Best TV Shows To Watch When You’re Bored + #StayHomeWriMo Announcement

Hey everyone!! *starting up with my announcement*
I’m excited to say that I’m participating in my first month-long challenge other than April of last year when I did the #BeHappy challenge! It’s been a year (exactly) since then and I’ve avoided pretty much all readathons, wrap-ups, tags, and awards like the flu (or coronavirus :O) in recent months- basically since the school year began. I hope that I’ll get over my aversion to those commitments because I get tagged a lot and have over 20 to catch up on!!

But, I digress. Today’s post is introducing my monthlong participation in the #StayHomeWriMo challenge hosted by NaNoWriMo while everyone is self-quarantined across the world. Here’s where you can find out all the deets.

It’s going to run throughout April and I’ll try to post every day but at least thrice a week since I have no school at least for now.

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My Coronavirus Break TBR (ft. it’s not what it sounds like)

Hey sunshines!

The title may have… ~thrown you off~ but these books are actually not related to COVID-19 at all! You may remember that I have three weeks (now pretty much two weeks) off from school because of this virus and the disease (which has spread to SOMEONE I KNOW and who my father hung out with recently) (on another note, my dad thinks that he had the virus for a day or two because he showed all those symptoms but he recovered quickly. If he passed it onto us, it hasn’t shown yet… I’M SCARED Y’ALL).

Anyways, I thought I’d catch up on my reading challenge this year by reading a lot over the break! Sadly, my library is closed, so physical books aren’t really an option. On the other hand, I’ve started trying audiobooks! I’ll probably make a post on that sometime soon if you guys want it 🙂

Now to get right into it!

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