TAG WEEK: Awesome Blogger Award

hey loves! x

how are y’all doing? welcome to day four of tag week!!

today I’m doing the awesome blogger award, and it’s fitting that I was tagged by the VERY awesome Emma!! thank you Emma, love you!

let’s get on with the post 😉



  • Thank the blogger who nominated you (thank you, Emma!!!)
  • Credit the creator- Maggie @ Dreaming Of Guatemala
  • Tag this post with #AwesomeBlogger Award
  • Answer all the questions given to you
  • Nominate some people
  • Write 10 questions for them to answer

⭐What is your favorite Disney movie?⭐

Ooh, we’re starting off with a tough one! I love so many Disney movies, but I’ll list my top five because I’m indecisive: Mulan, Moana, Princess and the Frog, and Aladdin. I can’t choose a fifth-place- I’m stuck between Frozen I and The Lion King but I think I’ll go with Lion King.

⭐Do you have a least favorite book character?⭐

Hmm, I really hate Snape (here’s a great Pin that explains why, please please read it if you even reMOTELY sympathize with Snape) but I’m going to give a new answer. This is probably cheating but I’m going to choose Edward from Twilight. It’s cheating because, well, I’ve never read the books.

i’m going to be attacked by twilight fans aren’t i oh god

He’s just disgusting and a stalker and rapey and *shudders*. I watched the first three movies with El- I think we both hate him XD.

⭐Bedtime- a reasonable hour or some early hour of the morning?⭐

I’m proud to say I actually (usually) go to sleep before midnight haha. Weird, right? I try to go to bed a reasonable hour. Because of quarantine- school starts at 10 AM, I wake up at 8- I’ve pushed that time back to get-ready-for-bed-at-11-PM.

⭐Fluffy blankets or heaps of cushions?⭐

Um, what sort of question even is this?! XD just kidding- not. Definitely fluffy blankets. My feet are ALWAYS cold (I mean it when I saw ‘always’. My brother hates me for putting it on them) so blankets are the way to go 😉

⭐Do you still have any plush toys? ( I do, it’s a whale and his name is Ghoeqphfe, pronounced ‘Jeff’)⭐

OF COURSE I DO! To be fair, my brother is still nine so obviously I have more than if I didn’t have a little sibling, but I kid you not, we own DOZENS of stuffed toys. Just the ones in my room- Polly (the polar bear, so original), Lavender (an owl), Cookie (a dog), Cherry Lime (a frog with sentimental value), and there are many others.

Also, Emma’s such a mood all the time. Ghoeqphfe is the best name for a whale XD

⭐Do you enjoy DIY and arts + crafts activities⭐

Do I enjoy them?


Am I any good at them?

Well… that wasn’t the question so you can guess for yourself 😉 I had an obsessive phrase a summer or two ago when I had to do EVERY single DIY there ever was. My room was such a mess, smh.

⭐How do you plan your blog posts?⭐

Hahaha, you PLAN your blog posts?!?? Such a nerd.

I don’t plan them, like a cool person.

(B99 reference!)

But actually, I sometimes do! This one is planned for a week ahead because of Tag Week. I don’t have much of a method- I just type them? And schedule them? The only conscious decisions I make are scheduling them for at least several days after the previous post and trying to vary what posts I curate. For example, I try not to do multiple reviews back to back (haha, I never do reviews anymore) and I don’t post two tags at once.

Unless, of course, it’s tag week.

As you can see, we like breaking our own rules around here.

⭐Christmas or Halloween?⭐

Halloween for sure! I don’t celebrate Christmas (not just bc I’m not Christian but bc my family specifically doesn’t do much) and it’s a festive-but-boring time because it’s just like every other day, except everyone’s having fun.

Halloween though? I GORGE MYSELF ON CANDY. Also, I get to Trick-Or-Treat with friends so why wouldn’t I like that??

⭐Mugs or Candles?⭐

I’m going to have to go with mugs. As aesthetic as candles are, I actually use mugs, and they can also be aesthetic too.

⭐Do you like the How To Train Your Dragon franchise?⭐

I do! I remember watching HTTYD3 in theatres when it came out and being so nostalgic.

I Tag:

Anyone who wants to do it! I’m not going to tag anyone for the rest of the week just because I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with tags (shh… let’s pretend I didn’t run away from my tags and awards for ten months…)

My Questions:

  • what’s your favorite fictional ship? as in, relationship from a tv show or book.
  • current favorite color? (can be for your current mood this hour, today, this week, this month, honestly whatever makes the most sense to you)
  • opinion on fast fashion vs slow fashion?
  • last 5-star book you read?
  • favorite blog post you’ve read in the past few days? link, please!
  • how often do you wash your hair?
  • have you ever thought about going vegan or vegetarian?
  • favorite ice cream flavor?
  • audiobooks or ebooks?
  • when was the last time you looked around and felt grateful to live in your neighborhood and why did you feel like that?

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Feel free to do this tag- y’all are amazing 🙂

Do you enjoy Disney movies? Do you have tips to plan your blog posts? Night owl or early bird or in between?


