Creating Instagram Feeds for ‘The Raven Cycle’ Characters

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I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’m currently in science class and typing the intro to this post (whoops). What did y’all do today?

I’m excited to bring you a really fun post inspired by my good friend Ash! She made a post where she created character aesthetics for some really awesome characters (that’s on her old blog, here’s her new one) and I decided that I love that idea and I’m gonna steal it 😉

Credits to Marie @ Drizzle And Hurricane Books for the idea! Go check out her post first 🙂

I’m currently reading the third book of The Raven Cycle for a collab with the amazing Sophie, and I’m really really loving it! I thought it’d be nice to try out a new type of post and combine it with my love for TRC.


Richard Gansey III

GANSEY. HE OWNS MY HEART. Honestly, Gansey’s probably my favorite character in the entire series! (EDIT: Actually, Ash also made an aesthetic for Gansey so go check it out! Ours are also similar XD but I promise I’m not copying haha)

gansey insta feed

I feel like Gansey would definitely post lots of pictures of Cabeswater and Monmouth Manufacturing. There’d also be him and the boys ❤ + Blue (but not often, because heaven knows it’s hard to get Ronan and honestly any of them to stand for a picture). ALSO, HIS CAMARO FOR SURE. Gansey would totally post pictures of his Camaro!


Blue Sargent

To be honest, Blue wouldn’t HAVE an Instagram in the first place. But if she did, it would be dreamy and definitely aesthetic (in the cluttered sort of way).

blue insta feed

Maybe she would post pictures of herself in her quirky outfits. Maybe she posts quotes (that are unnecessarily curt and hotheaded, knowing Blue). Maybe there’re some pictures of 300 Fox Way and the psychics who live there, and some of the boys and herself. Maybe she takes pictures of Noah and everyone asks, is that your boyfriend? and she and Gansey laugh a lot. Maybe Noah can’t have pictures taken of himself. Maybe she barely ever posts.

With Blue, you never know.cropped-blog-feather.png

Adam Parrish

Oh, Adam. Such a quiet, angry, rich-at-heart boy. Does he have an Instagram? Probably not, tbh. (see a trend here?) He might be the least likely to have one.

adam insta feed

But if he did, it’s basically going to be him and Ronan, books, and maybe the occasional Cabeswater photo. (never mind, Ronan wouldn’t let him post pictures of them. and Adam wouldn’t want to. THIS IS HARDER THAN I THOUGHT) Actually, it would probably be the college campus of whatever college he (inevitably) goes to.

OH. He would post pictures of Nino’s! Also, he’d have, like, three posts in total 🙂


Noah Czerny

Can Noah have an Instagram?! (spoiler: you know, with him being dead and all… XD. spoiler overI’m going to say that he can, and he surprised everyone by being the second to make an Instagram. After Gansey, of course.

noah insta feed

For some reason, I feel like Noah would become Instagram-famous. Don’t ask me why. But he would, and he wouldn’t tell anyone until they see a picture of him and are like “?!”. That seems like a Noah thing to do.


Ronan Lynch

Ronan would have been the last one to get an Instagram, right after Adam. And he would have done so so reluctantly and complained SO much. But then he would post the most often. And it’d ALL be of Chainsaw. I’m calling it canon now.

ronan insta feed

Ronan would have 50+ posts on his Instagram, and if anyone commented on his Instagram (which is private, and has less than a hundred followers), they would quickly learn to keep their mouths shut about it 😉


I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

It was a lot of fun to make (of course) and here’s to hoping y’all don’t cancel me because my aesthetics suck 😉

Have you read The Raven Cycle? Do you agree with these character aesthetics? Who’s your favorite character?


27 thoughts on “Creating Instagram Feeds for ‘The Raven Cycle’ Characters

  1. my boi noah would have a fantastic instagram (I LOVE ghosts so much and A ghost insta would be fantastic) but honestly I don’t remember anything about this series? I barely even finished it? BUT STILL I LOVE NOAH SO MUCh
    but seriously from what I remember these seem pretty accurate and I’m kinda obsessed?

