Tarnished Are The Stars // review

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Here I am, back with another blog tour (don’t worry, the onslaught of blog tours is over ~for now~) and woah, I’m impressed! Cue another huge ranting post!

First off, can we talk about how the cover is actually so neat?? I love love love the nut-and-bolt-metal font and the constellations– THANK YOU to FFBC and Scholastic for the beautiful book in my mail!

Before we get on to the book, here’s the synopsis (in my words, and spoiler free).

Anna, a teen girl living in a secluded, hidden town off the coast of the Settlement, a gated area on the planet where everyone else lived, has a secret: not only does she have an illegal mechanical heart, banned by the Commissioner, but she sells and makes those illegal parts to help out her clients, going under the name of ‘The Technician’.

Nathaniel, the Commissioner’s son, desperately wants to prove to his father that he is worthy of being his heir, and that he is worthy enough to outgrow his shadow that is him being the living proof of everything his father fought to eliminate. The obvious way? Capture the Technician, a tyrant who sneaks around and has never managed to be found.

Eliza, who lives out in space with the nobles and the Queen, has dedicated her life to the Queen’s services by charming and sweet-talking the liars and criminals, turning them into the Queen as soon as she can. She’s built her life off of secrets and lies, so her dream of becoming the Queen’s successor comes crashing down when she’s sent to the planet to meet her betrothed, whom she struggles not to hate for his part in ruining her dreams– and, while she’s at it, discover the Commissioner’s secrets.

When these three figures all meet, it happens in an explosion of stars, steel, and secrets, making each of them question what their world has taught them and what they believe in. Is the preservation of a community’s lifestyle worth human lives?

Ok, woah, I like my synopsis! First off, this is pretty awesome- so much queer rep yes!! I was interested in the book for that reason, firstly, and it took some time for the romance to actually develop, but it was definitely worth it 😀

“Nathaniel had been just as ignorant only weeks ago, but now his hands itched to fill in the map, to see and know and care what else their world had to offer.”

I… really love this book, and it’s so hard to pinpoint why, but I’ll try my best!


  • a n n a  –  w i l d f i r e s ,  l i t t l e  b a b i e s ,  p h o e n i x ,  r e b i r t h

Anna is a very likable and fierce character- her motivations are clear, her fury makes sense, and overall, Rosiee Thor developed her into someone the reader could safely connect with, someone the reader hoped for a happy ending. Also, Anna’s relationship with Thatcher, her grandfather, is so interesting- he loves her, but he doesn’t show it often, leading her to believe that he won’t care for her.

  • n a t h a n i e l  –  w a v e s ,  g e n t l e  m o o n ,  s o f t  f l o w e r s ,  m o s s

Nathaniel (my bean!!) is an abused, misunderstood and constantly underestimated character who loves his father- the Commissioner, the man who ruin lives. Including his own son’s self-esteem. Nathaniel never experienced love before– romantic or platonic or familial- so he has no experience at all with ‘friends’ and ‘family’. But Anna and Eliza come into his life, and he’s awed by having people who care about him *sobs* but also… their stolen glances, piercing gazes, and the tension between the girls. He realizes that that’s something he doesn’t want…. And Nathaniel, just do you! Be asexual and aromantic- that’s great!

  • e l i z a  –  s e c r e t s ,  s i l v e r e d  c a k e s ,  t h i c k  v o l u m e s  o f  b o o k s

Eliza… ok. Eliza is all over the place! Imagine Celaena from Throne of Glass. Now make her a couple years younger, less ruthless, and more loyal- you’ve pretty much got Eliza. First of all, I loved Celaena. I loved her for her snark, her killer instincts (quite literally XD) and for all the flawed, distrustful anger she has. I think I might love Eliza in the same way- she is definitely even more fiercely loyal to the Queen, the woman who was her teacher, mentor, and mother all at once, but she learns to think for herself and I love the character growth!


The plot was a unique, really cool idea, in my opinion. I love the idea of the Tarnished, and the science fiction aspect was much appreciated!! Normally I’m *not* a sci-fi person, but this definitely changed my mine- it was all approached really well. I do have a criticism- we still don’t really know what happened to Anna’s parents. It was mentioned a few times, but what actually happened??

And the romance developed over just a few days, so it didn’t leave very much room for slow-burn. Even so, I think the author did her best to make it as gradual as possible! I wish that Thatcher and Anna’s relationship would have been mended- it’s her grandfather, the man who literally raised her for her whole life, and she still thinks that he doesn’t care about her?? mwahhhh *murderous gaze*.


f/f romance, lesbian MC, bisexual MC, asexual and aromantic MC

Final Rating

I really liked this book, but I’m unable to give it a five star rating because I think there was a distinct absence of being immersed in the story. I felt disconnected the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it! But maybe the third-person narrative did that to me.

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f o u r  b e a u t i f u l  f e a t h e r s

About the Author, Rosiee Thor

Rosiee Thor became a storyteller by demanding that her mother listen as Rosiee told bedtime stories instead of the other way around. She lives in Oregon with a dog, two cats, and four complete sets of Harry Potter, which she loves so much that she once moved her mattress into the closet and slept there until she came out as queer.







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  1. ok but FIRST OF ALL…CONGRATS ON 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! you are such a fabulous blogger and reading your fun, thoughtful posts always makes my day. not only that, but you’re such a wonderful person in general (from the short time I’ve known you lol). you totally deserve 1249335838409 followers for this awesome blog, Aditi!! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    1. your synopsis is SOOO well written and professional!!
    2. this book sounds super unique and I NEED IT IN MY LIFE
    3. I love the character aesthetics you made and they all sound amazing! 😀

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH ASGJLWPIW awww I’m so glad we met too!! And you deserve all of them too 💛💛💛 Thanks so much, Ash!
      Ok, THANKS THAT’S SO NICE. And you do need this book in your life! I’m glad you liked it – I tried everything new! 💛💛💛
      Thanks for the comment!!