24 thoughts on “TAG WEEK: Awesome Blogger Award

  1. Congrats and omg yes, Halloween is the best! I love the aspect of dressing up ( it’s never to old to do that ) and to be someone entirely different for a day. Obviously the candy is a big bonus. Hmm, I love the Twilight Saga but I actually wasn’t a big fan of Edward in the movies. I think that maybe if you read the books you might get a different opinion. Wait, does that mean your team Jacob(heheh)?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Halloween is awesome! Costumes are great, and candyyy 😂
      That’s interesting! I’m not actually team Jacob lol honestly both were disgusting and can I just be team I-hate-the-Twilight-movies?? 😂 if anything I’m team Mike, that dude who asks Bella out and gets rejected in the first movie lmao. Jacob is better than Edward imo but he’s also rapey and weird and urgh.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I write up my blog posts in an afternoon and if I like them, I’ll post them! Not much planning usually goes into them. I admire people who carefully plan out their posts, though.

    I actually liked Edward, but like…reluctantly. Twilight was TRASH, but it was my kind of trash

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha I normally like my blog posts at least enough to post (hehehe) but one of my horrible blogging traits is NEVER EVER editing my posts. People apparently take four hours to write a blog post and I’m here feeling hella guilty for writing most of my posts under a hour oop-
      um sorry we do not excuse Edward’s weird stalker-yness here 😂🤢 I get that about ‘my kind of trash’ though, I can relate (I mean, I did watch three Twilight movies for no reason with my friend who lives in England. Like, I probably could have done something more productive with my time)

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I really need to start watching more Disney movies. Everyone mentions them and yet I generally only watch the live action ones. Although I did watch, and love, all of them when I was younger. And I enjoyed the new Frozen too. I haven’t ever seen Moana or The Princess & The Frog though. I don’t think I’ve even seen Tangled 😂 I think I’ll start trying to watch them soon. I might even start with Mulan in honour of the live action that I’m waiting for.
    Anyway yes I’d generally agree with fluffy blankets but not right now. It’s so humid here (although I will still sleep with some kind of blanket as it feels unnatural not to 😂😂).
    And yes I love mugs too!! Especially pretty ones (as long as you can’t feel the pattern). I kind of want some bookish mugs. Atm the closest that I have is a fairy one by Anne Stokes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. um YES you do! Disney movies are super super good 🙂 you should start off with Moana, Mulan, and Princess & The Frog.
      It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen Tangled so we’re basically in the same boat 😂 and mulan is sooo gooooood (as you can see I GUSH)
      Okay I wrote this a week ago before it got SWELTERING HOT and now I’m dying in the heat 😭 so how about neither?? lol
      Mugs are awesome! Mugs > candles hot take but 🤪
      Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think I just stopped watching animation for some reason 😅 and I was thinking of going with Mulan anyway ☺️ I know that was available on Now TV and it will kind of make up for the live action wait 😂 ah right. I do have some gorgeous Disney jigsaw puzzles though 😍 so watching the movies makes sense because of those too 😂
        Oh lol I just assumed it wasn’t hot where you were 😂
        No I agree, they seem more useful and can be just as pretty.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. yess you should watch Mulan! animations are awesome haha. am I the only one who just doesn’t like puzzles?? XD
          haha it wasn’t last week- now it’s soo hotttttt 😳😭

          Liked by 2 people

    1. fluffy blankets >>>
      I liked some! The Aladdin one was soo good and in general I enjoyed the other ones I saw (B&B, TLK, some others I can’t remember XD) but I really wish they would make new movies instead of just remaking old-but-gold Disney classics??

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved, love, loved these answers! Ah the Twilight Saga, I totally agree about what you said about Edward! Like they could have at least made him hot 😂 I literally don’t plan my blog posts it’s more of a just type them out and post, I don’t schedule but honestly I should get in the habit of scheduling because it will stop me from falling off the blogosphere *sigh* 😭 I should really start watching some Disney though… I saw a Disney 30 Day Challenge on Pinterest so I’ll definitely do that, it might help my very Disney-less knowledge grow a little! Omg Princess & The Frog ah that is 200% (I’m too extra) my favourite Disney film EVERR! Anyways loved this post Aditi, take care! x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. THANK YOU 🤧🥺 omg mood lmao I kind of agree bahaha.
      Scheduling is sooo helpful 10/10 recommend!
      (I love that movieeee)
      thanks, you too!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Of course!! 💕 Yes I really should get into scheduling, it seems such a good way to not fall off the blogging train and I have at least another three weeks of online school so I’ll focus on dong that! YES I DO!! Yes it’s so good!! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

  5. This was so fun !! Mulan and Moana are the best, HOW FAR I’LL GO !!! YESSS!!
    Oh yeah that pin really did highlight how cruel Snape was !! He was a petty man.
    I am definitely more of a night owl and have been going to bed at like 2am lately but I’m finnneee !!
    That b99 reference is everything !!! haha !!
    I’d pick blankets too, they are so cuddly !!!
    I would probably have mugs over candles as well, although I do like candle jars once they are finished. They are great for storage, haha !!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. yippee….i liked everyone’s comment….why? because i was so excited to see the positive vibe and cozy conversations happenning that i just didn’t wish to exclude anyone at all…so well done…..it was so nice being in here today with all you wonderful folk….Aditi dear, you kept us enthralled…surely many would have missed you…..so keep being one in a million…you are the only you there is….remember that……


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