Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan~ Blog Tour

Hey hey hey!

Have you heard of Annie Sullivan? No? WHAT ARE YOU DOING. GO SEARCH HER UP.

If you have, yay! I’m glad to be promoting her newest release, Tiger Queen and have a super cool interview with her protagonist, Princess Kateri, for you today! Thanks to FFBC for letting me take part 😀

tiger queen cover img

An interview with Princess Kateri:

  • What motivates you to protect your country?

The Desert Boys—the gang of thieves who steal water from us—killed my mother and my baby brother when I was six. I remember seeing the agony on my father’s face when he found their bodies. I won’t let anything like that happen again. I am going to be the best—a force to be reckoned with—so that I can finally bring down the Desert Boys.

  • Are your memories of/with your parents mainly happy or filled with melancholy?

The memories I have with my mother are beautiful. She taught me to Sand Dance, where we trace patterns into the sand with our feet. My father was much stricter, but I learned to respect him and his strength.

  • Do you think you’ll ever pass your kingdom on to anyone you’re not related to?

Ha! That would mean losing in the arena, and I have no plans to lose in the arena. I have been training for this moment since my mother died. Plus, I promised her I would lead her people. That’s a promise I won’t be breaking.

  • Even if you didn’t rebel against unfair laws, do you think you would for a loved one or friend?

Sure, maybe the law that make me fight in the arena seems a little outdated, but I don’t care because I’m happy to fight in the arena, to show off my strength so the Desert Boys know what’s coming for them.

  • Who had been with you as a friend and adviser for the longest? Can you still trust them?

My father is my most trusted advisor. He used to train me to fight until Rodric showed up. But I don’t trust Rodric. He just appeared out of the desert knowing how to fight. He’s good, but I want him gone before I take the throne.

Wowww, Kateri’s dedicated! Y’all should read the Tiger Queen, and comment down below what you think of it!



8 thoughts on “Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan~ Blog Tour

  1. The book sounds awesome!! And Princess Kateri sounds just as awesome– she is super determined and I love that as it makes me more determine and inspires me. I love the interview it is so creative and really allows you to get a picture for the character and story!! It was so fun to read!! 🙂

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