Why Feminism Sucks

Feminism is stupid.

It’s completely, utterly stupid.

I mean, can you imagine that? Wanting equality? Isn’t that just wishy-washy nonsense? There’s obviously a hidden meaning behind that.

You may be thinking, Well, I’m a feminist! Why would you ever say that it is stupid? But I have a revelation for you. You might think you’re all high-and-mighty, demanding something so radical and unachievable (come on- it’s not like it even makes SENSE) but you’re just poor, misguided and bored little girls.

Even the dictionary agrees that feminism is idiotic! See, look at Merriam-Webster: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of-” 

Oh. Well. It’s not like M-W is even RELIABLE. Urban Dictionary, of course, will give us the most accurate answer. See, there’s even three amazingly accurate definitions:

  1. “The worship of self. If you are a woman. Especially if you are a deadbeat weight to society.”

  2. “Feminism is a movement full of women who seem to think that their ability to (have a baby) entitles them to bigger and better everything.”

  3. “What women who can’t get (a date) turn to when lesbians don’t want to be around them, either.”

As you can see, the very reliable and trustworthy editors of Urban Dictionary agree with me! After all, the very radical and incomprehensible causes of equality doesn’t warrant anything much! Continue reading “Why Feminism Sucks”