Relic Blog Tour + Quotes

Heyy loves!

Guess what? THERE’S ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK COMING OUT. And I got the chance to read it and review it!!

What does that mean? Allll my thoughts have been splayed out… to you. Here. Even if they are very incoherent *hides*. The quotes will be bolded and my review will be in normal writing!

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Hinduism Q&A ANSWERS*! ft. another late q&a answer post

***contents under pressure***

*written by a very brain-dead human who duly apologizes for the late post*

Well, hello there. Let’s get started, huh?

I wanted you guys to comment below any questions you have about Hinduism. From meditation and yoga to rituals and beliefs to food and holidays- I’m answering everything you wanted to know! First, I’d like to start off with an overview:

Hinduism is a lifestyle. It started as Sanathana Dharma, a way to live, and a way to carry yourself through the day with something to believe in and keep you on a morally clear path throughout your life. When the British took over (omg Ellll ūüėā) they named Sanathana Dharma ‘Hinduism’, since India is also called Hindustan. That’s where the name came from.

Hindusim believes in one God, an energy that keeps us grounded and lives in each and every one of us. We also call it the Universe, or paramatma.¬†That’s what we mean when we say that God is in all of us. You may have thought that we worship hundreds of gods- and that’s partly true. Most of these gods (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Devi, Karthikeya, Ganesha, etc.) are other just ways to worship God and be able to relate to God more, in a personal way, through the stories and mythology. For example, Ganesha is the god of removing obstacles and Hindus pray to Him when we want success and luck.

We understand that God is an omnipresent energy that lives in us and everywhere around us, and the best way to live our lives is to follow the path of dharma (truth), do our duty, give back to the Universe, and live with a balanced karma. When we die and leave the body (our vessel through this life only), our soul/spirit/athma chooses another body for reincarnation. Our next life is based upon the type of life we lead now.

Other gods, like Krishna and Rama, were real people who lived on Earth with the rest of us. They are incarations of God, blessing us in our direst times. They are both incarnations of Vishnu, god of transformation and preservation.

I know lots of you don’t know anything about Hinduism at all, so I hope this overview helps you understand what’s going on in this post! (btw we’re at 700 words already just with the questions and this omg)

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5 Comfy Back-to-School Outfit Styles for Girls

Happy September, everyone!

*** first of all, sorry for not posting this past week. I was VERY busy. ***

This is a post that I am definitely looking forward to, not only because CLOTHES (oh darn I sound frivolous *sweats* I just like clothes??) and I’m collabing with the SUPER amazing lifestyle blogger Bayance (who’s reaching 1000 followers!! if you don’t know her GO FOLLOW HER NOW) and Hazi, who I just met but am really glad that I did! She has a variety of posts as well.

Once you’ve followed both of them, come back here please!!

This post is for Bayance’s back-to-school collab season which I’m partaking in for the first time and will definitely be doing again next year!

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What’s going on in my life? + Announcement!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to write my heart out a little bit and combine it with an impromptu idea I came up with, credits go to¬†Bayance¬†(and her sister!). She’s going out of town for a bit and letting her sister write a couple of post ideas and I was like WHOA. Newsflash- I’m having a bit of a blogging block… so this will totally help me actually get posts published!

Basically, do any of you -AMAZING, I might add- people want to guest post for me? It’s promo for you and relaxation for me.

You know what- that wasn’t a great overview. What I¬†meant¬†was that you can get exposure for your blog- lots of smaller blogs produce GREAT content but don’t get as much traffic (haha I’m a small blog but I mean under 50 followers) so this could work out well for you!

(also an added bonus is that I don’t have to work my butt off and try to stay on top of life and blogging. jusstt a bonus)

Okkk and so we begin talking about my life!

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50 Followers Q&A ANSWERS!!! ft. laaaateness and procrastination

Hiya amazing popcorns! (proud to be a popcorn! ‚̧ ya Ambs!)

You might be looking at the title and wondering¬†what the heck is this crazy girl talking about?¬†for one of two reasons: it’s been a while since my original Q&A post came out and you totally forgot about it. Or you’re one of the fifty followers that has joined our wee little corner over here since then (aka it’s been a loooong time) *hides face in shame* (also why does it feel like I’ve been apologizing a lot lately?? oh right. because I missed my posting time. twiiiice) <<< I wrote this all in June. So. Read below for some mind-blowing facts!

Um. Wait. Do my eyes deceive me??? OR DOES MY FOLLOWER COUNT SAY 108!!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED WHAT THE HECK WAIT WHO ARE THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE! My WordPress reader never showed them! It says I still have 99…. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK.

I can’t even say HOWWW grateful I am for all of you people actually!!! I love you guys!!! ‚̧ ‚̧

Waiittt- it’s only been, what, a bit over a month?!? I’M IN AWE YOU AMAZING PEEPS. I literally love you guys so much I can’t evennnn xxxxxx. I can’t. evennnnn!

Ok, well, on to the post! >>>>

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Challenge ft. El @ Elated Books

Heyy sunshines!

So.. I missed my posting date. Twice. *runs away in shame* I was supposed to post on Sunday and Wednesday (if I wanted) and… here I am, on Thursday! But that’s all good since you are a forgiving, kindhearted bunch *puppy eyes* right?? ANYWAYS.

I’m supa~dupa excited today because I’m doing a collab with my awesome bestie , El, and it’s going to be AMAZING (because she came up with the idea, of course)!

This collaboration, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, is where El and I each go to the library and randomly close our eyes and pick a book so we can’t judge based on anything- just randomly.¬†side note: I will write normally, El’s will be bold.

Then I told her my book and she told me her book. I reacted to hers and she reacted to mine. Check out my reactions and her book on her blog!

Here’s the format we’ll be doing:

  1. My first reaction.
  2. Her first reaction.
  3. My review.
  4. My final thoughts.
  5. Her final thoughts

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