Preparing For An Amazing 2020: Introducing The Happy Tribe Planathon! (blog tour)

Hey everyone!
So, yes, I’ve had a LOT of blog tours lately. But I promise this one is worth it!

A few days ago, Hedy @ Happily Hedy reached out to me and asked if I would be part of the blog tour for something called the Happy Tribe Planathon. Naturally, I was curious. I mean, what does this mean?? A plana-what?

Well, my dear friend, I’m sure you have these questions too. Let me tell you what this amazing program is, though!

The Happy Tribe Planathon is a FREE online event running the last 5 days of December (December 27-31), targeted to planning for 2020! It’s essentially an online planning party, featuring keynotes from expert coaches, printable planners and freebies, giveaways, and more to get you all set and confident for the new year. It sounds absolutely amazing and NECESSARY, and the fact that coaches will be giving pointers should indicate that you need to SELL YOUR SOUL ASAP. (yes, that means sign up.)

Happy Tribe Planathon Official Planner Preview

I’m so pumped for this because I’m a very unorganized person and that’s a fact. My room is constantly messy and I throw clothes, stuffies, and other things across it all the time. I waste time on the internet and generally procrastinate a lot (this is the biggest problem ngl) so not only do I NOT set that many goals, but I don’t even ACHIEVE them.

But somehow? I succeed. Sort of. Not to brag (mwahaha), but I do a LOT of things (school, blogging, singing, violin, dance, speech, debate, table tennis, tennis, extra math classes because I have Asian parents, etc.) and spend a lot of time on them in general. Most of it involves me getting yelled at for not practicing, which I would LOVE TO CHANGE.

This Planathon seems like the Holy Grail to solve all my troubles. It’ll take work, but I’m willing to do it and make 2020 the best I can. Which is why I urge everyone to sign up ASAP!! Even if you aren’t as messy and unorganized as me, I’m sure everyone will find something to benefit from in this.

This is why I hope you sign up for the Planathon! I’m most excited about the planning (okay, that’s cheating, fine.) Or, more specifically, planning my goals and ways to achieve them.

… But that means I need to HAVE goals. WAIT OMG IT’S ALMOST 2020, hold up sawyer, I need to go and scream into a pillow-


I hope you enjoyed this post!

I also hope lots of you sign up for this so we can scream about it together :D. Also, I’ll most likely be doing a follow-up post soon after the Planathon is over, so you’ll get to see how it went and maybe get a few tips even if you didn’t join (if so, SHAME ON YOU FOR MISSING AN OPPORTUNITY).

Thank you to Hedy, as well, for coming up with this amazing idea, organizing it, and reaching out to me!

Are you a messy or organized person? What are your goals for 2020? How do you plan on achieving them? <<<Β for this, I’m telling you, join the Planathon!!

Have a wonderful day!xoxoadiforadi1

37 thoughts on “Preparing For An Amazing 2020: Introducing The Happy Tribe Planathon! (blog tour)

  1. Omg yesssss I get shouted at for not practicing so much! It’s so much fun *smiles through the pain* plus my piano teacher has lessons with like 5 ppl before me so if they haven’t practiced as well then she’s in a MOOD TM

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    1. YOUR OLD VIOLIN TEACHER. WHAT A MOOD. but no kidding every single teacher for me tho πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ and I do Indian-Classical arts, so ON TOP OF THAT there’s a whole bunch of crazy Asian teachers who are really good but very strict 😝
      Ok no kidding some people have never experienced getting yelled at for not practising AND IT SHOWS.

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    1. Hey Jasmin! I’ve never met you BUT PLEASE STICK AROUND. YOU SEEM LIKE A FUN PERSON. (do I sound too desperate?? whoops) imma go check out your blog too right now!
      xD yessss I need that in my lifeee 😭 thank you so much! xx

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    1. Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve read your posts ACK I’M SO SORRYYYY I BLAME IT ON BLOGGER. BLEH (jk not really). You should sign up! It’s more of a plan-as-you-like thing. They’ll have all the resources you need and you can decide to use them to some extent or fully! You don’t need to do every part of it.
      XD I gotchuuuu πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ my life is so hecticccc 😝. Hope you get less busy!! xDDD

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        1. Ohhh ok phew!! I hope you come back, but don’t hurry if you need time off πŸ˜™
          Yay! We can chat about procrastination together now πŸ˜‚
          Also, quick question, I know you’re a keeper fan, but who do you ship Sophie with?

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          1. Talking about procrastination is the best XD
            So, it’s interesting . . . for the longest time, I shipped Sophitz HARDCORE. Like, you read my fanfiction on Wattpad and you were like, “it’s interesting, but it’s Sophitz.” XD I was THAT into it. And now . . . I read Legacy, and now I ship Foster-Keefe.
            *sigh* I never thought the day would come. You ship Foster-Keefe, right?

