The 20 Most Popular YA Books: have I read them? | part 1 because this post is too long

I have like no energy right now. At all. But at least I’m posting semi-regularly?

Since school started and all my other classes are starting up too, I’m finding myself with barely any time. As someone notorious for horrible time management, my solution has been writing daily to-do lists split in to morning / afternoon / evening so that I know what I have to accomplish each day. It’s tedious, but helpful.

Because I barely have any time to even get schoolwork + extracurricular work done, I also have like no time to spend on reading. Which sucks, because I’m kind of a book blog. In case you haven’t noticed. AKA, I have no content to write about.

But then the wonderful Elli @ AceReader who must have been sent from the heavens (I’m serious, I’m that desperate) posted on her blog about if she’s read the 40 most popular recent YA novels that Goodreads posted as a list, and I was like OH! Look- it’s content!!

So before you read this post, go check out Elli’s post because she wrote it first. Thank you Elli for saving this girl from disappearing without any content to write about.

Anyways, that was an awfully dramatic intro. Let’s get onto the actual post ;)) P.S. please don’t read this in the WP Reader!! read it on my actual blog. I spent a lot of time on formatting 😭

Basically, I’ll be seeing whether or not I’ve read the 40 most popular recent YA novels to see if I’m a true book blogger (jk, you can read whatever you want and still be a book blogger, I’m kidding lalala). The thing is, I won’t be able to get to all 40 of them, so I’ll just be doing 20, and next post I’ll hopefully do 20 more! Continue reading “The 20 Most Popular YA Books: have I read them? | part 1 because this post is too long”

5 YA Books By Black Authors You NEED // police brutality, West African magic, LGBTQ+ contemporaries, and more

Hey friends!

It’s been quite a few days since I’ve last posted here, which is disappointing me. (yes, disappointing me– the same person who made the decision to procrastinate on my blog posts.)

The last post I wrote was a quite angry rant dedicated to any of my lovely “All Lives Matter” readers who I hope I pissed off.

This time, though, I want to write something a little bit more actionable beyond just thoughts (although thoughts are incredibly powerful). That’s why I wanted to share five amazing books by Black authors that I’ve read and loved.

In these troubling times, it’s crucial that we support Black-owned businesses and, as a part of the bookish community, I want to use my small platform to raise awareness of these phenomenal reads. Also, almost all of these books written by Black women authors, and the only non-woman author is nonbinary.

Before I get into these recommendations, I wanted to add that I am not a #ownvoices reviewer when it comes to books by Black authors. Please support Black book-content creators and take their word when it comes to accurate/harmful representation in books! However, as far as I know, most of these books are well-liked and do not have any “controversies” regarding representation. Feel free to correct me so I can add a disclaimer in my post!


1. “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas

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7 Of My Favorite Types of Characters

Hey loves!

I’m back with another bookish post after a month of purely short-story-writing and a quick review/rant about Never Have I Ever.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a list (I think this was the last time, and it was in 2019!) so it’s about time to write another one. I’ll be sharing my favorite types of characters. If you still don’t understand, just wait and read it!

I hope everyone’s staying safe and social distancing- I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately and if you want I could share some recipes that I’ve been using!

Now let’s get onto the post- it’s quite wordy 😉

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The List Of Things That Will Not Change Spotlight // blog tour

Hey everyone!
I’m super excited to be hosting a spotlight for THE LIST OF THINGS THAT WILL NOT CHANGE by Rebecca Stead. The Blog Tour is hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!
Also be on the lookout for my review that should be coming up soon 😉

About The Book:


Author: Rebecca Stead
Pub. Date: April 7, 2020
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook
Pages: 224
After her parents’ divorce, Bea’s life became
different in many ways. But she can always look back at the list she keeps in
her green notebook to remember the things that will stay the same. The first
and most important: Mom and Dad will always love Bea, and each other.
When Dad tells Bea that he and his boyfriend,
Jesse, are getting married, Bea is thrilled. Bea loves Jesse, and when he and
Dad get married, she’ll finally (finally!) have what she’s always wanted–a sister. Even though she’s never met Jesse’s daughter, Sonia, Bea is sure that they’ll be “just like sisters anywhere.”
As the wedding day approaches, Bea will learn that making a new family brings questions, surprises, and joy.

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My Coronavirus Break TBR (ft. it’s not what it sounds like)

Hey sunshines!

The title may have… ~thrown you off~ but these books are actually not related to COVID-19 at all! You may remember that I have three weeks (now pretty much two weeks) off from school because of this virus and the disease (which has spread to SOMEONE I KNOW and who my father hung out with recently) (on another note, my dad thinks that he had the virus for a day or two because he showed all those symptoms but he recovered quickly. If he passed it onto us, it hasn’t shown yet… I’M SCARED Y’ALL).

Anyways, I thought I’d catch up on my reading challenge this year by reading a lot over the break! Sadly, my library is closed, so physical books aren’t really an option. On the other hand, I’ve started trying audiobooks! I’ll probably make a post on that sometime soon if you guys want it 🙂

Now to get right into it!

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My Tiniest Blogging Pet Peeves + Life Update

Hey hey hey!

I think this post is long over-due. Me, being me, has a (sort of, in my head, and very easy to forget) list of pet peeves that just tick me off… and I thought it was only fitting that I included a list for blogging, of course!

First of all, this is one of the most random posts ever, so I thought I’d start it off with a life update since I haven’t been doing monthly wrap-ups since… SEPTEMBER OHMYGOSH I’M SO SUCKY *internal panic attack* :O and most of you don’t know what’s going on in my life lol.

Anyways, here we go!

Life Update:

Over the past couple of months, a LOT has been going on! Including activism, music, school (groans everywhere amirite?) and more. Let me just break it up a little!


I gave my first hour-long solo concert in November if any of you remember, but I also sang for half-an-hour in January too! I’m going to Cleveland in a few months for national competitions so good luck to me for that *crosses fingers*. I’ve also improved a bunch in violin and dance doesn’t suck as much as usual 😂

(just kidding Cleveland was canceled because of COVID-19 wahh)


Well, what can I say? School’s getting busier by the day and as I type this up, I’m very very sick and missed two and a half days of school so I’m going to be behind as heck. We’re doing argumentative writing in English and I HATE in-class essays but we’re doing that :/

(just kidding no school for three weeks)

Also, I’m taking a class on Life Skills! This means we’re cooking every week and I’M VERY HYPED FOR THAT (as you can probably see).


This is the main one lol. I’ve joined several organizations that include feminist activist organizations and climate activist ones too.

  1. theCramm- news outlet run by a teenage girl that ‘crams’ it into one easy read!
  2. NOW Young Fems- youth chapter of the largest feminist organization in the USA!
  3. Faces of Feminism- my amazing friend Vaish and I have taken over as the leaders of this amazing initiative!!
  4. Zero Hour- a youth climate activist organization and it’s soo amazing I love it!


Well, it IS the New Year!! (and decade but too many people have complained about me and my decade jokes so I’ll shut up) (btw I started this draft in January so ignore this BS)

I’m looking forward to another amazing year with all of you and y’all please don’t leave blogging!! Or if you do (cuz sometimes it happens 😖) tell me in case I miss your goodbye post. AND LEAVE A GOODBYE POST THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And let’s exchange numbers.

And then… coronavirus. Our city and area are in a partial lockdown and we don’t have school for three weeks. Everyone, please be safe!! I’m super bored though so hit me up and we can text!

In other news, I’m officially obsessed with zodiac signs and makeup tutorials that I have no use for! (Gemini here btw in case anyone else is obsessed hehe)

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