Four Ways I’ve Been Practicing Self-Care While Stuck At Home (coming from a skeptic)

Hey everyone!

We all know that ever since people started social distancing, Youtubers and bloggers started to post lots of self-care and mental health-related posts more often- which is awesome! But as someone who often doesn’t really relate to any of these tips, I thought it would be useful to post actual ways that I’ve been staying sane during quarantine!

This isn’t to bash anyone who finds tips like “go outside” and “drink water” helpful- actually, I use them too! It’s just that I feel like self-care is more than just skincare or organization.

That’s why these four things are actually concrete actions that you can take to take care of yourself.

Listening to music while I go to sleep

mash up parody GIF

Listening to music while I go to sleep is surprisingly really helpful for me. It helps me relax my mind and slow my breathing so that I can fall asleep faster.

I’m actually someone who has a really hard time falling asleep quickly because my mind is always racing and I actually create stories in my head (only me? okay) but playing relaxing music on the Google Home while I’m laying down in my bed is really nice.

Some people find different songs relaxing- for me, the Guru Paduka Stotram makes me nostalgic and want to fall asleep. It’s something that my mom has played for me since I was a little baby and it makes me feel connected to my spirituality and culture.

Also, it’s seriously relaxing.

Reading via audiobooks or physical

kitty kitten GIF

Okay, maybe this is a little bit basic? But I strongly believe that reading is self-care! If you’re like me and you love to read (well… yes because all of you are basically book bloggers) then books and reading, no matter what sort of format, is something comforting to you.

Right now with everything that’s going on in our world, reading can whisk you to another world which is especially relevant. No one wants to be existing here during these times. This is why even if you are in a slump, you NEED to start reading again. It’s an order from me. I promise- it’ll help you out.

There’s a reason why I said physical or audiobook, though. Physical books are definitely the best because they ground you and are basically everyone’s favorite method to read, but I totally get that not everyone has access to physical books because libraries are closed, shipping takes forever, and some of us just don’t own a lot of books (yes, I am salty about this).

Audiobooks are also kind of elite, but I’ll be forever recommending Scribd. I seriously love it. If you have access, audiobooks can be pretty nice to listen to! Personally, I absolutely cannot multitask while listening to them and they take a lot longer to read than ebooks or physical books BUT I promise if you have a good narrator and a good book, it’s a cool idea to try out!

Doodling and making simple art

Doodles Homeschool GIF

Okay, before you cancel me, hear me out. I know that not everyone is great at art and lots of y’all are like me- really interested in becoming better but not really that great at it. Yesterday I decided that instead of watching YouTube to pass time, I was going to actually draw things that YouTubers tell me to for once XD. And I did! I actually used AmandaRachLee’s channel and had a lot of fun doodling and spending time.

Also, it doesn’t need to be complex at all! I actually just wrote my name and filled it in with floral doodles. It came out pretty damn well if I say so myself 😉

The whole point of this exercise is to relax and put away your phone and just draw, letting go of everything else so it definitely counts as self-care.

Allowing myself to indulge in treats

Ice Cream Netflix GIF by

Lots of self-care lists might have things like “remember to eat healthily” and “don’t have too many oily or sweet things” but mine is going to be the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong- eating healthy is incredibly important! I like to pride myself on eating healthily (but let’s be real my mom is the real hero here)- the only junk I consume is non-dairy ice cream and occasionally if we bake something I’ll have that (keyword: occasionally) but I actually eat really well- I’m vegetarian-trying-to-go-vegan which already makes it easier to be healthy for me.

BUT. It’s also really important to allow yourself treats. Indulging on sweets and foods that make you happy is also really important and I think it’s a key part of selfcare!

That’s why you should allow yourself to snack on yummy foods sometimes (but obviously don’t overdo it). I firmly believe that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves regarding diet culture and not eating certain foods (haha what a hypocrite, coming from the vegetarian right? but that’s different, it’s an ethical choice and I could talk more about it but that’s for another day).


I hope this post gave you some motivation to get off of your laptop/phone and do one of these activities! Even if it means eating a couple of chips 😉


Also, thank you so much for 400 followers! I just hit it about five minutes ago lol.

Before you click away, HERE is an extremely comprehensive list of in-depth resources that you can use and sites that you can donate/sign/share for the Black Lives Movement. More information for donations can be found here, at the BLM carrd.


36 thoughts on “Four Ways I’ve Been Practicing Self-Care While Stuck At Home (coming from a skeptic)

  1. Okay, you had me at the snacks. This is it, this is the best self-care post.

    (Also, I love watching people draw stuff, but it’s so hard to work up the courage to actually sit down and draw. I don’t know why.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I literally can’t doodle tho like I think I have a mental block 😂 when I try I just sit there staring at my blank page for ages & then maybe draw a flower smh
    Loved this post tho & I really wanna slap a face mask on you now 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have always listened to something as I sleep- usually podcasts because I like hearing people’s voices but I also like listening to musicals as I sleep too! (but quiet mozart or the radio scares me for some reason at night)

    I’ve doodled some and I created a vampire girl and also an anxious ghost and a skeleton who likes partying aND A GRUMPY FROG it’s a thing (it’s kind of bad tho)


