- and no, I’m definitely not talking about Bollywood! That’s not classical, and I’m particularly talking about Carnatic music. Just, actually, search up enna thavam seidhane by Ranjani and Gayathri. I honestly feel so weird typing this right now.

Gracie’s Questions

Reading or writing?

What’s one thing you think you can do to change the world?

I think I can spread awareness about many wrongdoings and raise money to help the needy. I can also do so much just with the power of the pen, and I really want to! I recently joined a teen-run organization that Gracie definitely knows 🙂

If everyone in the world was listening to you for 5 minutes what would you say?

Everyone is equal. We are all valuable and loved. Please do not discriminate based on any physical features or mental capabilities. Everyone, know that you are beautiful.

And along the line of that. This question is wonderful, Gracie!

If you could have dinner with any six people who would they be?

Um… I don’t know?? Maybe Michelle Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Rick Riordan, and I really don’t know?? Any suggestions?

If you could have coffee with any six fictional characters who would they be?

Um. Same dilemma, folks! Maybe The Seven from HoO minus Jason *cries* I feel bad though! For multiple reasons *cries again* (people who haven’t read the recent ToA book well you don’t know)

If you could teleport anywhere in the world and take two people with you, where and who?

My brother, hands down, I love him to pieces. And my mom? Or dad? I’m not going to be like “oh, Queen Elizabeth!” because I literally don’t know her. I can’t survive without my family, people.

What is something your readers probably don’t know about you?

Well, there’s a lot, but not necessarily the most interesting? Ok, well, I’m technically a published author (and so is Vaish! right?) in an anthology but my writing was/is trash so I’m definitely not telling you guys anything else lol!

Oh, and speaking of that, I’m doing a suuuuppperrrr fun writing workshop this week WITH A REAL LIVE AUTHOR. HANNAH JAYNE!!! She’s so fun and amazing! Also, her girlfriend is April Henry WHAAA I ACTUALLY KNOW APRIL HENRY! So cooolll! And I started my latest novel (don’t give up, future me!) so yay!

Your funniest memory?

Hmm… probably that time when my four year old brother ran down the steps naked to greet my friend/ cousin. XDDDDD

Grace’s Questions

If you could meet anyone famous, who would you meet and why?

In the past? Mahatma Gandhi. I have so much respect for him, I really do. Today? Michelle Obama, just because she’s done so much for the community and I really feel like she’d be interesting to chat with!

Is the book or its movie better?


Ha ha ha.

You know you’re talking to ADITI, right? Well, I shouldn’t even need to answer this question, so. Yeah.  But I know Grace already knows the answer XD

Dark or milk or white chocolate?

Am I the one person whose least fav is milk? I mean, it’s still wonderful, but the other two are even better!

  1. Dark
  2. White
  3. Milk

How would you describe your style/aesthetic in three words?




I mean, I hope so!!

How would you describe your personality in three words?

Um, same thing I believe… wow I’m so boring XD.

How has your blog changed since you started blogging?

It’s changed SO MUCH. Like, don’t even go back and read my posts, please! I was so bad, and now I’m a tad bit better, but it’s now a lot prettier (thanks Lilian! and me sorta and Grace and Vaish for your wonderful graphics!) and a lot bigger. One in a Million’s grown a lot!! Have I mentioned howww thankful I am to all of you?

How has blogging changed you since you started blogging?

I am now a wiser person (XD so vague), but mainly I realized that I have found such an amazing community that will support me no matter what.

And I found my voice. I’ve been searching for it for so long, but I was never able to write good novels- but I love to blog! I have a hands on blogging approach, so I’m able to interact more than one-sidedly put content out there without immediate feedback (so impatient lol).

El’s Questions (btw love yaaa!):

If you could take over anyone’s blog, whose would it be?

Ok, hands down, Vicky’s. Vicky Who Reads is such a wonderful book blog! I really enjoy reading her writing and she’s so inspiring! I of course would love to take over all of you guys’s blogs (MWAHAHA) (that sentence was so ickkk), but more than anything, Vicky’s!!

Oh wait, I forgot. The right answer is “I love you guys so much! I would NEVER trade this blog for anything…” but actually, I wouldn’t. I’d just take both 😉

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be??

Ah. ELLLL WHYYYYYYY. Ok, fine, Thai fried rice. BUT WHYYYYY

If someone was gonna write a book based on/taken inspiration from one of your posts which one would you point them to? & if you want, give us a brief story plot/synopsis!

