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First of all, thanks to FFBC Tours and Page House Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book! All thoughts and opinions are my own. Andddd thanks for the beautiful ARC 😍 Click the link for the schedule for this tour!

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By Any Means Necessary by Candice Montgomery
Publisher: Page Street Kids
Release Date: October 8th 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBT
An honest reflection on cultural identify, class, and gentrification. Fans of Nic Stone and Elizabeth Acevedo will eagerly anticipate Torrey. 
On the day Torrey officially becomes a college freshman, he gets a call that might force him to drop out before he’s even made it through orientation: the bee farm his beloved uncle Miles left him after his tragic death is being foreclosed on. Torrey would love nothing more than to leave behind the family and neighborhood that’s bleeding him dry. But he still feels compelled to care for the project of his uncle’s heart. As the farm heads for auction, Torrey precariously balances choosing a major and texting Gabriel—the first boy he ever kissed—with the fight to stop his uncle’s legacy from being demolished. But as notice letters pile up and lawyers appear at his dorm, dividing himself between family and future becomes impossible unless he sacrifices a part of himself.

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My Review:

Ok, first of all- this book should be a must read because it provided such a unique point of view on white privilege, truths of the ‘hood’, and gentrification.

My Likes:

When I say unique, I mean UNIQUE. Terry’s voice is so present and it catches your attention immediately. And of course, you either love it or hate it. He breaks the fourth wall so many times that it’s actually funny!

But this book discussed so many important points. Terry kinda vehemently dislikes white people in general, but before you get all worked up, listen: he hates those who don’t acknowledge privilege and knowingly hurt POC with their actions.

Besides all the tough-tough-tough, I loved Emery (and the rest of CAKE)! Emery is definitely not a love interest, but she’s probably Terry’s closest friend depicted in the book. She’s so refreshing and honest and boss and honestly, I’m copying a bunch of Goodreads’ reviewers now, but this whole book was basically a tribute to black women. 

And I loved it!
Most of the characters were Black and Terry’s love interest is Afro-Latino, and I really found it interesting the way this book explored poverty and privilege. 

My Dislikes:

When I read this book, sometimes I felt… genuinely uncomfortable, and hear me out. I felt like I was intruding on something. There were so many amazing references to blackness and subtle digs on whites, and it made me feel… surprisingly content yet uncomfortable?? It felt like I did something wrong, or that I was intruding on something I shouldn’t be hearing or shouldn’t be part of the conversation for.

Or maybe that’s just because I’m not a huge fan of all the cursing haha. I’m not -squeaky- clean, but I don’t curse. So for my innocent mind, that’s a li’l bit oof.

Terry’s voice (like he was speaking to me) felt like he was almost accusing me of gentrification. I’m a POC, but I’m lucky enough to live with privilege, and at one point, when he literally said that he hated Black and brown people that didn’t care or sympathize with their brothers and sisters in the hood.

Ok, I was shook. I felt so bad and this is the epitome of privilege- I’m not white, yet I feel it too. We all have it, if we’re able to write on a laptop and send our writing out to the world.

Also, it made me uncomfortable because there was… a lot of cursing. A lot.

Terry’s bf, Gabriel, was also interesting, but I felt like something was missing?? I didn’t connect with the romance like I usually do, and I think it needed more angst and chemistry. 

Recommend or No?

YES YES YES, I RECOMMEND IT. It’s a delightful read, and it’s so important. 

Just… read it. I think it would be a huge eye-opener even if you already know your privilege, and even more if you’re skeptical.



About The Author:

Candice “Cam” Montgomery is an LA transplant now living in the woods of Seattle, where she writes Young Adult novels. Her debut novel, HOME AND AWAY can be found online and in stores now, and her sophomore novel, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY will be released October of 2019. By day, Cam writes about Black teens across all their intersections. By night, she bartends at a tiny place nestled inside one of Washington’s greenest trees. She is an avid Studio Ghibli fan and will make you watch at least one episode of Sailor Moon and listen to one Beyoncé record before she’ll call you “friend.”





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Have you heard of this author/ this book/ her previous novel, HOME AND AWAY? If you haven’t, would you consider reading it? And, for my mind to be put at ease, would you feel a bit uncomfortable too if you read some of this?

Have a wonderful day!


