What’s going on in my life? + Announcement!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to write my heart out a little bit and combine it with an impromptu idea I came up with, credits go to Bayance (and her sister!). She’s going out of town for a bit and letting her sister write a couple of post ideas and I was like WHOA. Newsflash- I’m having a bit of a blogging block… so this will totally help me actually get posts published!

Basically, do any of you -AMAZING, I might add- people want to guest post for me? It’s promo for you and relaxation for me.

You know what- that wasn’t a great overview. What I meant was that you can get exposure for your blog- lots of smaller blogs produce GREAT content but don’t get as much traffic (haha I’m a small blog but I mean under 50 followers) so this could work out well for you!

(also an added bonus is that I don’t have to work my butt off and try to stay on top of life and blogging. jusstt a bonus)

Okkk and so we begin talking about my life!

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Mother’s Day Tribute

amma, mathair, ibu, moeder, ana, motina, or even just mother~

There’s so many ways to address your mother, but they all mean the same thing. A loving, caring woman in your life who’s taken care of you and loves you to the end of all the universes. For me, my mother means so much. I love her immensely, even during the times when she yells at me or scolds me because I know that everything she does is for my benefit.

So dear Amma, here’s something for you:

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