Um. Here:  Story Prompt #1

It’s pretty self-explanatory, lol. 😀

Becky’s Questions:

What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Well, the one you showed me, Becky! That one is so great. And yes, I shall make you find her blog and find the post SHE’S AMAZING DO ITTT. Also Aladdin 🙂 also because of Becky- SEPIDEH AND THE JENIE YESSSSS.

What fictional character do you most relate to?

Ack, this is hard! Probably a combo of Keefe from KOTLC, Hermione from HP, Annabeth from PJO, Maya from This Side of Home, and a billion other characters!!! Basically all the nerdy ones and all the smart ones and all the goofy ones who love their friends to pieces and honestly don’t get enough love.

Whoa that was kinda deep!

 Ice cream or cake? (I know, I’m asking the hard question)

AHHH WHYYY BECKYYY I thought we were friendsss! I must run away now to escape the anticipating glares and BYEEE-

What sort of clothes do you like? Any particular fashion styles you’re drawn to?

I. I like… um, good clothes? El, help me out! 😂 We talked about this and we both basically said we like looking good. BUT NO NEON.

Chloe’s Questions:

Do you prefer to wear jeans/trousers or skirts?

Pants, please! Basically trousers lol. Jeans? I’m wearing them right now because I somehow find soft jeans yay! Skirts? I wear them sometimes, but not preferred over pants or shorts!

Which is your favourite ice cream flavour?


What’s your bigger dream?

Ok, this is so vague, but I REALLY want to make a difference. I want to give back to Mother Earth and to the communities that nurtured me and helping me thrive and grow. I want to help others get the same opportunities I got, which I’m so thankful for, and I want to help others have even better lives than me.


Amber’s Questions:

What is your favourite book?

HAHAHAHHA nice tryyyy! I can’t even answer this question- I just can’t. But kudos for trying, Ambs! 😉

Do you have morals in life?

Yesss. Here are a few of mine: treat others the way you want to be treated. don’t discriminate based on physical features or mental capabilities. neverrrr eat meat unless it’s a life or death situation. all life is valuable. 

I’m a strong believer that all life is valuable including animals and plants so you should try to minimize the harm that you do to the environment by at least not eating meat, and eating organic and environmentally-friendly sourced foods.

What do you think about the generation nowadays?

We’re so corrupted, it makes me really disappointed. However, we’re also making lots of changes to our world, good and bad, and people are growing. But since I’m here, all’s well 😉 jkjkjk!

Sophie @ Me and Ink’s Questions:

What is one of your favourite ships?

My two favs: PERCABETH and Solangelo!!! Yes, I’m a demigod and yes I’m a fangirl of a children’s series but I don’t care!!!

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

The power to teleport *thinks back to running a mile in PE* YES

Hardback or paperback?

Mhm, it depends. Paperback because it’s more compact and it’s really lovable and you know what I mean? I ran outta words lol. Hardback is great because COVER JACKETSSS ARE LIIIIFEEEE 😀

Series or standalone book???

Once more, it depends 😀 If it’s fantasy, I prefer series. If it’s contemporary, I prefer standalone although me after reading an amazing book would beg to differ. 😂


WHOA. THAT’S A LOT OF WORDSSSS (do you see why I procrastinated for so long? THIS IS WHYYY)

But I’m sooo grateful for each and every one of you! BTW WordPress is glitching recently and I’m not getting notifications for some likes and comments so I’m SOOO sorry if that happens!! Just keep trying and it’ll get through!!
Ily all 😀





56 thoughts on “50 Followers Q&A ANSWERS!!! ft. laaaateness and procrastination

  1. Hahaha love all these answers!! So glad you’ve got onboard with theCramm, Liv is one of my best friends and I think all young people should be inspired by what she’s doing and get involved #promo haha

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          1. Ahh okay so basically that’s about sharing with your all friends, helping with promo, running Cramm days where you live and contributing to theCramm’s social media. I’d get in touch with Liv for sure! She’ll answer all your questions x

