TAG WEEK: Hustler Blogger Award

Hey, popcorns!

seems fitting, given who tagged me for this 😉

Welcome to day three of ‘tag week’ here at OiaM! A quick refresher: I’m doing this because I haven’t done any tags/awards in over a year and I need to catch up. Drop links below if I haven’t done anything you tagged me for over two months ago!!

I was tagged for this by the amazing Amber, who is THE BEST, and definitely one of THE sweetest (and funniest) bloggers in our community. Thanks, girl!!

I was ALSO tagged for this by Penny, and her questions are the same as Amber’s! Thank you so much for the tag, Penny, that’s really sweet of you ❤ Go check out her blog- her artwork is positively beautiful!!

This award was created by https://markanthonyswall.wordpress.com so go check out his blog and the award introduction post! 😊 Thanks, Thony!


  1. Make Sure to include the banner in your award post. You can make it the featured photo or you can just attach it along with the blog post. 
  2. Be sure to give the creator (the amazing markanthonyswall.wordpress.com) pingback on your post, so he’ll be able to read them. 
  3. You can nominate numerous bloggers of your choice, but make sure it isn’t less than 5 people.
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. The person who’s being nominated, and who’s about to nominate can add one more question of his/her choice to his/her nominees.


✰ Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog because the amazing Vaish had one, and I loved it, so I just impulsively made one of my own XD.

✰ What/who inspired you to do it? ✰

Like I said, Vaishnavi! I loved the idea of having an outlet to express my thoughts.

✰ What motivates you to keep pushing and creating content and make your site alive? 

I know it’s cheesy, but y’all are what make me keep posting!! I LOVE it when I get thoughtful, meaningful comments and I swear, the reason I’m blogging is so I can get that high all the time 😂

(plus, it feeds my ego. a lot.)

✰ Who are your fave bloggers? And how do they urge you to grow as well? ✰

YES. TIME FOR THE INEVITABLE SHOUT-OUTS. There are so many, but I’m going to pick the people who actually inspire me so much and not only push out lovely content but are lovely people, too.

El– how can I not pick you first?! This girl is my best friend and worst enemy (sometimes) and I love you so much girl ❤ I’m also expecting something for my birthday…. 😉 She urges me to grow by being a PAIN IN THE NECK but also being a total boss at knowing what’s what over at The Diamond Village, my/our baby and brainchild. Thanks for being amazing, girl ❤

Amber– you’re so, so sweet! You commented on EVERY one of my posts during April (like, 25+) and made my month so so much better. You also have a super charming personality and I’m glad that we’re blogging friends! Also, don’t you dare disappear on us again or I WILL hunt you down and force you to stay in touch 🙂

Sophie– !!!! This girl is AMAZING. Of all my close blogging friends, I admire her site the most, probably. She constantly writes posts that are absolutely amazing and I never regret reading them. Also, she introduced me to B99 and TRC! How can I not be thankful!

There are so many others, but these girls are my fav-favs. Shout-outs to Beck, Becky, and Ash!! Y’all are the best too ❤

✰ What lesson/s have you learned through your experience? ✰

A… lot. I’ve learned that it’s really important to respect others’ opinions.


It is (completely!) fine to say, I will respect your opinion as long as your opinion does not disrespect anyone’s existence. As in, I WILL NOT respect your opinions if they are homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. But I will respect your opinion if you don’t like Harry Potter (weird, but I still love y’all).

✰ Has blogging brought on any impacts on you as a person? If yes, what are these? ✰

Yes!! Blogging has given me the confidence to speak my mind and voice my thoughts. It’s also really helped me learn how to speak/ write in a way that is entertaining but captivating.

✰ Not everyone is confident enough to start a blog, what advice can you give em’? 

Can I copy Amber’s answer here? It’s perfect!

“I would tell them to just do it. Put on your Nike shoes, and make that blog. Write that post. Post that post. Life is short, not short enough not to care, but short enough not to worry about the consequences of a blog. I promise you that blogging will be one of the best things you’ve ever done, so just do it! 😂”

✰ Give 3 facts about you as a blogger (strengths or flaws)

  • I either procrastinate blogging for weeks or schedule posts for a month. There really is no in-between. (guess which one I’m doing now)
  • I think I’m pretty good at graphic design! At least I like doing it a lot 😉 I design a lot of my featured images!
  • Flaws: I SUCK at blog hopping. I haven’t properly blog hopped in SO long! Thankfully, I’ve been getting a lot of new followers without that lol.