    Also YES treats are fantastic I’ve consumed at least four boxes of cheez its in the past month and also fruit snacks and gummy worms

    But I’ve also just talked to friends and napped a lot and my anxiety is actually much better than it was in december surprisingly (but who knows if it’ll stay that sorry)

    g o o d l u c k

    also random question have you ever watched the indiana jones movies?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha i totally get that! personally it relaxes me and makes my breathing calm which is really nice.


      omjg you need to show me once ur done okay!!

      oh no i'm literally worried for you now 😂


      yes! i watched the first one and i was planning on watching 2 but i never got a chance haha

      Liked by 1 person

        1. peak harrison for sure 😉
          idk i didn’t enjoy indiana jones as much as i could have because i kept getting frustrated with how it portrayed ppl of color sodjfios

          Liked by 1 person

            1. yeah honestly all of them 🤢 i can’t deal w racism lol and it’s weird that it’s normalized? like my dad is like “oh, yeah, they portrayed indians as snake charmers as such back then.” it’s kind of still a big deal haha

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  4. Woww, you’ve done all this conscious self-care and I’m sitting here drowning in a few years’ worth of homework ^_^
    But this is a great list! I love your attempts at digital art, they’re really cute. I totally get the food bingeing, quarantine seems to make me a bigger glutton than ever. :p
    Congrats on 400! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      Thank you so much!! 😉 aww thanks that means a lot to me coming from Mukta herself, the QUEEN ❤ haha totally XD

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  5. I got into listening to audiobooks – or the same two constantly – last year to help me sleep when I started struggling to at night. It really helped. I should definitely try it with music sometime too. And I think colouring goods are pretty good for self care and switching off too. Plus you can get some really stunning ones for adults which is fantastic. And yes, treating yourself is important and it can take a variety of forms too – you can get yourself a book that you’ve been wanting or anything really.But yes taking care of yourself is really important.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a really good idea!! I feel like I would forget what’s going on and have to re-listen to it the next day lol but I should definitely try it 🙂
      I totally agree ❤

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  6. Congrats on 400 followers, amazing Aditi! Your blog and you are so well-deserved of them 💖 I absolutely LOVE these self-care tips! Honestly for me self care is literally life and I am so decimated to it but I think you bring a lot of good points over, and your right: self isn’t always drinking water and getting lots of sleep, I believe self care is all about doing what is right for you ☺️ *that moment when you realise literally the whole blogosphere is made up of book blogs holy guacamole* 😂 And eating sweet treats, yes!! All these influencers are like ‘when having a self care day etc healthy and nourishing foods’ and yes it is so important to eat healthy but unhealthy foods make me happy so when I do indulge in them I‘m going to see it as a form of self care! 💖 Also I low-key LOVE the GIF’s in this :)) Amazing Post Aditi!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU AMBS!! Also I miss you, sorry for not responding to your comments sojfoisdoi :((
      I’m really glad that you take self-care seriously! Honestly I suck at it ahaha. Drinking water and getting sleep are soo important but they’re not everything, which is so important.
      LMAO HAHA YEAH. I love sweet treats!! yesssss what a queen 👑

      Liked by 1 person

      1. NO WORRIES!! Awh right back at you but absolutely no need to apologise ❤️
        Thank you! Oh no, that’s okay! Agreed 😊
        ME TOO! Sweet treats for life… are you sweets or chocolate?! ANYTIME!! 🙂


  7. Omg I totally create stories in my head too, but for some reason I’m a weirdo & this actually HELPS me fall asleep? 😂 I love AmandaRachLee!! Every since following her bullet journals, I’ve discovered that I actually do know how to draw a little & I find making little doodles for my monthly journal spreads so relaxing 😌 Eating junk food has definitely been my main method of self care during these times but I really need to get back to my regular semi-healthy diet 😅

    Loved loved loved this list! 💛💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg wow twins!! 😂💛 YES SAME ACTUALLY! it’s the only way i fall asleep but it takes forever at the same time?? idk 🤣
      ah yesss ! the fact that you bujo makes me admire you 10x more because GOSH, it’s impossibly hard to bujo (i tried it for like a week…. didn’t go well XD). a balanced diet (but plenty of junk) is definitely the best :))
      💛💛💛 thank you so much!


  8. Reading has also been a big self-care activity for me as it helps me unwind and keeps me focused on something else that isn’t stressing me out 📚 I’ve also taken to journaling a bit – nothing too artistic, but something more minimalistic which I really like 😊


  9. i totally agree that self care is more than skincare & organization, it has to do with so many different aspects!! omg i have the hardest time falling asleep too (although i’ve been able to fall asleep quicker lately, which i’m definitely not complaining about lmao), so i’ll definitely have to listening to music! also same about creating stories in my head — instead of working on my wip when i should be, i think about it while trying to sleep 😭😭

    doodling is so fun too, i’m a perfectionist but sometimes embracing imperfections can be really helpful! also i agree about letting yourself indulge in treats, it’s definitely ok to do something that makes you happy for a bit! 😅 this was a great post and motivated me to actually do something lmao ❤❤


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