April Blogging Challenge Day 29

Hey everyone! Today’s going to be my last day doing this challenge and I’d just like to thank Maggie sososo much! You’re an amazing blogger and you spread happiness and joy throughout the blogosphere 🙂


Something You’re Proud of:

I’m proud that I went to the biggest Indian music festival on North America and won third prize at the competitions! I’m also proud about my growth in music- I’ve improved immensely since moving teachers.

I’m proud that my brother is learning how to control impulses and I’m proud that he’s singing much better than me when I was his age!

I’m proud that I didn’t give up blogging when I took months-long breaks at the beginning of One in a Million and I love blogging now!

But most of all, I’m proud that I don’t give up. I’m proud that I can see the good in this world and acknowledge the genius in everyone 😀 well, I try- brownie points for that XD!

BTW, today’s the first day that school starts again after the spring break and urghhh we have to do testing and that SUCKS. Also I had to miss two days of school to go to the Cleveland competition I mentioned above, and I have SO MUCH WORK to catch up on- wish me luck! :/

What are you proud of? Do you have lots of schoolwork too?


April Blogging Challenge Day 2

Hellooo, people! I’m starting this challenge, done by Maggie a day late, but that’s okay 🙂

This is the #behappychallenge and I’m super excited to start this!

My Morning Routine:

BTW, this is a school Continue reading “April Blogging Challenge Day 2”