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            1. XDDD
              Yeah I remember that!! I’m a Foster-Keefe shipper for sure πŸ˜‰ OMW I’M SO HAPPYYYY (also don’t be sad!! foster-keefe for the win XD). I still haven’t read Legacy thoughhh 😭 so don’t spoil it! But.. I’m thinking there’s a lot of Keefe and Sophie?? xD I hope so! Please say yesssss ❀ lol

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              1. XD (yep, all my Foster-Keefe friends are now onto me *sigh* XD). Without any spoilers, I’ll say that there are a lot of interactions between Sophie and both boys. πŸ™‚ Each shipper will (mostly) be happy (well, except for Dexphie . . . RIP XD)

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                1. XD it’s alright! We won’t say “I told you so” (maybe maybe not ahahah) πŸ˜‚ Ohhh alright… lol RIP Dexphie! Dex is so sweet but they’re not romantically compatible :(. I def think he needs more screen time though!! Isn’t he her “best friend” like whaaaa πŸ™„

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                    1. XD yus! I know- poor Dexxxx 😭 I really like him! ALSO I FINISHED LEGACY AND GOSH CAN I REALLY WAIT FOR A YEAR?! I was fine last year because for most Foster-Keefe fans, Flashback was endless and boring and I was glad it was over. Besides, the cliffhanger about the matchmaking didn’t interest me much- I already knew that Fitz would blow up over it, they’d have a fight, and something would happen. BUT I DIDN’T THINK THEY’D BREAK UP BUT YAS I’M UP FOR IT!! haha xD. For this one, poor Keefe is in a cOmA so eXcUsE mE I’m dying oer here 😭

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                    2. BWAHAHAHA, YES, YOU READ IT. *grins* Honestly, same, I wasn’t overly worried about that Flashback cliffhanger. BUT THIS ONE! I AM NOT OKAY. *dying with you over Keefe* And yeah, same, I kinda knew going into it that Sophitz was going to die. I still cried a tear or two, though. XD

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                    3. YES I DID. *smirks* Yeah, Flashback didn’t really ~excite me~ lol. YEAH THIS ONE IS NOT FAIR AT ALL. Also I’d really like SM to finally give us some closure at the end of the book instead of a cliffhanger! It’s really tiring ugh. I was grinning when Sophitz died xD. ALSO, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!! ❀

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                    4. Haha, I liked Flashback – though mostly for the Sophitz moments. XD XD XD *nods* Agreed! I thiiiiiiink the next one is going to be the last one, though, so we’ll probably get some closure in 2020.
                      HOW DARE YOU. XD just kidding – honestly, Sophitz needed to die. (WOW did that hurt to type)
                      MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!!!! ❀

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  2. Hey, I clicked on your blog because I wanted to find out what planathon is – I felt like it was an obvious thing and I should know what it is! It was so funny to read about it! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I feel like I am on a rollercoaster – at times I am super organized but then when I have a lot to do, I can turn to be very chaotic!

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    1. Hey, Chloe! Oh yes, you should totally sign up. I think it’ll ready help me stay organized 😊
      Btw, your site url is so you might want to change it! It’ll be hard for people to find your blig through your comments 😊

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        1. Oh on my phone, whenever I click on your name it shows ‘’ and the site’s admins have taken it down or something… I’m on my laptop now and you’re right, I see the proper site! Oh ok, I’m not sure what happened oops! ❀

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  3. Ahhh, I found it! I had no idea that it changed! Thanks for letting me know!! πŸ™‚ It was my fault, for a brief moment I wanted to change the url but then I switchwd back and it probably stayed that way!

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  4. β€œMy room is constantly messy and I throw clothes, stuffies, and other things across it all the time. I waste time on the internet and generally procrastinate a lot (this is the biggest problem ngl) so not only do I NOT set that many goals, but I don’t even ACHIEVE them.” >> OH MY GOODNESS HOW HAVE YOU CAPTURED MY LIFE IN TWO SENTENCES AGHHHH (I have a serious procrastination problem but still?? manage to get things done??) So this will seriously help me XDDD *signs up right away* πŸ˜†πŸ’•

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  5. I relate to my room being a mess!! I have little piles of things that I need to sort out and I’m always hanging pile of clothes of my chair into my wardrobe and like the most random times as I think to do it at midnight!! I don’t know why!! πŸ˜‚
    But all this planning sounds amazing and it is a really cool idea!! I wish you best of luck with all your goals and to stop procrastination (which I can relate to because who doesn’t love procrastination)!! πŸ˜‚

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