“Billboard, Number One!”: music industry, adorable couple, last day!!// StayHomeWriMo Day 30

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Wow, I can’t believe today’s the LAST DAY of this challenge! This is absolutely crazy! I had a ton of fun writing (almost) every day and publishing it here and I hope I didn’t annoy you all with all of the posts XD.

On the other hand, I’m kind of grateful that this is over because it was a little stressful (though also extremely satisfying and very fun!) to post every day and write something not just new but decent haha.

Thank you to everyone who commented this month! Your comments really mean so much to me and they boosted my ego x10000 😉


“Oh my god,” Azia whispers.

She grips her phone with her hands, staring at the screen, wide-eyed.

”One Two Three, Smile’ is Number One on the Billboard charts today!‘” she reads out.

“Oh my god!” Azia shrieks, jumping up and down. “I- I can’t believe it!”

Her hair is flopping into her face but she doesn’t notice because she turns to me, ecstatic and pacing through the living room.

“Jes! My song is number one on the Billboard!” Azia throws her arms around me, squeezing hard. Continue reading ““Billboard, Number One!”: music industry, adorable couple, last day!!// StayHomeWriMo Day 30″

“Underwater Treasure”: vampires, cool history nerd things // StayHomeWriMo Day 29

Hello, friends!

Shoutout to my girl El for watching the horrible series of Twilight with me (more like her forcing me to watch during school) (#TEAMMIKE) and this post is largely inspired by HOW STEPHANIE MYERS DID VAMPIRES DIRTY and a ton of Pinterest and Tumblr shtposts that I’ve been seeing and pinning often.

The first draft of this was pretty terrible and this story ended up being the only story I drafted multiple versions of XD.


Dammit, Simon!” I cursed, letting my feet skim on the dusty ocean floor, weighed down by the backpack of rocks I wore.

Simon looked at me, mildly amused. “You hast stubbed your phalanx once more, is it?”

I glared at him, cradling it. There was no blood- I mean, vampires definitely didn’t bleed easily- but it still hurt.

“Okay, you’re the one who dragged us all down here to discover some secret treasure or whatever!” Continue reading ““Underwater Treasure”: vampires, cool history nerd things // StayHomeWriMo Day 29″

“Double Rations”: dystopian, realistic future // StayHomeWriMo Day 28

Hey, lovelies!

Today’s post is a little bit on the longer side, but I hope you enjoy it. It’s not my best work (written at 10 PM anybody?) but I haven’t written any dystopian this month so I thought I’d squeeze one in before the end of the challenge (which is in two days WOW I’m feeling bittersweet here)!


The buildings are short and gray and ugly against the equally gray and ugly sky. Trash clutters the streets and the gutters are clogged with litter. In the distance, you can see tall, sleek silver buildings that made up the High District of New York, where all the rich millionaires and businesses operated from.

They were far away from where I stood, in the Low District, where all the poor and working-class lived.

I duck behind a dumpster when a man walks by whistling, his hands tucked into a posh suit. He was obviously one of the wealthy from the High District.

I contemplate stealing his shiny watch and pawning it for some good money but decide against it as I watch him walk away. He’s too far away now. Continue reading ““Double Rations”: dystopian, realistic future // StayHomeWriMo Day 28″

“Mural Of Stars”: personal loss, sisters supporting each other // StayHomeWriMo Day 27

Hey everyone!

I hope you like this story- I’m really proud of it actually. Just want to give a content warning~

CW: personal loss, mention of suicide


The sky was a mural of patterned darkness, each patch unique in its own way, shimmering with the light of the stars that were so far away.

Prati stared up at the sky without blinking.

They were so untouchable, the stars. Nothing ever fazed them. They were always there, twinkling in the night sky and just out of reach during the day.

“I wish you’d come back,” Prati whispered to the empty winds, her words muffled by the breeze that sent goosebumps prickling down her arms.

The stars didn’t respond. Not that she had expected them too, of course. She just…

Prati sighed and sat up, brushing stray pieces of grass out of her hair. She was going crazy- talking to the stars about her problems and expecting them to respond.

