June Wrap-up~ sorta late?

Does this really count as late? Well. Seven days… not really, right?


Hello! How’s life? Because for me I’m just so damn tireddd and just exhausteddd (I apologize for the slight language, my friends who are frowning right now. I promise it won’t happen again *puppy eyes*) and honestly what even happened to the thirty days of June???

Whoa. Looks like a month just flew by and it feels like a week and summer vacation’s almost over OH NOOOO!

Ok, well, onto the actual stuff!


So. I’m typing this at, uh, almost 7 P.M. and I have to post it right now. And I still haven’t eaten my food anddd I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow. So forgive me for not making an effort to remember and type up all the books I read- but I’ll review the one(s) that really stood out.

I read Christmas Once Again, a debut novel by D.K. Deters, who reached out to me and asked for my review (it’s on goodreads. find my account here). I read a couple of books from NG, but I’m still reallyyy behind. (eye roll) (what was that like wth) I’m honestly so sorry what is wrong with me). And Again But Better by Christine Riccio. And This Side of Home and The Hate U Give and On the Come Up. Whoa, I remembered a lot! *has not remembered anything and has instead checked Goodreads* I also read a book for my collab with El, Into The Bright Unknown by Rae Carson.

Here come the mini-reviews:

Christmas Once Again by D.K. Deters

This one I read for a review request and enjoyed it more than I thought I would!

Christmas Once Again by D.K. Deters was a light, fluffy read free of the angst and sometimes tiring depth usually surrounding young adult novels. For a debut novella, it was quite sweet and the holiday atmosphere around it was also enjoyable. The characters weren’t very developed, but that worked with the size of the story, and the plot was clear and easy to follow. This novella followed some familiar tropes, although I wish that the female characters were more prominent and the whole story was more diverse.
The time travel was enjoyable, although I don’t read much sci-fi, I did like that. Neither was this too Christmas-y, which was a plus, but it needed more drafting and editing because some dialogue was too stiff and early interactions between Madison and Josh were already too romantic. For example, in one of their first interactions, Madison thinks: “His voice, smooth as a caress, left a trail of goosebumps on her arms.”

Despite this, I enjoyed it and think this story deserves a 3.5 stars and it was a worthwhile read.

The Hate U Give + On The Come Up

Image result for on the come up

I’m combining both of these since they’re both by Angie Thomas, who I’m now obsessed with (I mean duh her books were bombbb). And I’ve gotta say, they were both five star books. I loved them so much and they dealt with real life issues in a realistic, respectable way. If you’re a book lover, you’ve probably heard of T.H.U.G. and maybe On The Come Up. I recently chatted with my friend Krysta, who brought up that, as a black girl, she doesn’t get representation outside of gangs and police violence, which are all realities, but not realities she can relate to.

These books portray that side of black people’s lives in America, and while I couldn’t particularly relate, they were very eye-opening and heartfelt.

Honestly, On the Come Up was amazing. It deserves even more praise than it’s getting! It’s about a girl who wants to become an underground rapper, and has to deal with all sorts of nasty stuff and norms and ugly nonsense which she gets past and ughh it’s SO GOODDD.

Enough said.

This Side of Home

Ahh, I loved this book! I read it for my collab with Grace (all these collabs, I know! and while we’re at it, I’ll take a moment to self-promote my otherrr collab with Vaish) and it totally met my expectations.

Twin relationships, coming of age, POC characters, adorable romances~ I’m all for it! And I gave it a four point five star rating (rounded down to four), only because it was missing that something that makes a book my favorite.

This book is TOTALLY underrated! I loved Maya’s character and I saw a lot of myself in her- trying to hold on to the past, an disguised dislike of change, a love of justice. She was a really believable and relatable character and just a smol bean. Also, ESSENCE MY HEART IS WITH YOU AND BTW YOUR NAME IS GORG. And Nikki- it’s alright to change! That was honestly the whole theme of this novel. Change. And it was really freaking good!

Into The Bright Unknown

Image result for into the bright unknown

Just check the collab, please. I’m so lazy rn like whaaaa.


