Story Prompt #2

Hey everyone! Kinda feeling no inspiration at this time, so I’m leaning back on the second part of a series that I wanted to start. I’ve always wanted to improve my writing with story prompts but I never got the chance to (well, more like I didn’t make the time to).

Hopefully this will help some people out!

Also, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but for some reason WordPress was being stupid and glitchy and nothing was working… AND THE WHOLE POST DELETED I’M SO MAD. It took so. long. to right and now I have to write it all again… well, at least it’s up now. Yay.

Want to hear the story behind this? In my writing camp last week, taught by Hannah Jayne, author of Truly, Madly, Deadly and The Underworld Detection Agency, (who I interviewed, by the way!), she gave us a prompt. We were told to write it in any story format we wanted. Continue reading “Story Prompt #2”

Story Prompt #1

Heyy people!

So I absolutely love the idea of short story prompts because it’s just so much fun so I really wanted to do a post on. I have nothing else to say except- feel free to make as many plots twists and tweaks as you want! NOTHING is set into stone. I will do more soon. Don’t forget to have fun!

Natural Disasters:

The first few sentences must include your main character facing a natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, fire, or earthquake. Make it as long or short as you want! Continue reading “Story Prompt #1”