She was lying in her backyard, the lawn under her hair. In the night it all looked black and blue, but in the daylight, her backyard was a gorgeous green with magnolia trees and gorgeous flowers in the garden.

Lately, Prati had taken to lying down in her backyard with the stars as her blanket when she couldn’t fall asleep. Which was almost every day.

It started five weeks ago, the night of the funeral. She couldn’t sleep that night after having to go to the function and paste a grateful smile on her face and accept everyone’s condolences when someone was dead, ok? She just couldn’t. And before she knew it, she’d found herself outside, laying on the grass, cradled in the arms of the earth and the sky- the two places she was the most comfortable with.

Prati hugged her knees to her chest, her flimsy cotton t-shirt doing nothing to keep her from the cold. Usually, it didn’t bother her, but tonight it was all she could think about.

Reluctantly, Prati got up and trudged inside, opening the patio door as quietly as possible and slinking inside to her room.

Prati opened the door and nearly shouted out loud when she saw someone sitting on her bed.

“Don’t worry, it’s just me,” the person said, and Prati immediately relaxed. The voice belonged to her older sister, Priya.

Prati closed the door behind herself and walked in slowly, sitting on the bed tentatively.

The two sat in silence for what seemed like hours before Priya broke the silence.

“I miss him too.”

Prati willed herself not to cry, blinking away the tears that formed in her eyes.

“I miss him every morning and every night,” Priya continued in a quieter voice. “And everything reminds me of him. It’s unbearable.”

Prati jerked towards her sister. “Why are you telling me this? If you’re trying to help, it’s not working, okay? It’s never going to be okay!”

Priya took Prati’s hand in her own, squeezing it gently. “Prati. By bottling it all up, you’re only going to be miserable. It’s okay to be sad right now- it’s normal. But sharing your emotions with someone will make it easier to bear.”

Prati could feel the tears building up and her throat tightened as she let out a choked sob and pressed her face with her hands.

“Maybe I- maybe I don’t deserve to be happy. Maybe I deserve to suffer through this. I would be happy and fine right now if I just talked to him and told him how much I loved him, maybe we could have had a family game time every week to make him remember how much we needed him and-”

Priya grabbed her sister’s shoulders, and when Prati lifted her eyes up to meet Priya’s, she was shocked by the intensity of her gaze.

“Stop! Prati, you need to stop. It’s not your fault! I- I thought that, too, for a little bit. If only I had stopped by his room that morning and talked to him a little bit about school, if only I had been there for him more so he could tell me what was going on in his life- but it doesn’t help, Prati. It doesn’t.”

Prati looked up at her sister with tear-stained cheeks and took in a deep breath.

“I just- I just miss him so much, Priya. He was so radiant and fun and eager and everything that I wished I could be. But- but he did it so much better, you know? He always knew how to make you laugh, how to console you, yet when he was the one who needed a shoulder to cry on, I wasn’t there.” Prati whispered, closing her eyes.

Priya was silent.

“Yeah. I miss him too,” Priya said. “And… And I’ve wondered a lot. About why he did it. Why he took his own life.”

Prati started ugly-crying, and the tears wouldn’t stop coming.

Priya pulled her little sister in closer, placing an arm around Prati and wiping her sister’s tears with her shirt.

“It’s not going to help us to keep wondering though,” Priya continued, stroking her sister’s hair. “What will help us is to remember him through action.”

Prati felt Priya’s hands being cupped around her chin and she looked up at her sister.

“We need to move on, Prati. Not forgetting him- that will never happen. We need to remember him at his best and worst and show him our love by moving on with our lives. That’s what he would want.”

“That’s what he would want,” Prati echoed. “That’s what he would want.”

“Come on,” Priya said, gently easing her sister off of her. “Let’s go get some air.”

The sisters walked quietly through the halls and out of the patio door, stepping outside to be met with the same stars as before.

How wonderful was it that in fifteen minutes someone’s whole life could change yet they would come back to see the same stars as before?

Prati silently sat down in the same spot she had sat at before, but now with her sister by her side.

They leaned on each other, gazing up at the night sky.

“Remember that time when Pranav convinced both of us to prank our dad with shaving cream on April Fool’s Day?” Prati said suddenly.