 Does it scare you that someday one of your friends might find your secret blog? (If it is a secret) 

It’s actually not a secret!! I think I’m still a little scared because this is a part of me that not a lot of people know, but I haven’t tried to hide it or anything. It’s literally in my Instagram bio.

But, if some aunties or uncles stumbled upon my blog, I would be a little chagrined. I put out a lot of strong opinions here and I kind of don’t want them to know all of them XD. Stay oblivious, dear auntie. Keep thinking I’m the obedient girl you think I am.

✰ What is your favourite part about blogging? (Can be more than one) 

Y’all for sure! Like I said, the community is the reason why I blog 🙂

M Y – Q U E S T I O N

 Do you hope to make a career out of blogging?


I’m not tagging anyone for this because this week I’ll be doing a lot of tags and a lot of people will be tagged!! So feel free to do this if you want 😉


Once again, this post is over a thousand words haha. Oh well!

22 thoughts on “TAG WEEK: Hustler Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations, once again! I just checked out The Diamond Village, and oh my god, it is the most fascinating thing I’ve seen in a while! It’s so cool what you’ve created!
    I loved reading your answers! And I totally get the uncles and aunties thing. Sometimes my mom reads my blog and posts it on her facebook account and as nice as it feels to see she’s proud of me, it gets a little scary because I am *quite* unfiltered about my life on my blog, hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you like The Diamond Village!! Omg I’m glad you can relate with the auntie and uncle thing haha. HEY SAME- my mom sends them to her friends and it’s SOO frustrating haha.


  2. haha thank you so much for the shout-out (unless you meant another Beck, which if so, I am slightly abashed.) (Ooh I love that word)

    My blog is *kind of* a secret even though my entire family knows about it. They promised not to READ it, but who knows. And like three of my irl friends follow me (actually just all of my irl friends, tbh) Also my friend’s mom follows me, which is a bit weird. But I wouldn’t tell my whole family/class about it ahahahahaha no


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nopeee that was you 😂
      That’s an interesting arrangement! Do they know your URL and stuff? Most of my friends know about it but only some of them follow me haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never heard of this blog award before! haha 😂 loved reading your answers!
    I wanted to come by your blog and say hi again! It’s Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala 😄 I’ve started a new chapter in my blogging journey and I’m re-connecting with bloggers I used to know! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you should totally do it! Thank youu 💓 wow Maggie long time no chat!! It’s awesome to see you here, I’m gonna go check out your blog again! Xx


  4. I definitely think the community is amazing as well, like the friends and getting something back from writing definitely lifts you up!!!!! It is amazing !! ❤
    *don't mind me I'm just crying* thank you so much for all your kinds words and everything !! You're too sweet ❤ ❤ thank you, thank you !! I'm so glad I got to meet your through blogging, you're the best ! ❤ I always love reading your posts as well!!!
    THIS — "I will respect your opinion as long as your opinion does not disrespect anyone’s existence." is so important and your worded it wonderfully !! So true !!
    It is so great that blogging has made you more confident !! I also love your featured images, so cool !! I love reading all your answers !! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Um of course I said nice things about you 🙂 you’re one of my favorite bloggers!! ❤
      Thanks haha I actually didn't come up with the phrase but I think I'm gonna adopt it as my motto 😉
      Thank u so much angel 🥺

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahh I loved reading your answers for this, congratulations on the award! I also agree that the community is the best and receiving incredible, thoughtful comments always makes my entire day, too! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m- I’m- I’m blushing so much right nowwwww aww Adi I love you 🥰 and thank you so much for dealing with my extremely hectic schedule right now because I know it doesn’t make me the best friend 😣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you better blush 😂 I wrote this post for the sole purpose of that (jk the world doesn’t revolve around you). Thank YOU for not getting mad at me being kind of pathetic with TDV storylines… and talk to me if you want to!! (I hope you do lmao)

      Liked by 1 person

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