“Love and Hate”: a throwback to 1.5 years ago, very cringy // StayHomeWriMo Day 8

Hey loves!

Today I didn’t have time to write so I don’t know if this is cheating but here’s a throwback to August 2018 (wow that’s a really long time ago- one and a half years!). So let me know what you think of it- I personally think it’s cheesy but heh, let’s see. (also not from my perspective if you’re wondering haha- it’s the beginning of a HORRIBLE novel)


(written from the perspective of Wil)

I do not know why, but the word love has always scared me. Usually, the reaction you would expect to receive from a normal teenage female like myself would either be-

“Pfft… true love? No way!”


“Aaah… True love! So sweet!”

See? I would consider myself a well-matured, reasonable human being… at least compared to the rest of the pillocks and mooncalves in my life. However, somewhere deep inside of me, a fear rests, nestled into the crooks of my beating heart, refusing to leave. Love. I definitely love- do not get me wrong. I love my parents and my brother, my friends and extended family. I do love. 

But have you ever thought about it? Love is a wonderful thing- terrible and beautiful, fearsome and wondersome. Every time someone speaks the great L-word, I shiver slightly. I do not think anyone has noticed, actually. Why would they? They would, of course, blame it on the cold, or something like that sort. I’ve never asked, and I never intend to ask.

Love is more than just hearts and kisses, and XOXO’s. Love isn’t all valentine cards and passing out chocolates. Love can ruin you. Love can kill you. Love can do wonderful, horrible things. 

I do not usually feel heavy, deep, burdening emotions such as hate, or disgust. And if you heard me speak, never would you hear the words hate or disgust spoken freely about a noun. I do not believe in that philosophy- those words are too strong to be used at a day-to-day basis. 

Love, however? Love is something that I feel- but you will never hear me say something such as, “I love going to the mall!” Or “I love cats!” You might hear, “I really like cats,”  but not the word love.

Here are some things that I muse about, several hours spent trying to decipher the meaning(s):

What is the opposite of love?

What is the opposite of war?

Why is love so commercialized?

Why is war so dreaded?


I think I know the answer to some of the Qs (as I call them) already. Love is commercialized because sometime, somewhere, somehow, one person (or several people) came up with the notion that love is not to be feared. This must be a more modern notion because the Greeks and Romans feared Love. Aphrodite and Cupid were very well known- but also feared. Love wasn’t a laughing matter.

War is dreaded because it kills. War takes, and it takes, and it takes. It never really gives back. So much- spent for nothing. Horrible deeds- done for nothing. Everything for nothing. 

But Love is almost even worse. Love will keep taking and taking and taking and taking- but it will usually bear fruit. In War, you can feel slightly consoled in a sick way that, although there is death, less is happening for each death. In Love, so much more happens. More are hurt, more are killed, more are born, more are Loved. Love takes- but it gives.

So, then, what is the opposite of Love? Hate? Maybe. But how? Love and Hate are closer than you realize. Love is born from Hate. Hate is born from Love. Love is Hate- Hate is Love.

Love is often represented by the colors red and pink. Hate/Anger is represented by red. Love and Hate are so similar. 

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite and Ares were respectively the gods of love and war. You might believe, “Oh- they must hate each other!”  But actually, Ares and Aphrodite were very much attracted to each other, also sharing similar traits. Love and War; Love and Anger; Love and Hate.

Then what is the opposite of War? No, not peace. Peace is in War. War is in peace. Wherever there is residing peace, there will be War. And vice-versa.

Therefore, the opposite of War must be Intelligence. Intelligence vanquishes War. Ignorance vanquishes Intelligence. Education vanquishes Ignorance. Denial vanquishes Education… and so on.

If everyone in this world were intelligent and educated, we would live in perfect harmony, so to speak.

Why can that not be possible?


Ohhhkay, that was so weird!

What do you think of this story? Have I improved much? Is it cringy or is that just me?


24 thoughts on ““Love and Hate”: a throwback to 1.5 years ago, very cringy // StayHomeWriMo Day 8

  1. Hey Aditi! I’m so sorry for just reading and commenting so late, but I’m here now! 😊 First of all, this way not cringe at all! BUt actually really, really interesting to read. Honestly I love reading monologue’s inside people’s heads, and I loved the sorts of topics that were discussed in this! Like they say, ‘there is a fine line between love and hate’ and that’s pretty much it! Anyways I loved reading this and keep on doing the writing challenge – your doing amazing! 💓 And keep on being a very talented popcorn 🍿 xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s totally fine- you’re not late at all XD I posted pretty late in the night! Aw I’m glad you think so! This was the first POV of two girls- one tomboy smart one and the other was super popular. Obviously it was super cliche and the other POV was even worse 🙄 I do like that part though!! Thanksss 🍿

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, thanks so much Adi! 💖 Hey, remember – different time zones 😅 It’s not too cliche, if you ever decide to rewrite the POV’s, let me know as I would love to read – I really enjoyed this one! 💖 Yes, me too! Anytime 🍿✍️ Stay safe! x

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahah yes I totally forgot 😅 aw thanks! I think the rest is definitely horrible right now but maybe if I ever rewrite it it’ll be better 🤔 (the girls were going to fall in love XD XD) 🍿🍿🍿

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  2. It’s not cringy, I think sometimes you just think that when looking back at your old work but I like it a lot. I love the approach to love your took, not making it out to be perfect but as beautiful as it is dangerous. There is a sense behind fearing love and I enjoy it when people explore that side to things as it is interesting to see what journey they will take. I also love dramatic pieces aka when you think about things deeply so I really liked reading this!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw haha I do think that might be part of it! But the second chapter is DEFINITELY cringy, no exaggerations 😅. I thought it would be nice to see how much I improved and I think my writing’s a LOT better now! 💜 Thank you so much for the really sweet and reassuring comment Soph!

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  3. Parts of this remind me of a 19th century novel. XD I really do like it! I’m impressed. With most of the stuff I wrote from two years ago, I want someone to hide my eyes so I don’t have to keep reading.
    As a total side note on the topic of love and Valentine’s Day, I mildly dislike Valentine’s Day, though I would probably dislike it a little less if they let Eros/Cupid be hot on greeting cards. Why do they always draw him as looking like some creepy-looking baby I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley? He’s Aphrodite’s son!! I’m pretty sure he’s hot!!
    I’m sorry, I know that’s kind of off-topic, lol.

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    1. Oh really? XD I have no idea why haha. Is it the formal talk? Haha I was in sixth grade, I think. I totally get that- the 2nd chapter of this was HORRIBLE so I’m not showing anybody that 😅
      Ahh that makes so much sense!! Yeah a hot Eros would make more sense 😉 hehe. He is!! He’s not a weird baby!! 😂
      Lololol no, it’s totally related to the story. Thanks for the laughs XD

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  4. Not cringy, dude, I just need to use my brain while reading this!!XD
    *philosophy is not my forte :)*
    I love how it’s the beginning of a novel… it really reminds me of a lot of the classics I love to read, like a similar narrative style!!
    and you wrote this more than a year back!?!?! woah, thas talent right there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, me when I’m a middle schooler thinking that I’m super philosophical XD
      *don’t worry it’s all cringee*
      Yeah I really hate that I made Wil *such* a stereotypical nerd with no friends in later chapters and the other girl, Brett, was SO BAD I CAN’T EVEN- but this chapter was just philosophical nonsense so I posted it XD.

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