My Tiniest Blogging Pet Peeves + Life Update

Hey hey hey!

I think this post is long over-due. Me, being me, has a (sort of, in my head, and very easy to forget) list of pet peeves that just tick me off… and I thought it was only fitting that I included a list for blogging, of course!

First of all, this is one of the most random posts ever, so I thought I’d start it off with a life update since I haven’t been doing monthly wrap-ups since… SEPTEMBER OHMYGOSH I’M SO SUCKY *internal panic attack* :O and most of you don’t know what’s going on in my life lol.

Anyways, here we go!

Life Update:

Over the past couple of months, a LOT has been going on! Including activism, music, school (groans everywhere amirite?) and more. Let me just break it up a little!


I gave my first hour-long solo concert in November if any of you remember, but I also sang for half-an-hour in January too! I’m going to Cleveland in a few months for national competitions so good luck to me for that *crosses fingers*. I’ve also improved a bunch in violin and dance doesn’t suck as much as usual 😂

(just kidding Cleveland was canceled because of COVID-19 wahh)


Well, what can I say? School’s getting busier by the day and as I type this up, I’m very very sick and missed two and a half days of school so I’m going to be behind as heck. We’re doing argumentative writing in English and I HATE in-class essays but we’re doing that :/

(just kidding no school for three weeks)

Also, I’m taking a class on Life Skills! This means we’re cooking every week and I’M VERY HYPED FOR THAT (as you can probably see).


This is the main one lol. I’ve joined several organizations that include feminist activist organizations and climate activist ones too.

  1. theCramm- news outlet run by a teenage girl that ‘crams’ it into one easy read!
  2. NOW Young Fems- youth chapter of the largest feminist organization in the USA!
  3. Faces of Feminism- my amazing friend Vaish and I have taken over as the leaders of this amazing initiative!!
  4. Zero Hour- a youth climate activist organization and it’s soo amazing I love it!


Well, it IS the New Year!! (and decade but too many people have complained about me and my decade jokes so I’ll shut up) (btw I started this draft in January so ignore this BS)

I’m looking forward to another amazing year with all of you and y’all please don’t leave blogging!! Or if you do (cuz sometimes it happens 😖) tell me in case I miss your goodbye post. AND LEAVE A GOODBYE POST THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And let’s exchange numbers.

And then… coronavirus. Our city and area are in a partial lockdown and we don’t have school for three weeks. Everyone, please be safe!! I’m super bored though so hit me up and we can text!

In other news, I’m officially obsessed with zodiac signs and makeup tutorials that I have no use for! (Gemini here btw in case anyone else is obsessed hehe)

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blogiversary|your assumptions about me |huge announcement!!

HEY, lovely!

Guess what? Today is my one year blogiversary, which means that One in a Million has officially existed for one whole year. That’s 365 days, btw.

HOLY MOLY I can’t believe it! This has been such a dramatic, exhausting, completely exhilarating ride for me and for you and…
I’ve loved every moment of it.

Before we get on to the post, I’d like to thank you, my friend, for joining me on this ride, whether you’ve been here from the days when I never posted at all- good times, good times- or just clicked the follow button yesterday night.

But now, I don’t think anyone wants me to write a whole post thanking my friends and the people who have made this blog special (unless you do?? WELL I suppose your name must be El) especially since… I’ve already done it. Twice. So I have some ACTUAL content here which is mostly just instructions for you ahaha and let’s just hope I don’t bore you to death.
ahahah also, shameless plug, but if you want to know a HUGE HUGE HUGE announcement, keep reading ’til the bottom! And don’t you DARE skip down, I SEE YOU SCROLLING!!

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