“Fairy Queen”: magical, modern, mayhem // StayHomeWriMo Day 14

Hey, y’all!

I know I didn’t post yesterday but here’s today’s short story; not my best work but I’ve never been the best at fantasy (even though it’s the easiest to plot… why?!). I hope you like it!

Also, thank you so much for 300 followers, guys!

Prompt: Being new in town, you decided to introduce yourself to the neighbors. When you knock on the door, you are greeted by a small army of fairies who take you captive.

“Hello, is anyone here?”

Cecily knocked on the door using the elaborate golden knocker. Surely someone had to be there- it was mid-afternoon on a Friday during summer. Plus, the windows were open.

“Hello?” she asked again before sighing and turning away. Cecily had been hoping to meet her neighbors today; she’d even brought banana bread that she had actually baked herself. Moving to a completely new state would have been more tolerable if Cecily had neighbors whom she could count on.

Just as she was turning, the door was pulled open and Cecily whirled back around- only to be met with a gust of wind that pulled her inside.

Oomph-!” she gasped as the door shut behind her and she slumped to the ground. Cecily’s head hurt and her knees ached from where they had been slammed to the hardwood floor.

“What’s going on?” she asked the empty room groggily.

She was met with silence.

Until a flurry of bright colors overcame her, pinning her to the ground.

Help!” Cecily shouted. “What’s happening?!”

The rainbow wave slowed down enough for Cecily to make out-

“Wings?” she asked incredulously. “God, I really must have hit my head hard.”

Maybe she was just being paranoid or hallucinating. Maybe those tiny voices she was positive were surrounding her were just a figment of her imagination. Maybe she wasn’t even in this house; she was still back in Vermont with her family- nope, that part wasn’t possible.

But Cecily looked around and realized that she wasn’t hallucinating. In fact, the tiny creatures looked like small humans with… glittery wings attached. They looked like they came right out of a fairy tale.

“Fairies?” she asked softly.

The fairies fluttered midair like they were unsure of what to do. From what Cecily could see, it seemed like they were conversing in the hushed whispers that were too small for her to make out.

Finally, she could hear something: one fairy with red hair and translucent wings was saying, “Maybe we can trust her.”

“Yes!” Cecily jumped in. “Please, I won’t hurt any of you. I even brought, um, a peace offering.” She held up her banana bread.

The fairies all looked at her. Then the red-haired one spoke again, but this time directed to Cecily.

“You have a good heart and you’re lucky that we love sweet treats, human.”

Cecily sighed in relief. “Oh, thank god. Why do you guys live in this random house? What’s your name? Are you even fairies?”

An offended gasp spread among the fairies. There had to be over a hundred of them, Cecily thought with surprise.

“Our previous human lived in this house. My name is Jhantal. Yes, we are fairies.”

Cecily tried not to dwell on the fact that they had a ‘previous human’ who wasn’t here anymore.

“Okay…” Cecily said slowly. “What do you guys do?”

Jhantal flitted in front of Cecily. “We are fairies. We each have powers separately and collectively. We serve our Queen.”

Another fairy with a sparkly green dress flew forward. “I’m Lille. I’m the Head Fairy for plant magic. There’s twenty of us. Jhantal is the Head Fairy of fire magic. Yamuna is the Head Fairy for water magic. Alizeh is the Head Fairy of air magic.”

Cecily listened, wide-eyed. “Who’s your Queen?”

Lille and Jhantal exchanged solemn looks.

“Well,” Jhantal started. “It looks like you’re destined to be the Fairy Queen.”


And that’s a wrap! 😉 Personally I’m not as invested in this story as I was with the others- I didn’t build up the characters, plot, or world as much- but I did leave it on a cliffhanger like I do with basically every short story I ever write, whoops!

Are you quarantined? Do you like fairies? How are you feeling? What genre is the easiest for you to write? Did you feel like this story was disappointing compared to others?


40 thoughts on ““Fairy Queen”: magical, modern, mayhem // StayHomeWriMo Day 14

  1. First of all I really irked this story, honestly not as much as the others because I hate fairies 😂 I am in quarantine, but it’s helping me get a lot of things done so I don’t mind it too much! I hate fairies (we’ve already evaluated that and I’m feeling pretty tired as I’ve had such a productive day and am looking forward to a read and some nice sleep! 😴 I’m trying to answer all your q’s by the way 😂 I would say for me, romance is definitely the easiest to write. Realistic, romance, YA and that’s pretty much it! What about you? ❣ I still really enjoyed this story and thought it had a good, solid plot and the characters were still really good! And the ending – such a good cliffhanger! 💕 Overall, a pretty goo story! Speak soon and stay safe Aditi xx

