ARC Review: The Women of Dauphine + Happy Father’s Day!

Hi again, peeps!
So. I just finished The Women of Dauphine by Deb Jannerson. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

Do read my review and let me know what you think! It’s a historical lesbian paranormal 🙂

I received a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I really enjoyed this book although it was outside of my usual genre preferences. The Women of Dauphine has made me interested in reading other paranormal/supernatural novels as well. It also had a really nice lesbian main character and a sweet, pretty realistic sapphic romance (other than the ghost parts).
The story begins with eight year old Cassie moving into an old house and meeting forever-fifteen year old ghost Gem. Slowly the two become best friends and a little more than best friends as well. As their romance progresses, Cassie is also dipping her foot into dangerous waters and dealing with very unpleasant and homophobic parents.
I liked the representation, the acknowledgement of unpleasant happenings (e.g. sexual assault) and the author’s writing style.
I did not enjoy the sometimes stilted or unnatural writing, but it’s mostly great. Cassie was a well-developed main character and I loved the transition from childhood to adulthood that we got to see and her relationship with Gem. I wanted to hug her and all the characters when I learned what they had went through. *sobs* They were all great! The ending was also very satisfying, with Cassie accepting what needs to happen and learning to let go. Ahh I really loved them ❤

The institute Cassie was sent to (CPM for short~ Vaishnavi you’ll get it 😉 ) seemed a bit unrealistic, but this was a few decades ago, so maybe this was actually possible? They were cruel and (minor spoiler:) used electrocution so it seemed more like a mystery-thriller plot device than a historical paranormal school (more like torture ughhh I love you characters). It reminded me of the institute from Shock Point by April Henry.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and give it 4.25 stars, rounded to four for the official reviews. This book definitely intrigued me even when I didn’t enjoy the scenes, and I do recommend this to fans of YA paranormal/ghost romances and even fantasy lovers.

Today’s also Father’s Day and to all the dads out there-

Thank you. For being amazing and supportive and to helping your children grow.

To my Appa-

Even though lots of times you scold me, I know that you want the best for my brother and I, so thank you!

This is a bit of a short post, but I’ll love to discuss more in the comments section!

Do you think this sounds interesting? What genres do you usually read? Was this post too short?



9 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Women of Dauphine + Happy Father’s Day!

  1. I…did not realize it was Father’s Day. *hides face* *I’m sorry, dad*

    This sounds really interesting? I will look into this? Is it depressing, though, because right now I’m really kind of going for happier stuff. I think. Maybe I don’t know what I want XD What time period is it set in?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoops! 😂 I’m sure he’ll understand 😀
      Haha, maybe you should read a happier book thenn look into this. This is firstly in the 70s or 80s (sorry idr) and I think it goes to the late 90s. Thanks for your comment!

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  2. I loved your message about fathers day– shout out to all the wonderful dads!! 😊
    I hadn’t heard of this book but it sounds intriguing– I haven’t read any paranormal I think and this does sound interesting. Falling in love with a ghost?? Kind of awesome. And it sounds like it had some good representation which is great to hear!! I’m glad that overall you enjoyed this book!!! 😊 I mostly read fantasy but I am currently trying to read more contemporary– I’m trying to vary my genres more. And I think posts can be a long as you want!! 💙💙

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    1. Ah thank you! I’m eternally grateful 😊 for my parents!
      It was pretty awesome! It’s also worth a read ☺ And yh, representation is awesome! I loved it 💙 Ah those are my two fav genres, so you go girl! (#totallynotbiased) Thank you Sophie! You’re too kind 💛💛💛

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  3. Hey Aditi 💙💙
    Ahh love this so much! This book doesn’t sound like something I would usually go for, but it’s made me interested!! Sometimes it can be so hard reading an emotionally-connecting book where you bond to the characters because when you have to let them go, it can be so tough 💙 You literally want to hug some of them so bad 💙😂
    Your review was so good and I loved it, such a good book for pride month!!
    Amber x

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    1. Ah omg I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment!! I miss you Ambs 😭 vibe baaack!
      Yes, it interested me as well! Oof yeah I just wanna give em a huge hug 😂
      Aditi xx


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