“Kore”: a Greek goddess, pomegranates, and old crones // StayHomeWriMo Day 2

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Day Three of the StayHomeWriMo challenge. If you want to join, you can find the info here.

I prefer to write with prompts, so I usually search them up on the internet and use those XD.


Prompt: write a short story about a Greek god/goddess.

Normally Persephone would enjoy a warm summer day with her mother on land, frolicking through fields of tall golden grass, but today was different.

Today, she wanted to try something new.

Persephone usually didn’t take a mortal form to hang out with the normal people here; even though she was only sixteen, they all knew and loved her. She even had best friends, Attica and Icaria, the two most beautiful twins in the towns nearby. Their beauty paled in comparison to hers, she knew. Rumor had it that even Aphrodite was jealous of her.

But today, Persephone wanted to go somewhere without being recognized. Everyone knew her from her long, luscious brown curls, golden-brown skin, and bright violet eyes that shone from a mile away. She always had bright flowers woven into her hair in an intricate braid and flower crown, and her lavender dress clung to her body, hugging her curves.

Today, she wanted to be ordinary, to blend in.

Closing her eyes and concentrating, Persephone could feel her body rippling and her clothes loosening as she changed forms. When she opened her eyes, she was a completely different person.

Now Persephone had light skin, peach as the fruit in her hands, with freckles and moles like anyone else. She had a mane of wildly curly blonde hair in kinks and folds that framed her face. Her eyes were a normal brown; nothing to draw attention to herself, even her everyday mortal clothes.

Persephone hefted her hardy dress, walking through the sea of wheat, as she headed to the town, where the market was bustling.

“Hello, miss! Come, try our specialty crab cakes! Nowhere else in this market or this entire town will you find them!”


“Beautiful young woman, don’t walk away! If you’re looking for knowledge, try olives, blessed by Athena herself!”

Persephone ignored all of them and kept wading through the crowd until she stopped at a curious tent with dark golden flaps and rich purple hangings.

“Hello?” she asked, heading inside. “Is anyone here?”

An old woman popped her head out of seemingly nowhere, startling Persephone. “Yes, yes, wait a moment.” She disappeared before suddenly being in front of Persephone.

“What is your name, little lady?”

Persephone found herself stumbling. She never had needed to come up with an alias and she could barely think straight.

“K-Kore,” she tried, tripping over her words. At least she’d be able to respond to the name Kore; it was her mother’s pet name for her and even Attica and Icaria called her that sometimes.

The woman studied her, then laughed loudly, her chuckle turning into a hacking cough. “Yes, yes, of course, your name is Kore.”

Persephone tried to steady her heartbeat. “Yes, it is. My name is Kore,” she insisted.

“Well, Kore, what are you here for?”

“I- I didn’t come here for anything. I just walked in because the tent was intriguing.”

The old woman smirked. “That’s what they all say, young one. No one ever leaves this tent empty-handed.”

Persephone- Kore- took a deep breath. “Well, not me. I’m not here for anything, ma’am.”

“Then why are you here?”

Somehow, she couldn’t find an answer to that. Why was she here? What had called her to this tent.

“Maybe I am here for a reason,” she amended. “I just don’t know what. I wanted to escape, I wanted to leave my home and be someone else for some time.”

The woman pointed a wrinkled finger at her. “Now you’re onto something, little one. I can help you with that.”

The crone led Persephone to the back room. The walls had shelves filled with potions in vials and steaming pots set to a boil.

“Now, choose a potion, Kore, any potion that calls to you.”

Persephone found herself in a dream-like trance, her hands jumping to a small vial filled with a chilly purple liquid.

It was unlike anything she could imagine herself picking; she should have picked the bubbly pink liquid on the upper shelf, the one that was warm with golden glitter on it, yet she didn’t. This purple was a dark, almost black color with a thin consistency and the only things decorating it were a few lonely bubbles.

The woman cackled again. “Interesting, interesting. An intriguing potion that shows the future. Perfect for Kore, the girl with an… intriguing future.”

What did she mean by that? Persephone tried to push back the chills that erupted inside of her and rubbed her arms, trying to get rid of the goosebumps.

“Take the potion, young one. Drink it. Drink every last drop of it,” the old woman crooned. “Sip up the bubbles and the flecks of darkness or it’ll all go wrong.”

Persephone’s heart raced, but she picked up the vial, spilling the contents into her mouth.

It tasted like pomegranates.


I hope you enjoyed this piece!

Who is your favorite greek god/goddess? How do you picture Persephone? What do you think the potion was foreshadowing? :O


43 thoughts on ““Kore”: a Greek goddess, pomegranates, and old crones // StayHomeWriMo Day 2

    1. Thank you! And yes, if you eat anything in the Underworld you have to stay. Persephone ate a third of a pomegranate so she has to stay there for winter 😀 lmao you should reread it!!

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  1. Woooaaah 😯 that was beautiful!!
    (Shes not the only one who got goosebumps😂)
    I’m bad at guessing, so I’d rather not try to figure out the rest of the story😂
    Oooh…I always thought of persephone with brown curly hair, lots o freckles and a beautiful smile!!!
    Also man, I wonder who my fav goddess is??😂
    Gee ceres, who could it be???

