Happy Birthday To My Amazing Friend El! (and a very merry christmas 🎄)

Hello, everyone!

I’M SO EXCITED. As I type this post, I was just talking to my dear friend Elwho’s BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! For privacy reasons, I’m not saying exactly which day her birthday is on, but it’s closeby to today! And since Christmas is right by, I decided to combine it.

First of all, what??

Is this a post dedicated to a person?!?!

YES, IT IS. El is my bestie blogging friend (sometimes we are absolutely stupid but I also love her and the love is a little bit more, y’know) so it’s kind of inevitable that I’m posting for her birthday. Since it would be really weird if I just randomly rambled on and on, I’m going to actually write a letter to her, online! I wish I could ship her a present, but 😂 that won’t really work out haha.

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