Priya laughed. “Oh yeah! And we got in trouble but it was totally worth it. And that time when we drove to Starbucks ourselves because Mom and Dad didn’t want us to drink sugar?”

Prati smiled, thinking about how they had had a sugar rush for the rest of the day.

“Mom and Dad could probably tell by how we were acting like five-year-olds,” Prati joked. “But Pranav was a master liar. He got us out of so many tricky situations.”

Priya smirked. “Oh, and when my boyfriend dumped me so you two cheered me up by making pancakes for dinner!”

“What about when Pranav ditched his friends to stay at home with me because I wasn’t feeling well?”

The two sisters continued sharing stories about their brother for a long time, joking around and remembering all the good memories they had of Pranav.

This time, Prati was sure that the stars were listening.


I hope you enjoyed the story! If you weren’t able to read it because of the content warnings, I totally understand and support you ❤

Did you enjoy this story? Have you ever experienced a personal loss?


“The Stick”: magical realism, friendships // StayHomeWriMo Day 26

hey people!

How are you doing? I had a pretty good day- I lazed around a lot which was a nice difference from my weekdays and I watched some YouTube and had a Twilight watch party with my favorite girl, El- ily girl 😉 ❤

I’m liking this post a lot- it’s really sweet and magick-y and just a good representation of the magical realism genre (BECK! I finally did it!).


“Hey!” I said breathlessly, sliding into the seat next to my friend Esme. “Sorry I’m late, I…” I trailed off, thinking of an excuse. “I got sidetracked.”

Esme raised a perfectly made-up eyebrow at me, and I could tell she didn’t believe me. She tapped a manicured black nail on the wooden desk we sat at.

“Sure, Andie. Just like you got sidetracked yesterday too, woke up late the day before, and were in a traffic jam the day before that. Not to mention that all of last week you said that your cat was having dietary issues- whatever that means- yet when I confronted you about it you couldn’t tell me anything.”

I gulped. “I told you- the doctors weren’t specific! And I have a terrible memory, remember?”

Esme shook her head in frustration. “Shut up, Andie. I know there’s something going on that you won’t tell me. If you don’t want to tell me or if you don’t trust me, just tell it to my face. It’s better than dancing around it.”

Esme started to get up but she stopped when I sighed and put a hand over hers.

“No, wait! I’ll- I’ll tell you what’s going on.” Continue reading ““The Stick”: magical realism, friendships // StayHomeWriMo Day 26″

“Spaceships And Dilemmas”: scifi, romance, and little girls // StayHomeWriMo Day 25

Hey guys!

Sorry, I didn’t post yesterday either (wow I say this like every other day now) but at least we’ll be done with this challenge in a few days!!

Also, Becky, this one’s for you 😉 Scifi except I couldn’t resist adding something else lol.


Tara fiddled with the ventilators, pursing her eyebrows. A strand of dark brown hair fell in her eyes and she huffed, standing up and whirling around to face me.

“I hate this ship!”

I tried to smother my laugh. “Yeah, baby, I know. But we need this to go back home. It’s been way too long, remember? You said you missed the grass.”

Tara seemed to calm down and she slumped her shoulders, remembering. “Yes, Mommy.”

I walked over to her and enveloped her in a hug, her soft hair brushing my arms.


I turned around to see Captain Oren standing at the doorway of the mechanics room looking annoyed.

“You promised to get the ventilators fixed twenty minutes ago. Remember- this is my ship. And if you can’t contribute anything, don’t expect to be riding for free.” He said curtly.

I sighed as he walked away and turned back to my daughter. “Sorry, babygirl, but let me try fixing the ventilator now.”

Tara watched as I pulled on the knob, twisting it fifty degrees clockwise before using a screwdriver to ply out the loose nails. I finished by hammering in some new hinges and oiling up the machine.

“The ship is taking flight in ten, nine, eight-” the intercom announced.

The door to the room opened again and a man with light brown curls walked in. He shook his head and I realized that his hair was sopping wet.

“Cecil, why is your hair wet?” I asked.

He glanced at me like he hadn’t noticed that I was there and flashed me a bright smile. “Oh, hey, Keisha! Nice to see you too!”