So I’m technically not done yet (and I technically didn’t finish it in June)- I have like twenty pages left- but I’ll just review it right now and say WHOA this blew me away! I’ve gotta say, the cover set my expectations really high (just look at it. JUST LOOK AT ITTT) *takes a break to show the cover*~

Image result for shadowshaper

I mean, WOWWW. But the blurb was confusing and it took me a while to actually pick up the book and read and get invested (typical me, I know), therefore it’s four stars. But, it was really great! I love Sierra and her frustration with stupid stereotypes and secrets and all that good stuff. Her fiery attitude and her love for art made her enjoyable although admittedly she fits the YA girl stereotype.

The whole premise is super cool, although I wish she delved into her magic earlier in the story instead of the last fifty pages. Also, um, LATINO CULTURE YASSS so much!!! It’s so wonderful to read a diverse fantasy book that’s really good as well. 😀 💙

And thanks Vaish for the wonderful bday gift! I couldn’t have asked for better. 💙 You’re amazing!



Last month I used stats to talk about blogging, but nah. I’d rather have you amazing humans reading this right now than a bunch of numbers. So thanks, El, for making me realize why I don’t need stats!

Blogging was iffy this month. I missed my posting dates twice and all my posts were kinda frantically made and not edited at all. But I did it with out taking a hiatus, so yay! I know that I want to push through this kinda tough phase because this blog means too much to me to even leave for too long!

Anyway, here are my posts from June:

May Wrap-up

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50 Followers Q&A

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June Poems

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Challenge ft. El @ Elated Books

Secret Night-Sky Photos ft. a plumfull pond // a collab with Vaishnavi @ Written in Stars + Pride!

Ooh, ok! Nine posts! Not bad, not bad at all! *mentally pats myself on my back*

And whooo we’re at eighty-nine followers! I’m not gonna go into stats, but this is really awesome. I’m so grateful for everyone of you ❤ ❤ ❤


So. Life. Um.

Hi, my name’s Aditi and I have no freaking clue about my life.

Yes. Ok. I’d love to talk. I just don’t know where to start? Maybe I’ll skip out on this… ok bye. Email me please if you wanna hear my rants! I honestly have no one to talk to about my i.r.l. life right now that isn’t involved so… yeah. I’d love it so much and love you for the rest of eternity so. Ok. I’m out.

So… I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s way too long (what happened to eating dinner? idekkk) and it’s been an hour since I started and byeeee! I hope you have a wonderful July!


30 thoughts on “June Wrap-up~ sorta late?

  1. June really did fly by!! Like where did it go??
    Looks like you’ve read some pretty good books this month— I really need to read Angie Thomas’s books— they sound great and I’ve seen some quotes from THUG and I adored them!! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed both books!!
    Shadowshaper sounds amazing too— and the cover really is glorious!!!
    Nine posts is very good!! I love it and they were great posts as well!!
    I hope you have a great July and I hope you are okay!! You can always talk to me if you want!! 💙💙💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr? Wasn’t it just May, haha?
      Yup, you should totally read THUG and OTCU- they’re so good! Yesss, the quotes are awesome!! 💛
      It was really good! And omg that cover was honestly perfect so kudos to the designer!!
      Thank you soo much! I always enjoy your posts as well! Thank youuu!! 💛💛💛
      Thank you, and I really might take you up on that offer! I’m so glad I have such wonderful supportive friends like you xx
      I hope you have a wonderful July as well!! Is it ok if I Hangouts you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know it was definitely just may!! 😂
        Ahh.. I will have to read them as soon as possible!! 💙
        I’m glad it was so good — yes it looks amazing!! Book cover designers are so talented!!
        You’re very welcome and thank you so much!! 💙💙
        Yes of course!! I’m happy to help in anyway I can!! Thank you!! 💙
        Yes hangouts is a Google app right?!?! I will get it so that’s all good for me!! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes!! Do it!! You read THUG or ONCU and I read Ari and Dante!!
          Yup, it’s google, don’t worry 😂 I’ll just shoot you an email for your email address then add you to a chat ☺