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  2. Oh my god, this is so cool, Aditi!! I don’t know these characters but just looking at this post makes me want to know more about them!! Sometimes when I write stories, I end up making spotify playlists for them to understand them better, so I love this idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. this post is everything !! I loved seeing what pictures you would choose !! I 100% feel like Gansey would be the best to follow, I feel like he would have such great captions as well, describing everything and with a bunch of weird facts too !! I definitely think you’ve got his aesthetic and the Camaro would definitely be featured !! Love it !!
    I feel like Blue would include quotes that are direct too and I would love that ! I would also adore to see her outfits and 300 Fox Way, she would be great to follow !!
    Adam probably wouldn’t have Instagram I agree but it still fun to imagine what he would post !! I really love the photos you choose and could definitely see him taking photos like that. I also loved how you described him as quiet, angry, rich-at-heart because true !!
    Noah being Instagram famous sounds perfect !! I love that !!
    Ronan just posting pictures of Chainsaw, I am there for it !!
    ah… this post was great and loved all your aesthetics and now I’ve talked too much so byee!! haha !! ❤ ❤ but honesty awesome post. I'm so glad you loved these characters !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sophie! I really enjoyed making it but I feel kind of underwhelmed haha it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to 😦 I guess that’s kind of because Blue and Adam’s instas, well…. Adam wouldn’t have one XD and Blue is just unpredictable HAHA. So it ended up being annoying lol. 😉
      I think that Gansey would totally have the longest captions! I would totally follow him 😍 well to be fair if I didn’t ship Sargensey I would drool over Gansey 😳 he’s literally PERFECT (sorry not sorry Blue 😭) ahha. We live for Ronan and Chainsaw! OH ALSO OPAL. I wrote this before I knew Opal was Orphan Girl so 😅
      Thank you so much for the comment, Sophie! And thank youu for introducing me to this series 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Aww.. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I think they all looked beautiful !! ❤
        Yesssss Gansey is the best. haha I completely understand, he is so kind and perfect !! It is meant to be becoming a TV show and the actor for Gansey is going to have a lot to live up to !!
        Yesssssssss, so cute !! haha Opal is so sweet too !!
        Of course, you're so welcome !! It makes me so happy !! ❤

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  4. How is this so accurate??? I died when I read your description of Noah becoming Instagram famous – but it’s so true!! XD And Ronan’s feed consisting of just Chainsaw . . . yes. ALL THE YESES to this post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHH NICOLE TYSM!! haha I would love to read a fanfic (or real one!!!) where the Gangsey finds out that Noah’s insta-famous… that would be hilarious. And what if Ronan and Chainsaw went viral on tiktok accidentally?! 😳

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  5. Thank you so, so much for linking back to my blog to credit the idea ❤ I ADORE THESE INSTAGRAM FEEDS my eyes are watering this is so beautiful wow. ❤ Somehow I'd also feel like Noah would have potential to be instagram famous and it'd be fun, because well… given his current situation, hahaha. I love this so much! ❤

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    1. No problem Marie!! I loved your post so much 🙂 (as usual I never comment bc you’re a really big blogger which I should probably stop thinking XD but I read it and loved it!). I know right? I can totally see Noah becoming Insta famous!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ahh what no i’m not at all 🥺🥺🥺 you can always always comment or/and reach out elsewhere on social media, i’m always happy to chat! 🥺
        AND YES. I’d follow and be one of Noah’s fans for sure 😍

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  6. lolol you typing the intro in science is such a mood!!! 🙈❤ but i’m so glad you ended up doing this! i totally agree that Gansey and Noah would be first to get Instagram. Blue, Adam and Ronan would probably never lol (wait omg Ronan secretly only posting portraits of Chainsaw is SO accurate 😌), but it is so fun to imagine what they would post!

    i love these characters so much and i’m really glad you’re enjoying the series!! this was so lovely to read, your aesthetics were on point and i cannot wait for your collab with Sophie 💖💖

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  7. Ooo I’ve never read TRC (but I’ve abbreviated it already 😉) but honesty all these aesthetics have me gushing because aesthetics are just the best thing since books, there is literally an aesthetic for everyone!! And they’re so pretty, cluttered aesthetics are awesome because they’re just raw and rush honest!! This is such a good idea though, low-key may do this for Mortal Instruments haha 😂 If I have your permission!! 🙂 Lovely post as usual 💓

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  8. These are all so accurate – especially about Ronan and Noah! I think Noah would be so insta famous and then be so blase about it:
    Noah : oh, I only have like 12 followers or so
    Blue : I oNlY hAvE tWeLvE oR sO – shut up Noah, we know you mean 12k
    – Emma 🙂

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  9. I seriously need to read this series sometime. I wanted to anyway but I just read another post that shared the first line and it instantly captured my attention. Now reading this all of the characters sound fascinating too and I seriously need to be in on what makes this series so popular!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You totally need to!! Omg I can’t remember the first line right now (classic me XD) but I bet you it’s as good as the rest of the books haha. Totally worth the read!

      Liked by 1 person

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