“Ocean Daughter”: sirens, goddesses, and water myths // StayHomeWriMo Day 5

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is a little bit late because I didn’t pre-write it this time, but I quite like the premise of it. I’ve gotta say, I’m disappointed in the end, though. It had potential but I wasted it :/


Prompt: write a fantasy short story using the word ‘Sea’ as a motif.

The waves crashed gently around the girl, pulling her in closer as her dark, curly hair spread out under her as she floated under the surface.

Deeper, she thought. Take me deeper to the Ocean.

The waves obeyed her. After all, she was nearly one of their princesses. They pulled her under, tugging her down dozens, hundreds, thousands of feet into the inky until suddenly-

Come, my dear. The Ocean beckoned to the girl, wrapping its arms around her soothingly. You’re safe, love.

The girl floated in the sea, nestled into two perfectly shaped waves that moved around her, solidifying into the shape of a woman with beautiful brown skin and long, white hair. She was gorgeous and formidable, with the regal look of a queen.

“You’re safe, Taea. But what have I told you about not staying out too much?”

The girl looked up into the eyes of the Ocean Goddess. “Yes, Mother. I will not repeat my mistake.”

The Goddess smiled, her lips twisting upwards. “Good, my love. You know how much I worry about my daughters’ safety.”

Taea nodded, unable to pull her lips apart and form words. She had been on the surface for much too long; almost five hours which was quite past the limit of a young siren, which was three hours. If she stayed too long, her body would start to chill, to freeze.

She had only been a siren for fourteen years, now. Her mother, the Ocean, birthed her from the sea foam, just like she did with all of her baby siren girls.

The sirens came from the foam, the mermaids from the seaweed, the naiads from the beds of ponds and lakes, and the sprites from the driftwood.

Taea knew that the Ocean Goddess didn’t care much for her naiad daughters after they grew up and became permanently attached to their life tethers- the lake or stream or pond that naiads lived in. Plus, She didn’t take care of sprites either. They could go live among the humans after they aged.

Long, long ago, before the Ocean’s daughters were forced to hide so much, She would have hundreds of daughters at once. But now, as humans scoured the seas, there weren’t many places left to hide.

Taea was the youngest siren out of only five sisters. Malika, Camille, Lora, N’aami, and Taea. She was even the youngest out of the twenty mermaid step-sisters she had. The youngest Ocean Daughter other than her was Hesse, a seventeen-year-old mermaid, and Malika, Taea’s twenty-year-old siren sister.

“What are you thinking about, little one?”

Taea looked up at the Goddess. “My bones are warming up, Mother. I’m okay.”

The Ocean Goddess brushed a kiss to her little girl’s cheek. “Sure, darling.”

Taea knew she was in good hands. The Ocean Goddess would never let anyone or anything hurt her.

She loved Taea more than anything.


And that’s a wrap!!

What did you think of this piece? Have you read ‘The Siren’ by Kiera Cass or ‘Siren’s Lament’ on Webtoon? Do you think the ending could have been better? What are your favorite mythical female creatures?


31 thoughts on ““Ocean Daughter”: sirens, goddesses, and water myths // StayHomeWriMo Day 5

    1. Yeah, it was an instantaneous reaction!! Thank you <3. (ooh that's a cool link- it doesn't have any connections to that but I kind of based it off of The Siren by Kiera Cass and The Little Mermaid sort of?)

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  1. This was so beautiful Adi, once again you’ve been a super talented popcorn! 🍿 This story honestly wowed me! It was so mythical and I love fantasy so I LOVED this! ❤️ Mine would either be mermaids (not the ones with the pink tails like something out of a Disney film 😂) or spirits ☀️ What about you? Loved reading this and will look foreword to more stories soon! 😆❣️

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    1. Thank you angel 😚 I love fantasy too!! I thought that I would try different genres and so far I’ve written dystopian, mythology, realistic, diary, and fantasy :). Hahaha Disney mermaids are pretty but I get what you mean XD. I think that naiads and nymphs in the Riordan books are pretty cool! Thank you!!

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      1. Anytime ☀️ Yes fantasy is my fave book genre! That’s so great, maybe I’ll include some different genres in my prompts to mix it up a little! Yep I was thinking a little more serious than The Little Mermaid 😂 Ahh yes I love nymphs in the Riordan books! Anytime! 💖

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  2. I love books which feature the ocean because the ocean is the best and I wished I liked near one (not for now obviously but in general I wish I lived near the ocean) !! I would kind of love to be a siren and have the ocean goddess for my mother because that would be awesome!! Great story, I loved reading it!! You are doing so well to publish everyday !! We stan a queen or should I say goddess?!?! 😉

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    1. I love the ocean too! I know that one of the readathon (idk which readathon lol but one of the recent ones) had that as a prompt, right? If you happen to know XD. Yess the siren idea is obviously not original but I kind of am obSESSed with it 😂. Thank you!!! (XD XD hilariousss)

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  3. Oof don’t get me started on the siren by Kiera Cass JUST NO. But this, this was much much better than that book *spits the word & complimented by a death stare*
    I really love the idea of siren/mermaid books but I never like any that I readdddd *Much sadness* apart from sea witch actually, I quite liked that one
    But I digress from the point of this post: I really liked it – it was cute! 💕💕

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    1. Hahaha yeah I read it like two years ago and I liked the premise a lot but the actual execution was,,, meh. At best. (wow you REALLY hate it hahaha)
      Yeah, same!! I agree! I haven’t read that one but what would you rate it?
      THANK YOU LOVE ❤ (also we def need to chat haha)

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      1. Oof yeah it’s just really problematic 😵
        Anyway, I really liked sea witch, a lot of people didn’t because not a lot of action happens but I found it quite a comforting book to read (I always wonder what reading a book with like no conflict in would be like – like I’d love to read a love story where everything just goes right 😂)

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          1. It was a while ago but there was this part where one of the mermaid’s pasts was she got treated badly (maybe her father beat her I can’t quite remember) & then she kills him or it’s heavily implied that she does & of course it’s a horrible thing that he did to her but killing is NOT the right answer especially since she’s safe now, just stuff like that 🤷‍♀️

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  4. I thought this was another interesting story. I loved the idea behind it and was definitely fascinated by the sirens that were mentioned. I liked the ending (besides the fact that I wanted more :L That’s a good thing though)
    I haven’t read Siren by Kiera Cass but it is on my TBR somewhere. Do you recommend it?

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    1. Thank you! (hahah ofc 😉 )
      Not really tbh. There’s so many better books and it’s not even as good as the Selection (which was not that good by itself). The concept was rad though.

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