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  2. aaa, I love all your responses! aww, is it your dance instructor? she sounds sucky I HOPE SHE KNOWS THAT xd.and today is the day where I’m pretty happy I didn’t start reading “divergent”, cuz it sounds like a disgrace (my friend spoiled the entire thing anyway so.) I’m going to stick with other fandoms! go kholi! go dhoni! the world cup is currently going on rn, and india hasn’t lost so that’s been amazing! I’m rooting for you guys! ok, thai fried rice is a really good choice; I would honestly choose noodles. *slurpy noises!* no. noodles are tasty (and fun to play with). it’s so cool that you joined a teen-run organization!! it makes me so happy whenever I hear of teen entrepreneurs starting their own website/mag because they’re so true to helping the world become a better place. what does your org. do? chai is the besttt thing that had come upon planet earth. I finished a book where the m.c. goes to bengal, and by the afternoon, he drank 6 cups of chai?? slighttt overload, but hey, I would drink it. carnatic music is underrated! especially during our school talent shows mainly in elementary, the only portrayal of indian culture would be through blockbuster (and quite awful, sorry!) bollywood songs that have been played way to many times and I just. can’t. thankfully it’s better, but I still think that there’s a long way for us to go in regards of portraying our culture; carnatic included! -starts wishing she had the ability to put a forgetful spell on her teacher so that he/she’s gaze would slip over her name during the mile runs- -wishes that she could move ten steps for everyone- -basically she rules out miles as an ABOMINATION- ahem. I loved this post again!!

    p.s. dark chocolate is lit. soul food.

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    1. thank you so much! haha yeah she’s so strict :/ but oh well!! XD yeahsss you don’t even need to read it- it’s not even good or anything! tbf, I read it in fourth grade but still! oof India lossttt and they’re out of the world cup :((((!!! ughhh btw it’s kohli not kholi 😀 yesss, noodles! I’m a maggi fan, but anything’s fine 🙂 yes, it’s awesome! well, we’re run by a teen who’s only 14 and it’s basically a news company! she provides a news outlet written specifically with teens in mind every working day! so cool, right? lolll chai yup! I get headaches if I have too much chai sadly so 😦 yeahhh. haha, slight?? more like huuge! I totally believe that carnatic music is super underrated. OMG YES. all those horrible bollywood songs that make non-Indians think we’re super trashy and not at all musical 😂 but honestly I just love carnatic soo much it’s kinda hilarious! -wishfully stares into the distance hoping that she doesn’t have to do PE next year- oh wellll :(((( at least in 11th we don’t have to do PE!!! aw thank you so much
      yeasssssshhhh dark choc is LIFEEE
      thanks for this amazing and sweet comment! we should totally meet up again- I miss talking to you! ❤


  3. Nsndhdhudjdbgdndj I totally get you with procrastinating and giiirl you got so many questions. Also, congrats on 100!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I really enjoyed reading this and your blogging styyyyyle ❤️❤️ I loved that passage on what you learned about blogging and I’m going to check out your first post rn hehehehe. Also, I listened to enna thavam seinthani and it’s giving me Indian opera vibesss. I love how you like that type of music tho! Unique Aditi all the way. Love your message to everyone and moral conduct.

    P.s. what’s your favourite book? 😉

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    1. Looollll ikr?? Haha yeah! Took like fiifty billion hourssss 😂 Aw thank you so much!! 💙💙💙💙 OH NOOO PLEEEAAASEEEE! Uh oh I’m screewedd.. OMG YOU ACTUALLY DID?? I’M SHOOKKK literally I want to cry and hug you that means sooo much to me!!! Who sang it? Aw thanks! Moral conductttt—
      P.s. PLEASE BAYYY DON’TTT it’s like fifty different books. so. I don’t have a fav 😂

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  4. These are all such interesting answers! I read Divergent and liked the books initially, but disliked the entire concept at around halfway through insurgent. I dropped PE as soon as I could, but it takes me about 50mins to walk to school so I don’t do PE anymore! Great post and I loved hearing more about you, it is always really fun to learn more about bloggers.
    -Emma 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I lost any interest left at Insurgent too! Haha I’m dropping PE ASAP! (but I have like fifty years lefttt) wowww 50 mins is a looong walk!! What country do you live in? Thank you, and thanks for the comment!!