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you get some sleep oh no
    I need to read Angie Thomas’ books. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on this planet who has not read her books yet. I want to get ahold of them and start reading! >_< It looks like you've been having a pretty good reading month! I'm kind of interested in Shadowshaper now…THAT COVER THO.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 2 SHOUTOUTS?! Omg ily girl 💕💕💕 (I mean, not just ‘cause you shouted me out but… 😂) And yes! Stats aren’t what we should be focusing on! I mean they’re super cool & I love looking at the map and seeing where my readers come from but my favourite part about blogging is definitely the comments 💕 (probably even over actually writing the posts 😂)
    I just read on the come up! And I loved it – it was so cool how it was set up after THUG because then you got to see how Starr was seen through other people’s eyes.
    And, girl, don’t you try to say 9 posts isn’t a lot! I posted like half that amount! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ily too! Haha I hope not! 😂 Yes! Stats aren’t everything 💙 and thanks for reminding me of that! Haha, same! Comments like these make my dayy!! 💙
      Ahhh it was so good!! Haha, I read them backwards though, sooo 😂
      Aw thanks! Haha, that’s fine though. What’s important is that you have good content, which you of course do!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. oh my gosh, I’m so happy you enjoyed shadowshaper! I realize that I could’ve gotten you a book I already read, but… oh well! and oh my gosh, you read so many books. it probs doesn’t seem like that to you, but you have! -sits in a corner with two sad looking novels-

    oh my gosh, I READ ON THE COME UP AND IT WAS SO. GOOD. like, every part of it was so well done and blessss bri and her nerdy, frustrated self. I need to ramble to you! ( I would do it here, but there’s way too much :)) )

    I’m so, so sorry you’ve been feeling so exhausted. if you ever need to rant about major stuff or just the pettiest things ever, I’m always willing to listen! just step back, and I hope you can get to a point where you’ll feel like your amazing self again >3

    p.s. you don’t need stats. you’re already an awesome blogger, without the numbers.
    p.p.s. I CANNOT. do 9 posts. congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really good! Thank you SO MUCH for the gift!! Haha, I was really lazy this month so I just kept reading lol.
      YESSS I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH!!! Ramble please! I’d love to hear the rambles!! Haha text me!
      Thank you – I’m definitely not doing the best, but I’ll get through it! Thank you so much – I can always count on you!
      P.s. yes! that’s why I didn’t even check them at all during June 🙂
      P.p.s. Thanks!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Woah THIS IS SUPER PRODUCTIVE! I am so jealous! Honestly, I could never do all my posts as well as you and I love reading all of the stuff you post!
    Please enjoy your dinner, it is important to eat *shakes my finger at you like a mother*
    I loved on the come up, I read it when it first came out!

    I kinda wanna take up your offer of emailing you but I am scared that you will probably be annoyed by me 😂
    Take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!
    -Emma 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!!! I honestly can’t figure out how I wrote so many posts…? I thought I was writing one, maybe two posts a week 😂 so…
      Aw haha, I will mommy!! 😂
      Yes! It’s amazing – you can’t say brilliant without first saying bri!!
      Aw of course not! I’d absolutely love it!! You’re so sweet- have a wonderful month as well! 💙


    1. Yes, thanks for the recommendations! Oh yeah, we should. I’m so sorry, I’ve been completely out of whack… I didn’t even see this comment! Could you get back to me whenever you can?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. you read so many amazing titles this month!!@(!! your post totally reminded me of the goal i had at the beginning of the year which was to pick up more diverse titles. i’ve definitely picked up quite a few recently, but it’s something i still need to work on. especially when it comes to reading more latinx rep! being latina myself, it’s almost embarrassing that i haven’t read a single own-voices latinx book this year. i really need to fix that asap! september is approaching though, which means hispanic pride month, so hopefully that will also inspire me to pick up more hispanic authors. but i’ll definitely be adding shadowshaper to my TBR!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I did! Ooh you should totally make good on that goal- you can totally do it! Aw, I understand that feeling. I sadly don’t read many ownvoices Indian books. Pathetic, since I’m of Indian ancestry and I’m a bookworm! Oh wow, I never knew that there is something called Hispanic Pride Month! That’s amazing- I hope you read several wonderful books!! Oh yes, Shadowshaper was a fun read- I need the next book, haha. Thanks for the comment, Lais!

      Liked by 1 person

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