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    1. AHAH I’m sorry XD XD. 😉 I’m not a huuuge fairy fan but I really needed a prompt XD XD. Yeah, I’m really bored of quarantine but you’re right, I’ve been a bit more productive! For example, the writing challenge 😂 Yes I can see that Amber lol. Hmm, I can see that! Romance turns out well for me because I’m a huge romantic 😀 Thank you! Yess stay safe x

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      1. NO NO NOOO don’t apologise 🙂 I totally get you and it’s totally fine 💖 Aw I had a rough day today too, but it definitely is making me do things that have needed doing for a while! Yes exactly 😂 Pahah! Sameee I’m such a believer in soul mates that their seems to be some romantic streak in each one of my stories 😂 Aww anytime! I will 🙂 xx

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  2. AHHH congrats on 300 followers girl!!!! you’re growing so fast and you totally deserve all of it 💕💕 this story was really interesting!! i loved the cliffhanger, and it was definitely not disappointing compared to the others 😀

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  3. No, it’s not disappointing! And I forgive you for the cliffhanger 😉 It’s such an interesting premise!

    Fantasy is…PROBABLY the easiest for me to write, because that’s what I have the most practice with, but all writing is kind of hard for me sometimes, lol.

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  4. I love fairies wow😂 I’ve somehow had this fairy obsession since childhood and created even email ID’s that said “fairies-forever” (cringe, ik😂)
    But love the story! X

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    1. Haha yeah, I have this super weird story- in elementary school, I convinced myself that I could talk to fairies because my friends did too 😂 (hahah) XX thanks!


  5. Unfortunately, yes I’m quarantined. it’s not THAT bad but I do miss my exactly two irl friends (one of which doesn’t ever text me back but that’s just her) I LOVE fairies. I will still watch the Tinkerbell movies tbh. I’m feeling gREAT! I have a weirdly specific genre (I think??) that I write with.. it’s contemporary in a magical world so idk if it counts as contemporary or fantasy. The story is absolutely amazing I can’t wait for the next one!

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    1. Aww haha. Same. LOL yeah I miss all my irl friends so much 😦 I can’t remember anYThING about the Tnkerbell movies (whoops) 🤣 contemporary… in a magical… world… still fantasy 😉 but I like that genre too! Most of my stories are like that (actually nvm that’s another lie). THANKU

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  6. ahhh… I loved this and you left it on a cliffhanger, how dare you?? But poor Cecily that sounds like a stressful situation to literally fall into !! But important note for myself, always have baked sweet treats as they can help with fairy situations!! Imagine getting to be a fairy queen, it reminds me of the wicked lovely books!! And yes I find fantasy plots easier to come up with but hard to write about at the same time !! Lovely piece again!! ❤ You are smashing it!!


      1. I know 😭 I get so distracted by life and then have no inspiration to blog!! But no excuses now that I’m stuck in quarantine, I’m hopping back on the band wagon!😂 HOW ARE YOU?🥺❤️

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        1. I’m okay, quarantine is kind of sucky but at least I’m productive! School is canceled for the rest of the year which I’m really sad about because I won’t see all my school friends at all and I don’t get to graduate ughhh. 😦 what about you?

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          1. I know! I feel so bad for all of the seniors! It’s be me but I was lucky enough to graduate a year early. I hope once this is all over they’ll still do a ceremony or a get together for the seniors. I’m doing good, I’m bored a lot but I have a lot of time to read and that’s nice!! I’m running out of new things to do though 😂


    1. No but actually you say it’s not that great but YOU LIEEEEE it’s actually really good & like well done for exploring a unique idea & not just using a cliche

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  7. AHHHHHHH I am so sorry I am late with this comment Adi!
    Yay for 300 followers!! That’s amazing! And so are you!
    – Emma ( who is very bad at blog hopping within a reasonable time frame 😂 )

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  8. ANOTHER CLIFF HANGER!?!?!?!??!?
    why do you do this to us, Aditi, whyyyy😭
    B-banana bread!?!??! Right now I wish I was a fairy😭
    Whoops, forgot I was fasting😂
    Also how do you always happen to have an endless array of strange and beautiful names at your command??? 😲

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG I’M TOTALLY NOT SORRY CERESSSS 😂😘 haha. I knowwww I want banana bread too ughh. (angry because I can’t write myself some banana bread HMPH) 😂 I’m sorry for making you hungry hahah. Good luck!!
      AWW HAHA THAT IS ACTUALLY SUCH A HUGE COMPLIMENT, (like I love it when ppl say good things about my writing BUT NAMES ARE SUPERIOR) I love (aka I’m obsessed with ) names and I always have the right names XD XD. 😉

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  9. Congratulations on getting 300 followers, you so deserve them!!! And I definitely didn’t find this disappointing compared to the rest. The only thing that frustrated me was the fact that it ended on a cliffhanger 😂

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