I rolled my eyes and turned around to turn one of the knobs on the last ventilator.

“If you must know, Captain asked me to increase the thrust capacity of the rocket and I got dunked in water for some reason. It’s going to be a rocky ride,” He said, but in a joking way.

“Hey! Look who it is- it’s my favorite girl, Tara!” Cecil said, scooping Tara up in his arms and laughing.

My daughter giggled and squirmed. I was positive that other than me, Cecil was Tara’s favorite person.

“The ship is taking flight now.” The intercom interrupted.

Cecil put Tara down and turned to me. “Can we go to the skylights?”

I nodded and kissed my girl’s forehead, telling her to go back to our cabin, before I followed him out of the room.

We walked through the halls of the ship and out to the Skylight Room.

We were flying through space and I could see twinkling stars in the distance through the skylight.

Cecil let out a quick breath.

“It’s beautiful.” He said.

Somehow, I felt like he wasn’t talking about the skylights.

I turned to him, half-sitting on a desk that was in the room. He was wearing a light blue shirt over slacks and his hair was still sopping wet.

He met my stare and his gray eyes were intense, the opposite of his easy-going humor when he was with my babygirl.

“She adores you,” I murmured, tucking a braid behind my ears.

He grinned a little, a bit of his mischief evident again. “I’m quite the charmer, aren’t I?”

He leaned forward a bit, putting an elbow on the desk as he said it.

I smiled to myself. “Sure, Cecil. Whatever you say.”

He looked at me and stood up, sobering. “Keisha.”

I ran a hand through my braids again, avoiding his gaze.

“Keisha.” He said again, insistently, his voice pulling my eyes up. “Are you going to go back to Earth?”

I let out a long breath. “Yeah, I am. It’s the best thing I could do for Tara. She needs a stable home.”

“Have you thought of staying here, on this ship? You could raise Tara to be a spacefarer, and you could continue being the mechanic for the ship.”

I shook my head. “Cecil. You know that what kids need when they grow up is stability. And you’ve seen the Captain- if I stay here, he’ll make my life and my daughter’s life hell.”

“I didn’t have much stability in my life, I turned out fine!” Cecil argued.

I raised my eyebrows at him, smirking. He laughed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Okay, maybe I’m not the best example. But you know what I mean! And you could always choose another ship without Captain Oren.”

I shrugged. “What about other kids? I don’t want Tara being raised as a friendless lonely kid with no contact with anyone of her own age.”

Cecil sighed again. “I know, but you could make it work.”

His head was still bowed but I leaned over and took his hand. “Cecil. Moving to Earth won’t make us lose touch. And you’ll visit us sometimes, right?” I asked.

Cecil lifted his head and nodded slowly. “Yeah, I guess. I just don’t want to lose you guys, you know? You and Tara, you’re basically family. My only family.”

I paused. “Cecil, this whole time you’ve been trying to convince me to not move to Earth. But what if you moved to Earth with us?”

He stopped and looked at me for a moment, rubbing his neck and averting his eyes. “Yeah, uh, I suppose. But we’re not, you know, married or anything. Or even, like, together.”

I waved him off and turned to press my face to the glass skylight as if I was Tara. “Come on, Cecil. Your whole life you’ve been trying to break rules, to prove people wrong that you need to settle down. But what if you’re tired of that? It’s time to take a leap of faith and try something new. Plus, you’re still defying everything- you’ve never been to Earth before.””

I couldn’t see him, but I could tell that Cecil was smiling from his words: “You know what? You’re right. You and Tara are worth being told ‘I told you so’.”

I turned around and beamed at him. “We can take things slow, and I’d prefer that, but I’m just so glad that Tara will have you in her life.”

Cecil raised his eyebrows. “Just Tara?”

I swatted his hand and laughed. “Okay, maybe not just Tara.”

Cecil grinned at me and slung his arm around my shoulder.

“Earth will be something new for me,” he said. “But I’d go anywhere with you, Keisha.”


I hope you guys liked this!

Do you like mixing the genres Scifi and Romance? If you were in Keisha’s place, what would you do? Did she make the right decision?