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  5. Ahh… I loved reading all your answers!! I loved your answer to if the whole world was listening for 5 minutes what would you say– it was so inspiring and true– I loved it!! And you are right that is such a good question!!
    I’m afraid I love milk chocolate the best– I’m sorry!! But dark chocolate is growing on me– it used to be my least favourite but now it is probably my second!!
    It is so cool that you got published in an anthology– amazing and I’m sure your writing was great!!
    Thank you for answering my questions– I think teleportation would be the best power ever– it would have so many uses and would be awesome. And I with you on not liking PE!!
    Yes I agree I prefer fantasy series but contemporary stand alones!!
    Great post and congratulations on all your followers– so well deserved!! 💙💙💙

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    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, it was a great question!! 💛 Haha that’s fine, I’m not a hater. But dark choc is still amazing! Thanks! Actually it was rreeallyyy bad though 😂 but I’m better now!
      Aw thank you for giving them! Yess teleportation! Like when you’re running late… yay! No PE! Mhm fantasy is better in a series but contemporary is better as a standalone 💛
      Thank you so much!! Your comment was so sweet!!

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      1. Haha– dark chocolate goes well with lots of other things as well!!
        I’m sure it wasn’t bad at all– but it is nice to see how your improved over time with writing so nice to have a record of everything!!
        Teleportation would be great– avoid traffic and go on holiday and never be late like you said!!
        Aw… you’ve welcome of course, I really mean it!! 💙 💙

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    OMG you just keep shouting me out more & more now! I’m gonna have to shout you out loads next time 😂
    And yessssss girl, soon I really will be 1 in a million *of your followers* (OMG my pun skills are on fleek (also, literally no one has said fleek unironically for years)
    Anyway, I literally can’t remember anything else that was in this post – it was so loooong! But it was great so it doesn’t matter 🙂 I’ve just got the memory of a goldfish *THERE’S NOT A GOLDFISH EMOJI, EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO COMPLAIN*

    Liked by 1 person

      LOL yh 😂 dw my next post doesn’t have it 😂
      Woooowwww ON FLEEK GURL YAS. (Wth was that lol) Haha, I totally get you it took sooo looonggg to write!! HEY APPLE AND ANDROID WHYYY???

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  7. all of these amazing milestones are so exciting! you deserve all these followers, aditi, your blog is adorable and so are you! 💞
    as for your answers, my heart was stabbed a little bit when you said you hated divergent. it’s one of my favorite books ever and tris is also one of my favorite protagonists ever, but i’ll wipe my tears and move on. and the good dinosaur too? omg i love that movie, though i do consider it way too sad to be a children’s movie. like, honestly, kids should not have to be heart broken like that.
    and that dinner with michelle obama, gandhi and rick riordan, like can i be invited??? please? hahah.
    i think it’s really awesome that you’d like more people to know about indian culture. i definitely am one of those that should do more research on it, but i’d 10/10 be willing to read posts about if if you ever decide to share more in your blog. when i started the feature ‘a trip to my home country’ in my blog, i also had the same desire: that people would know my country for more than its stereotypes. i think it’s a really nice way of showing people everything indian culture has to offer and, again, i’d love to read those posts and learn more about it!

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    1. Aw OHMYGOSHH thank you sooo much!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙
      Haha aw I’m sorry!! But I must stand by my statement. It just didn’t appeal to me at all and I kinda hated Tris… but our differences make us beautiful! Wow, the good dinosaur too? Haha we truly have or similarities and differences! I found it it cheesy and boring, but… 😂
      Yess! I’ll send you an evite message whenever it happens 😂 it’s a crazy bunch but in a good way!
      Yes, I’d love it if Indian culture could get more exposure, as well as South American culture! Thank you! I’ll probably be posting something like that! Ooh you have a series like that?? I need to check it out!! 😊 Thank you for your support and for this wonderful comment!

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  8. Ok I did NOT expect this but we are similar in STRANGE WAYS. I’m Indian and I learned Hindustani classical for five years but I go to Carnatic concerts at times an well, I listen to all kinds of music. I’m a music person in general. But you got my attention when you said Ranjani Gayatri THeY aRe AmAzInGG!! How I got to know them is a looong story and I’ve been to a few of their concerts in India! Honestly I am SHOOK that you listen to them! I would love to discuss classical music sometime, if you’re up for it. XD
    Also, I read Counting By 7s around last year and I loved it too. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG YAYYYY!!! I’ve been learning Carnatic for over 8 years now, I think…
      Haha I really admire the endurance that Hindustani musicians have- I could never sing those ragas for over an hour!! AH YAY you know RaGa!!! THey arE sO gOoD!!! Ooh I’d like to hear that story sometime! 😀 Yesssh we should totally do that! Who’s your fav musician? (Assuming that I know Hindustani artsist lol)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, that is SO COOL. I could say the same, tbh! Carnatic sounds so hard to sing! 😛
        Ahaha, okay, so my grandad found this looong classical compilation, some sort of Hindustani/Carnatic mashup and he was obsessed with it for a long time. The singers HAPPENED to be called Ranjani and Gayatri. We found singers of the same names coming to our city, and we thought hey, why not check them out? Turns out they were a different RaGa, but their singing was so good! They’re one of out favorites now. 😀

