“Love and Hate”: a throwback to 1.5 years ago, very cringy // StayHomeWriMo Day 8

Hey loves!

Today I didn’t have time to write so I don’t know if this is cheating but here’s a throwback to August 2018 (wow that’s a really long time ago- one and a half years!). So let me know what you think of it- I personally think it’s cheesy but heh, let’s see. (also not from my perspective if you’re wondering haha- it’s the beginning of a HORRIBLE novel)


(written from the perspective of Wil)

I do not know why, but the word love has always scared me. Usually, the reaction you would expect to receive from a normal teenage female like myself would either be-

“Pfft… true love? No way!”


“Aaah… True love! So sweet!”

See? I would consider myself a well-matured, reasonable human being… at least compared to the rest of the pillocks and mooncalves in my life. However, somewhere deep inside of me, a fear rests, nestled into the crooks of my beating heart, refusing to leave. Love. I definitely love- do not get me wrong. I love my parents and my brother, my friends and extended family. I do love. 

But have you ever thought about it? Love is a wonderful thing- terrible and beautiful, fearsome and wondersome. Every time someone speaks the great L-word, I shiver slightly. I do not think anyone has noticed, actually. Why would they? They would, of course, blame it on the cold, or something like that sort. I’ve never asked, and I never intend to ask.

Love is more than just hearts and kisses, and XOXO’s. Love isn’t all valentine cards and passing out chocolates. Love can ruin you. Love can kill you. Love can do wonderful, horrible things. 

I do not usually feel heavy, deep, burdening emotions such as hate, or disgust. And if you heard me speak, never would you hear the words hate or disgust spoken freely about a noun. I do not believe in that philosophy- those words are too strong to be used at a day-to-day basis. 

Love, however? Love is something that I feel- but you will never hear me say something such as, “I love going to the mall!” Or “I love cats!” You might hear, “I really like cats,”  but not the word love. Continue reading ““Love and Hate”: a throwback to 1.5 years ago, very cringy // StayHomeWriMo Day 8″

“Voices in My Head”: fantasy powers, Asian setting, nonbinary MC // StayHomeWriMo Day 7

Hey, everyone!

I hope you liked yesterday’s surprise with me naming all the characters off of bloggers XD. It was super fun to write and I’ll be making sequels for ‘Kore’, ‘Switcheroo’, and any others that get requests!

I really liked my worldbuilding in this short story, I wonder what Sophie thinks 😉


Prompt: Write a 400-word story in the fantasy genre. It’s about a confusing power and a frustrated hero.

Be quiet, Ying thought. Just be quiet!

Ying grabbed their head and groaned, their fingers digging into their forehead and scalp. The voices blabbered meaninglessly. As much as Ying tried to make out their words, they were never able to.

Leave peacefully, Ying tried. Be at rest.

Ying’s mother had always told Ying to be kind and gentle to the voices in their head. Ying had tried, for about a month, before they broke down and became frustrated.

It was supposed to be a power, really. But Ying was certain that the voices in their head was more of a curse than any sort of power.

They had first come around six months ago when Ying came out to their mother and friends as nonbinary. Ying had been eagerly hoping for a power since they were a little child since Ying had first learned of the powerful Magicka. Continue reading ““Voices in My Head”: fantasy powers, Asian setting, nonbinary MC // StayHomeWriMo Day 7″

“Switcheroo”: identical twins, a hot party, and familiar character names// StayHomeWriMo Day 6

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is very late in the day but I have a surprise- all the character names are based off of my blogging friends and the people who’ve commented on my posts lately 😀

There’s Elle (El), Ema (Emma), Sofia (Sophie), Julia (Ju), Amber (Amber lol), Becka (Beck, Becky), Asha (Ash), Cerys (Ceres), Elsa (Elsie), Lucia (Lucy), Mukta (also Mukta). I hope you guys like it!! 😀 (also forgive me if your name isn’t in this, I’m so sorry! especially my more recent/ less frequent comments haha)


Prompt: Identical twins, a party invitation, and a sickness.

“I have literally nothing to wear today!” Elle complained, throwing herself onto her bed.

I watched from the other bed as my identical twin sister threw a fit, complaining about not having anything new in her closet.

“Why don’t you just wear something from your dresser? You never touch that stuff.”

Elle huffed. “Um, of course I can’t! Those are all my winter clothes and all of them are too ugly and out of place for going to Sofia McLean’s party which is in October, Ema. I mean, it’s Sofia. All her friends are going to be in designer clothes- oh!”

Elle clutched her stomach, leaning forward and bringing her hand to cover her mouth. Continue reading ““Switcheroo”: identical twins, a hot party, and familiar character names// StayHomeWriMo Day 6″

“Ocean Daughter”: sirens, goddesses, and water myths // StayHomeWriMo Day 5

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is a little bit late because I didn’t pre-write it this time, but I quite like the premise of it. I’ve gotta say, I’m disappointed in the end, though. It had potential but I wasted it :/


Prompt: write a fantasy short story using the word ‘Sea’ as a motif.

The waves crashed gently around the girl, pulling her in closer as her dark, curly hair spread out under her as she floated under the surface.

Deeper, she thought. Take me deeper to the Ocean.

The waves obeyed her. After all, she was nearly one of their princesses. They pulled her under, tugging her down dozens, hundreds, thousands of feet into the inky until suddenly-

Come, my dear. The Ocean beckoned to the girl, wrapping its arms around her soothingly. You’re safe, love. Continue reading ““Ocean Daughter”: sirens, goddesses, and water myths // StayHomeWriMo Day 5″

like dominoes we fall // prose

tell me if i’m wrong, but we used to be close- 

tell me if i’m wrong, but i loved you to the end of the plains.

i know i’m right, but now you make me doubt myself.

this could be a love letter, but it isn’t, baby.

but your smile lit up my face and your words lit a spark inside me

somehow the profoundness attracted me, and somehow it stuck me like glue

but maybe the glue dried up, cause now something’s different, something i can’t quite put my foot on

girl, tell me something i don’t know: we both know it’s true- we both know this friendship is mostly one-sided.

and yeah, there’s nothing i can do about it as much as i wish you would save me from this spiral of maze running frantic.

but before you leave me at the edge of this tumultuous cliff, ready to fall, you should know something too.

my distance from you isn’t it, lovely. really.

only a stone’s throw, but it makes all the difference.

i know you want to hold on to the unchangeable, but i’m ready to move on.

so before you go, here’s a goodbye from my heart. and if we can’t make it back to each other, well, i’ll remember you.

and twenty years from now, when we both have separate lives, i’ll think back to these days when we grew like vines, paths separating-

maybe it’s not meant to be, love. you’re the beauty i need to leave.

we’re like dominoes- you gave it the first push, and i toppled some more.

now we’re teetering on the edge of the end, and i don’t know whether to steady it with shaking hands or to give it the gentle push and end it

it’s eventually gonna topple one way or the other. might as well save a heartbreak and slow end for us both, love.

but i can tell you one thing-

i promise to remember you; the one who opened my eyes.