Diving Into Religion: Hinduism Q&A ft. moi… and another Q&A

The title is interesting.

Yeah, I should really spice up my intros.

Hey hey hey! Once again, I’m stealing an idea from the wonderful Bayance. Her Q&A about Islam was wonderful and eye-opening, leading me to think about how lots of people don’t know anything about Hinduism, and it would be wonderful to see what questions you have!

I want you guys to comment below any questions you have about Hinduism. From meditation and yoga to rituals and beliefs to food and holidays- I would be thrilled to answer them!
Please note that I have the right to not answer anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. But I know you guys are great and I hope I don’t have to exercise this right!

This is another small-ish post-
wait jk I’m writing this backwards and now it’s at like 1000 words and I oop-

-but I think that’s okay. Anyways, the Q&A will be super long assuming people even want to read this post and give questions so this will be the calm before the storm.

Btw I’d like to thank Olivia @ Purely Olivia for making me become re-obsessed with changing the font sizes 😉 so you can totally blame her for the cRaZiNesS.

And can I just shout-out Mukta for a moment- she hasn’t posted in a while (WAIT! NEW POST JUST CAME I’M SO HYPED WHOOO) but she’s SO sweet and we have SO much in common and she’s Indian (and I’m pretty sure she’s a Hindu, I don’t know though…).

I’ll be accepting questions until August 15th, when I’ll start compiling the answers (I’ll do my best to be as accurate as possible) and hopefully get them out faster than my last Q&A!! It took like a month smh I’m great…

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Story Prompt Request

Hi again, it’s Oddity here!

Well, lately I’ve been writing a lot of short stories about various topics on my own, but I want to know what other people like and especially what YOU like. So.

How would it be if you guys could give me a story prompt, like a dare to write about a certain situation, or maybe a question that would lead a plot forward?

ALSO, I promise (like really) to post the story here if you actually do comment below and give me ideas. Thanks in advance! 😉

Hey, also- have a great holiday season! To you guys who celebrate(d) Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah (which is already over), and also to those people who don’t celebrate any of those (hehe like me).

So 안녕,


(That’s Korean for bye. )
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