50 Followers Q&A

Hey sunshines!

I’m sososo excited to be typing this post right now- I’M LITERALLY SQUEALING. Do you know why?

(hint hint -read the title- hint hint)

We reached 50 followers some while ago last week or so and I’m utterly confuzzled.

If you’d asked me three months ago if I thought I’d ever get to fifty followers, I would have scoffed in your face because at that time I had three followers. Yeah, three.

So over the course of three months, One in a Million has grown by forty-seven followers. Forty-seven, bruh. I am confusion, my friends.

But I’m also super duper happy and elated, actually. Now we have eternity together to play in the rain! *crazily dances in the living room while parents stare at her* Continue reading “50 Followers Q&A”