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  2. Congratulations on 200 followers!! You totally deserve it! And not only does this book have a sad, broken boy trying to please his evil dad (which is a trope I love, sorry-not-sorry), he’s also ace?! I may need to check this out now.

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    1. Thank you so much!! OMG SAME I love that trope as well! It’s definitely overused, but who cares? IT’S ADORABLE AND HEART-BREAKING. Yes, he’s ace!! It’s so great ❤
      Thanks for the comment! We haven't chatted in a while- how are you doing? Also, I don't think you've posted lately, right? Or maybe I just missed it… *oops gonna go check now*

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      1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I know!! It’s a cliche I’ll always fall head over heels for, even if I feel stupid while doing it. It just gets me. Yes!! Ace representation!! Oh my gosh!
        I’ve been doing pretty well; I’ve sort of taken a break from blogging to study for my upcoming SAT, though. I plan on getting back to the blog after this month, though!

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        1. Yes!! Awesome, great to know! Of course, you should totally take some time off if needed. Good look for your SATs! (wait. are you in the USA or the UK? I didn’t know that other countries did the SATs too!). We can’t wait for your return 💚
          I have a quick request for you- would you be able to sign up for TDV blog tour? You’ve always been interacting with me and whatnot, so I thought it would be nice to have some friends spread the word! Definitely let me know! 💚

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          1. Thank you! (I live in the US! What about you?) I know, I can’t wait to get back to blogging, either. Thanks so much! ❤
            Hmm…I would really like to, but I have a feeling I might be pretty busy this next month. I'll try to sign up for it if that turns out not to be the case, though!

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    1. Hi Veronika! We haven’t really had a chance to talk, so I just cgecked out your blog – I love the type of content you make! Just followed it for more 💕 Thanks so much! This book was really good 🙂

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  3. Woooooooooooooooooo *breaths in* wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Ok 😂 I know I already told you congratulations but I’m going to again 😉
    You honestly deserve it so much, you’re one of the kindest & funniest bloggers I know & I love you to pieces! 💕💕
    I’m so proud to call you my blogging bestie (we haven’t said that in a while!)
    And now I feel like we’ve gone to a whole new level where we both heard each other speak (and I now can’t get your voice out my head IT’S SO ANNOYING, kidding! 😈)
    But yeah – congrats, you completely deserve it all (& more!) 💞

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    1. Oh my god that wooooo sounds so enthusiastic 😂 But thank you! Awww I love you too pieces too! 💕💕
      Haha yeah! I’m so proud to have you as my blogging bestie too! Omg sameee I was just thinking that 😈 just kiddinggg I freaking love your accent!! SO POSH. And wow, we did it despite the time differences! Honestly we’re awesome 😂

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  4. Woahh! Congratulations Aditi!! 200 followers is amazing! You are such an amazing and passionate blogger, and I’m so glad that I met you on the blogosphere! Your awesome posts hook me on and make me think deep.
    Also, are you like an undercover pro reviewer? (You see, every book you review lands on my TBR!) The book sounds great!❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Ju! I’m so glad I met you too- amazing people like you have made my blogging experience so valuable and priceless ❤ Thanks again!
      AWWWH NO stahppp *sniff sniff* come on, you're too sweet!! Welpp, I'm glad I convinced you though! ❤

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  5. Fantastic review, your synopsis is great – especially the last line. Is this a 2020 release or am I completely misremembering? This sounds really good though and I’m intrigued (: also congratulations on 200 followers ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Charlotte! That’s too kind of you <3. And oh, this was actually released last week! It's a blog tour, so my post was directly before/after the release to hype it up! Thanks for the well-wishes 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just had a quick look at my 2020 list and I think maybe I got it mixed up with one of the books with ‘star’ in the title as there are a few on there. Or maybe just muddled in general as this ones on my 2019 list :L And it’s fine, I really enjoyed reading this (:

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        1. you’re way more organized than me- I mean, you have an actual!! list!! which is quite amazing, indeed! good for you *wishful sighs* hey it’s all good,,, there are too many books to keep track of nowadays smh. 😄 aw thankssssshhh!

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          1. I ended up with a list because I never used to use Goodreads and needed somewhere to write all of the books I heard of and didn’t want to forget about down. Now it’s just kind of hard not to stick with lists :L On the bright side though, even if it can be a hassle at times, I can put the books I’m most excited for in different colours or bold so I instantly know which ones I want to read most :L which I feel kind of silly for mentioning as how organized it is embarrasses me ::L

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  6. CONGRATULATIONS ON 200 FOLLOWERS, you totally deserve it!! 💕
    And wow this books sounds amazing, I love how you talked about it and the plot and characters all sound REMARKABLE!! I’m like you and don’t usually read a lot of sci-fi but this one sounds great and so interesting. And all that representation– YES!! Your review has definitely made me intrigued!! Amazing review!!


  7. Ahh congratulations on 200 followers, this is AMAZING yay!!! ❤
    I've been eyeing this book lately and it sounded so good, you made me even more excited to read it and to meet these awesome characters!! 😀

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  8. Ooh this book sounds amazing — I love sci-fi books and queer rep so this sounds like something I’d definitely enjoy, I need to get my hands on it asap!! Nice review 😊

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