        One of my faves is Kaushiki Chakraborty! ❤ I'm not sure you'd know many Hindustani singers, but as far as Carnatic is concerned, I also like Aruna Sairam and Abhishekh Raghuram. Heard of them?

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        1. Haha, it’s SO hard omg between manodharmam and kritis and arghhh so much :/ but I love it so I guess I can’t complain, haha.
          OH OMG that’s such a coincidence! Haha, I never knew there were two RaGas?? That’s so odd!
          Ooh I listened to her for the first time a few days ago when she sang ragashree! She’s really flashy and fun! Haha, yeah, I only really know Kaushiki and two more I believe. Haha ofc I know Aruna Sairam and Abhishekh!! Aruna Sairam won one of the highest awards last year and Abhishekh is AMAZING (he’s my mom’s fav)

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          1. Sweet! Sorry about the late reply, btw. 🙂
            Wow, it’s so amazing to have a fellow classical fan! 😀 Which others do you know in Hindustani?
            Also, have you heard RaGa’s abhangs?

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            1. Haha, np! Yesssh, same!! Ummm I think Kishori? (I forgot her last name sorry!!l) And some others who my mind won’t remember 😑
              Ah yes ofc they’re awesome! Basically that’s the closest I know about Hindustani music until last week.

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                    1. Ah… that’s a good question 😂
                      Maybe just search up kaapi and/or hamir kalyani to start off with more Hindustani-ish ragams?? Also behag, yaman kalyani, sindhubhairavi, so many more!!

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      2. Aaand I forgot to mention- I’m an avid cricket fan tooo! 😆 I watch the world cup every time! This year was a bit of a let-down, but my fingers are crossed for next time!

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  9. Speaking of procrastination…I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Things have been crazy around here and some very fun things (like interacting with you) have been put on the back burner. I absolutely love all of your replies and it is always a pleasure reading you. You’re so bubbly and energetic and coming onto your blog always recharges my batteries.

    I actually listened to enna thavam seidhane and can say that I’d never heard anything like it. Because I’m not used to carnatic music, it kept me off balance because my brain couldn’t predict the upcoming chords. I would definitely be up to listening to more, I’m certain that it is a type of music that could grow on me (as many others have before). Do you have any good Spotify or Youtube playlists that you could recommend?

    I’m a tea girl myself. Love roobios because it tastes good and doesn’t have caffeine. If I want a kick, I typically go for matcha. I’ve actually never had bubble tea before (does that make me old or just completely out of it?), but I’m sure it’s something I would love.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, it was super interesting getting to know you better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw oh my gosh, thank you so much! Haha no, it’s totally fine and I get you- your life should be prioritized, of course!
      Really?? That’s so amazing and I’m literally so happy that I’ve inspired people to listen to Carnatic music! It’s awesome that you liked it. Um, I don’t really listen to it on playlists because it’s just part of my daily life… but I’d recommend searching up Ranjani Gayathri Abhangs for a starter and there are probably some playlists and lots of vids, haha.
      Ah yes, tea gang for lifei! I’ve… actually never had matcha *shame shame on me* but I hope to try it soon!! Ooh, what’s roobios? I’ve never heard of it! Wow, you HAVE to try bubble tea- the texture of the pearls are so perfect ahh 😍
      Thank you for your super sweet comment! This made my day ❤

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      1. Rooibos is great and has a good variety of flavours. I’ve got a cinnamon chai one that is amazing! And matcha is so versatile. You can easily have as an iced or hot latte or iced/hot regular tea. Do you have David’s Tea near you (I’m actually not sure if they are in the US) – that’s where I get all of my tea from. But if you want to try I could easily send you a sample! Anyway, have an awesome day!!!

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