ARC Review: The Women of Dauphine + Happy Father’s Day!

Hi again, peeps!
So. I just finished The Women of Dauphine by Deb Jannerson. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

Do read my review and let me know what you think! It’s a historical lesbian paranormal 🙂

I received a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I really enjoyed this book although it was outside of my usual genre preferences. The Women of Dauphine has made me interested in reading other paranormal/supernatural novels as well. It also had a really nice lesbian main character and a sweet, pretty realistic sapphic romance (other than the ghost parts).
The story begins with eight year old Cassie moving into an old house and meeting forever-fifteen year old ghost Gem. Slowly the two become best friends and a little more than best friends as well. As their romance progresses, Cassie is also dipping her foot into dangerous waters and dealing with very unpleasant and homophobic parents.
I liked the representation, the acknowledgement of unpleasant happenings (e.g. sexual assault) and the author’s writing style.
I did not enjoy the sometimes stilted or unnatural writing, but it’s mostly great. Cassie was a well-developed main character and I loved the transition from childhood to adulthood that we got to see and her relationship with Gem. I wanted to hug her and all the characters when I learned what they had went through. *sobs* They were all great! The ending was also very satisfying, with Cassie accepting what needs to happen and learning to let go. Ahh I really loved them ❤

The institute Cassie was sent to (CPM for short~ Vaishnavi you’ll get it 😉 ) seemed a bit unrealistic, but this was a few decades ago, so maybe this was actually possible? They were cruel and (minor spoiler:) used electrocution so it seemed more like a mystery-thriller plot device than a historical paranormal school (more like torture ughhh I love you characters). It reminded me of the institute from Shock Point by April Henry.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and give it 4.25 stars, rounded to four for the official reviews. This book definitely intrigued me even when I didn’t enjoy the scenes, and I do recommend this to fans of YA paranormal/ghost romances and even fantasy lovers.

Today’s also Father’s Day and to all the dads out there-

Thank you. For being amazing and supportive and to helping your children grow.

To my Appa-

Even though lots of times you scold me, I know that you want the best for my brother and I, so thank you!

This is a bit of a short post, but I’ll love to discuss more in the comments section!

Do you think this sounds interesting? What genres do you usually read? Was this post too short?


10 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Women of Dauphine + Happy Father’s Day!

  1. I…did not realize it was Father’s Day. *hides face* *I’m sorry, dad*

    This sounds really interesting? I will look into this? Is it depressing, though, because right now I’m really kind of going for happier stuff. I think. Maybe I don’t know what I want XD What time period is it set in?

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    1. Whoops! 😂 I’m sure he’ll understand 😀
      Haha, maybe you should read a happier book thenn look into this. This is firstly in the 70s or 80s (sorry idr) and I think it goes to the late 90s. Thanks for your comment!

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  2. I loved your message about fathers day– shout out to all the wonderful dads!! 😊
    I hadn’t heard of this book but it sounds intriguing– I haven’t read any paranormal I think and this does sound interesting. Falling in love with a ghost?? Kind of awesome. And it sounds like it had some good representation which is great to hear!! I’m glad that overall you enjoyed this book!!! 😊 I mostly read fantasy but I am currently trying to read more contemporary– I’m trying to vary my genres more. And I think posts can be a long as you want!! 💙💙

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    1. Ah thank you! I’m eternally grateful 😊 for my parents!
      It was pretty awesome! It’s also worth a read ☺ And yh, representation is awesome! I loved it 💙 Ah those are my two fav genres, so you go girl! (#totallynotbiased) Thank you Sophie! You’re too kind 💛💛💛

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      1. Aww.. that’s really sweet!! 💙 Me too!!
        Yes I think I might look into this book to read!! 😊 yes representation is great!! Yay to fantasy and contemporary 😍 (I’m not bias either 😉) You’re very welcome 💛💛

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  3. Hey Aditi 💙💙
    Ahh love this so much! This book doesn’t sound like something I would usually go for, but it’s made me interested!! Sometimes it can be so hard reading an emotionally-connecting book where you bond to the characters because when you have to let them go, it can be so tough 💙 You literally want to hug some of them so bad 💙😂
    Your review was so good and I loved it, such a good book for pride month!!
    Amber x

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    1. Ah omg I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment!! I miss you Ambs 😭 vibe baaack!
      Yes, it interested me as well! Oof yeah I just wanna give em a huge hug 😂
      Aditi xx


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