23 thoughts on “By Any Means Necessary Review

  1. I’m so glad that you were on this tour! I didn’t realize how real this book was going to be, and I’m so glad that you talked about it. I’m curious to see how I feel. I don’t HATE POC that don’t empathize with POCs that are less privileged, but I also don’t understand how they could NOT empathize, you know? I get angry too but I wouldn’t go as far to say I hate them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Were you on the tour as well? I do agree that it was VERY real and present! Yeah, I think what was implied was a sort of resentment at POC who either left the hood or never experienced the hood but kinda pretends like it doesn’t exist? Or that they had never had any ties with them. I’ve never experienced the hood, but I do sympathize (ofc can’t empathize) and I feel horrible about the sheer bias that goes into gentrification 😦


  2. Your review is quite interesting! The book is different from what I usually read, but intriguing anyway. Idk.. but I think you can’t actually blame other POCs a lot for someone’s current situation, right? I might not be getting how the protagonist feels, though… Ofc they should help each other, the privileged and the less privileged. But it’s better if all people understood the fact that we’re one and that help too, shouldn’t be divided by race.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, thank you, Ju! ❤ If I may ask, is it because of something you may not agree with, like homosexuality? You don't need to answer if you don't want to ❤
      Yeahhh, same. I agree! It's not fair to say that, but then again, it definitely is harder to be a Black POC as well, so *shrugs* I don't exactly agree, but Torrey had a point.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Adi! Oh ma gawd! NOOO😲 I am totally fine with the homosexuality! I didn’t mean it that way😂 I just meant that I may not be getting why he would blame POCs. And ofc, it is harder to be a black POC and he had a point. I DEFINITELY didn’t disagree with him being homosexual. Omg such misinterpretations 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah ok, sorry 🤣 I didn’t mean to assume!! I guess I was wondering and then I just slid it into the question haha because (oh my gawd watch me be wrong again ahhck) I thought you were Muslim, but I’m not sure?? Then again, I’m totally fine with homosexuality too, case in point that I just reviewed a gay love story hah 😂 Yeah, I don’t really get it either! Ackk sorry!!<3

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s fine!🤣 Ahh yes I am Muslim, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna spend my time detesting it or something! Also could you check your email inbox? I sent one!❤

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  3. Ooh… breaking the fourth wall consider me interested that sounds WONDERFUL!!
    I definitely think looking at white privledge is important as being white hearing about it helps me improve my awareness even more and using privledge to help.
    Emery sounds amazing– I love honest characters so much!!
    Thank you for the warning about the cursing and everything– I can see how it can make you uncomfortable through the topic and writing.
    I am definitely interested in this book and I loved hearing your thoughts on this!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah YES I personally really liked it! You know, curse Goodreads for not halving half-stars *sobs* like how hard could it be?? You already coded this entire software, just add a little bit more, GOSH. *strong opinion alert ALERT ALERTTTT*
      Yes, white privilege is something that is being talked about more nowadays, and that’s really important ❤ so it's wonderful that you acknowledge it! Aw yesssh Emery is pretty great!
      Yeah, I think lots of times, people take readers' tolerance for profanity for granted- I mean, I have no problem with the occasional cursing, but it was so obsessive ackkk 😅
      Thanks for the comment, Soph!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes goodreads should have half stars, it would make my dreams come true 😂 (slightly exaggerating there but you get my point 😂)
        Yes I’m glad it is being talked about more!! 💛
        Yes so true– I know it can be quite common place nowadays but still there is a line where it is too much!!
        You’re welcome, of course 💙

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  4. I always love your reviews because they’re so filled with your awesome personality!! 💛💛
    This book seems REALLY good…I’ve been wanting to read more diverse books and this sounds perfect! But I definitely agree about your dislikes. Will have to check this out soon! 😃
    (oh, and just thought I’d let you know that I finally replied to your email XD XD, so sorry for taking such a while! 💛)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you thank you thank you!! Aww that’s so sweet! 💛
      Yeah, I loved it! You should give it a read if you can! And I don’t prefer much cursing either!
      Haha that’s fine! I’ll reply to it as soon as I can! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lovely review! I’m really happy you enjoyed this one, I had such a great time reading it and I really liked how unique the writing and main character’s voice were, too, made me feel so immersed and included in the story, too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Marie! I just checked out your blog for the first official time (I don’t know why I waited so long- IT’S SO GOOD I LOVE IT) and it’s honestly beautiful! Thanks for your comment! I think we shared a lot of similar likes! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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