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    1. Thank you soso much Ceres!! 😀
      (lolol I’m glad it came off well)
      Haha it’s foreshadowing the Taking of Persephone which is the myth where Hades kidnaps Persephone and Persephone eats a third of a pomegranate which means she has to stay in the Underworld for a third of a year (winter). XD it’s okayy!
      Yes that’s so cool, I can’t believe we see her in a similar way! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow I just realized my knowledge of mythology is severely limited to what I read from fiction 😂😂
        I didn’t know the thing about pomegranates in Persephone and hades’s story!!! Thas so so cool😶 woah, thanks for that lesson, I srsly love that you took the time to enlighten me taaaanks!!!💛💛
        Haha😂 yeah, SOMEONE gave me that name cus she felt I synced with it😂😂god I loved the way you reacted😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha me too but I’ve read the Riordan books so I’m basically an expert 🤣 (actually tho no cap I know a lotttt about greek stuffs)
          No problemoooo ❤ ❤ I wanted you to get it!!
          Haha I totally forgot idk how 😉 but it fits you XD.

          Liked by 1 person

              1. oh yeah…i loved the characters, but somehow the story didnt quite click with me hehe…
                (im sorry if your a riordan fan and really want to strangle me right about now XD, its just not one of my fav series :))

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  2. Your stories are MAGICAL! 💖 I love this so much Adi, honestly I got lost in this story! Please continue it – it was so good! I’m really interested in this challenge, can I start it at any time? I’ve clicked the link and saved the challenge – it looks super fun! ❤️ Anyways my favourite Greek Goddess is Athena, I’m going to take a guess and say yours is Persephone 😂 Anyways incredible Post again – I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure if I replied but you should join the challenge!! It’s okay if you don’t post every day but it’ll help you get back to a routine. Plus last November I started NaNo, like, a week before the end 😂 but it’s worth it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely will – do I click the link you post in your posts? Yes it looks really interesting to do, my curiosity is sparked! 😂 Haha that is so me last minute.com all the way! For sure – better late than never☺️

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    2. Also, my fav greek god is Persephone in Lore Olympus but I also like Hestia and Artemis in the PJO series and Hades in Lore Olympus too! Bruh I suck at replying to comments 😂

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          1. TELL ME ABOUT IT – WE ARE GOING TO A BOOK SIGNING ONCE THIS IS ALL OVER 😂 Bring your megaphone!! I’ll for sure check that out, now I know it is worth the read! 🥺 I need one WEBTOON recommendations, so feel free to share! ☀️😅

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              1. WE SO ARE!! I will fly to America/wherever he is doin them for it ❣ That’s so cool, I’ll go onto your website now (which is so cute and organised and ahh I love it) and look into your archives!

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. Gosh, and I’m dong Geography GCSE! Eeek, honestly, I’m awful with maps! This is so embarrassing, *walks off into a corner to be embarassed* like is it possible to be virtually mortified?! I think yes! XD

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    1. Yay!! I love Persephone in the webtoon Lore Olympus but I also love Hestia and Artemis and Athena and- yeah, you get the point haha. (a few others have asked for a follow-up so I think I will write a part 2 some time later in the month!!)

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  3. Ahh.. the Greek Gods and Goddess what a perfect prompt!! I love them!!
    I’m not sure I have a favourite one at the minute. I like too many 🙈 and I still need to research more to be honest!!
    I love this and I love how you linked it with her future in the underworld and pomegranates, very clever!!
    Again loved reading this!! 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! It’s also fairly easy for me to write about them since I’m a huuuge Riordan fan 😂 and I know basically all their lore.
      Haha you will by the end of PJO and HoO!!
      Thank youu you’re actually the first one to mention the link XD. ❤

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      1. Haha yeah. I have been studying it a bit for my writing so reading Rick Riordan has come at a perfect time and I can’t wait to know more (as well as reading my mythology book since I’ve started it 😂🙈) !!
        Haha Yay!! It was great!!

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  4. Oh wow! That was so good! 😀You’re writing skills are top notch, I really got so engrossed in the story. You’ve described Persephone incredibly well;
    she was always quite mystical to me. And woah, I almost cried with how perfectly you linked pomegranates😃
    This was awesome!❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have absolutely no clue about Greek mythology but I read your comment to Beck so the underworld huh? Man, I should really read the Percy Jackson books but. There’s. Just. So. Many…….. *gurgles to death*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmaoo YOU NEED TO READ THEM ASDFJ;ASDKJLF (how are you one of my best friends AND a booklover AND a blogger yet you haven’t read Riordan??? SHAME)! And yes, the Underworld 😉 *gurgles to the UNDERWORLD mwahah see what I did there*

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  6. This was fantastic!!! I didn’t realize there was a part two but I’ve just spotted the link so I’ll check that out now 😊 I really loved reading this. It was so, so good!!
    I’m not sure if I have a favourite Greek God or Goddess. I feel like I need to read into them more tbh because I read Circe recently and quite a few bits of mythology felt new to me!!

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