May Wrap-up

Hey people of Earth! (and my fellow Martians) May’s come to an end now and I’m having some conflicting feelings about it. For one, school’s almost over (!!) and my birthday’s right around the corner (!!!). May’s also been a great month in the reading sense- I read a lot of books and even some nonfiction (if you are my mother, you would be jumping with joy). I competed in a music competition and won first place, which was great, and in my school ukulele concerts I lead the songs and sang pretty well, at least according to my friends XD.

On the other hand, I came down with a horrible cold in late April and it STILL hasn’t gone away. It’s actually gone worse. We’ve tried, like everything- a special oil that my grandmother prepared (garlic, onion, black pepper, etc.) and having honey on a daily basis. I’ve rubbed in Vicks and inhaled eucalyptus water vapor (urgh). Nothing has really worked and I’m sick of being sick (pun intended).

Plus, for a couple of days this blog had little to no traffic. I had no post ideas and none of my already limited creative juices were flowing. I just didn’t want to break my record of posting at least once a week since February by posting nothing for twelve days, so I forced something out of my head (which, by the way, you should def check out XD Consenting Lies Short Story).

So… on to my first monthly wrap-up!

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So, for the past bit of 2019, I didn’t read many actual, physical books, which sucks to admit. Mostly I was focusing on expanding this blog and being obsessed with Webtoons. See my two posts (Webtoon review pt. 1: Gourmet Hound and Webtoon review pt. 2: Yumi’s Cells) if you want to know more.

Buttt, this month I read some more than my usual few re-reads, one or two new reads.

1. The Friendship Riddle

2. The Upside of Unrequited

3. The Power of Habit

4. Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret

5. The Mysterious Benedict Society r

6. The Lost Hero r

7. You Bring The Distant Near

* r means reread.


Um, so, it’s been a tad bit slow around here. (also idk why my ‘blogging‘ graphic above is shown cut off. can someone help me with that? yes you, you amazing blogger reading this right now I send my love xxx please help me <3)

Ok, scratch that- May stats have been higher than all other months so far, but the past week has been kinda slow. No comments, likes, follows. And thennn the bomb of stuff happened and we reached 50 followers!! There’ll definitely be a post on that soon 😀

Here’re some stats:

149 visitors



22 new followers (!!)

And here are my posts from May:
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Wow, so that’s a grand total of nine posts this month! It’s done wonders for One in a Million. However, I’ve gotta say that I’ve been pretty stressed out about keeping to my schedule (what schedule? no schedule) of posting a couple times a week. So I’m gonna change it up; from now I’ll post

Sundays and occasionally Wednesdays.

(Wednesdays if I feel like it, that is.)

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kk. literally no one wants to hear me ramble about my life, so I’ll keep it quick.

*proceeds to write a ten paragraph essay about life, the universe, and everything 42*

**type DOUGLAS ADAMS BOI in the comments if you got the reference**

I’ve made some pretty neat friends, and they shall be hereby named as L, R, M, F, and S. And a boy who shall be called J. Hi guys! They’ve helped me get by at school (it sucks, but my school honestly is horrible). As I mentioned, I won first prize at a competition and my school ukulele performances were super fun. My friend in that class, F, is also a super sweetie <3.

However, some other friends have been // uhm.

So I’m having friend problems, not necessarily from school or whatever. Whoopee. The friends I hang out with are a bit distant, though. Well, actually, one person in particular is. One friend, as usual always makes me happy. My other friend and I are getting closer and I love talking to her. The others are also awesome.

And then there’s my friend who I’ll call H. She’s the best. We used to have the best conversations with each other. Except now she’s distant to me, especially. I understand that she has the right to be friends with me or not, but I don’t understand why she’s suddenly pushed me away. She’s an introvert with the best thoughts and she is honestly so fun to talk to. I miss all the conversations we used to have and when I try to initiate one, she doesn’t seem interested at all.

Okie, that’s enough rambling for one post. I hope we can be on better terms soon, before the end of the year!

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How has your month been? Do you know the 42 reference? Are you going to stay tuned in for the 50 followers post?

See you all later!