Meet Me!

This is Aditi (uh-dhi-thee) , AKA Oddity. I’m a middle schooler with a raging mind and I love reading and singing. I live in the US with my family ❤ My goal in life is to make a difference! There are questions that cannot be answered, but I always try. Sometimes I try to ponder the meaning of life.

If you want to know why I say I’m Oddity, here’s the story. My uncle jokes around and imitates people who can’t pronounce my name and says it like oh-di-tee. Many people who can’t pronounce my name call me that, much to my chagrin 😉

I also love the number 6 (for reasons that shall not be named), homemade appams and anything glittery! If I’m not on the couch with a book or in my room singing, you’ll find me wasting time on Canva creating meaningless designs I’ll never use, at the pond in my neighborhood or taking too long on homework because I’m browsing.

I happen to be slightly obsessed with world-building, currency, scenic pictures and ruffly ball gowns (don’t ask). Oh, and mechanics. Although I’ve never tried it, I seem to love the idea of iced coffee American-style even though I’m probably going to hate it. I think I’m more of the boba tea kind.

Throughout my life I’ve been a complete extrovert who loves colors, art, and design. My favorite animal is a dragon (how dare you say dragons aren’t real!). Oh fine, dolphins then. And I may or may not believe in true love.

Oh, and I love languages, shipping book characters and the idea of fashionable things like crop-tops, although you’d never catch me dead in one of them. Some of the other things I like to do are cooking/baking, re-reading books for the gazillionth time and pouring my heart out to fictional characters.

In addition to everything else, I’m also a human being who is going through some mental health issues, something that I’m slowly trying to face. Blogging has been a silent way for me to cope, and it’s definitely getting better!

If you haven’t been deterred yet by my introduction, take a hop on over to my blog to read my ramblings!




13 thoughts on “Meet Me!

  1. Hello!! I just found your blog and i love it!!!
    *re-reading books for the gazillionth time and pouring my heart out to fictional characters.I DEFINITELY don’t do that…. no not me…. XD
    Now you’ve got me curious as to why you like the number 6….
    *tries really really hard not to ask about ruffly ball gowns* 😛
    *realizes this comment is really long…decides to ignore the fact and ask one more question because….well just because I can…*
    What does your shirt say in your profile picture?? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you so much! 😄
      *gushes* friends we shall be, Colleen! XDDD
      Haha, it’s related to my bday, which I don’t want to share publicly online 😂 that’s all! Actually, I thought more people would be curious, but you’re the first to ask! 😉
      *gives you the glare that means back offff don’t judgeee* *gives up and grins* They’re gorgeous, and let’s leave it at that! 😂
      *basically me in every single comment I’ve ever done on someone’s blog XD*
      Ah! It’s a Hamilton reference XD! It says -pulls out shirt- ‘my thoughts have been replaced by Hamilton lyrics’! Haha, fangirl much? 😂
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! You made my day, Colleen! 💙💙💙

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  2. Hiii! I’m so sorry this was in spam 😝
    Hamilton is a musical about an American guy named… Hamilton. It’s so amazing and kinda genius. Like, all the word puns and all- it’s perfect for literary lovers.


  3. Hi, Aditi! I just found your blog and I am loving it! Your writing style is so fun but also extremely powerful. I can relate to almost everything on your about page; I’m also a middle schooler OBSESSED with design and I love reading and singing too…but world-building is my worst enemy XD!

    “you’ll find me wasting time on Canva creating meaningless designs I’ll never use” << THIS IS ME EVERY SINGLE DAY. XD XD

    I'd love to get to know you and become blogger friends! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Ash! Aw THANK YOU so much 😘 It means a lot! Yay another fellow design-obsessed-middle-schooler!! I’m so excited to become friends 😊 and lol world-building is everyone’s fav to read but worst enemy to write!
      *that sentence perfectly captures my life*

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