“Insufferable But Romantic”: With boss CEOs, fake dating, and a possible enemy-to-lover romance// StayHomeWriMo Day 2

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Day Two of #StayHomeWriMo. Once again, if anyone wants to join, here’s the official page.

By the way, yesterday’s April Fools prank didn’t go as planned 🤣. I was trying to replace text in my parents’ phones: I replaced ‘the’ and ‘a’ with some inside jokes and it should have been hilarious!

Sadly, Samsung has a preventive feature which shows the ‘replaced text’ as a suggestion, not an actual replacement, but it was still funny 😉

Now, on with the post!


Prompt: The main character is a hotshot CEO. Add a character who only eats…

“Girl, you’re crazy.”

Melody shoots me a glare. “No, I’m not! It was only six handbags, seriously!” she says, leaning forward and glaring.

Everyone laughs and I smirk. “Yeah, six handbags that cost three hundred dollars each but basically look the same. Totally not crazy.”

Melody huffs. “Coming from Audre Addams, the CEO of Lemon And Lilies. Which is probably the most popular perfume brand in the United States, by the way. You spend a thousand dollars like pocket money!”

I point a finger at her lazily. “That’s where you’re wrong. I spend five thousand dollars like pocket money!”

The table full of idiots and suck-ups roar with laughter. Most of them are business owners and CEOs and CFOs of smaller companies who are looking for a big break. But then there’s also Clay and Melody, my actual friends.

I look over at Clay, who’s stuffing his mouth with the cucumber sandwiches that the maid brought in. Well, maybe the word ‘non-symbiotic acquaintances’ would better describe our relationship. He eats my food, I keep him around for entertainment.

“You know, last week I went to the movies for a special screening of the new unreleased movie that everyone’s talking about. What’s its name, Spoon of Lies?”

A young woman in a suit with round spectacles balancing on the tip of her nose leans forward eagerly. “Two Cups of Lies, Miss Addams.”

I nodded casually, waving my fingers at her offhandedly. “Ah, yes, of course. It was mediocre. But I ended up donating twenty thousand dollars to lung cancer while I was there, so not all bad, it seems.”

Melody rolls her eyes but I see her lips twitch upward. “Anyways, I wanted to talk to you outside for a moment.”

I raise my eyebrow but rise out of my comfortable chair.

“Clay!” Melody whispers across the room, probably hoping that the glutton will hear her. Alas, to no one’s surprise, Clay either ignores her or doesn’t even hear her (probably the latter due to his loud chewing).

Melody seems to give up and strides across the room, her long reddish-brown hair bouncing on her back. I follow her, tucking my hands into the pockets of the high-quality navy blue cashmere pants I’m wearing.

We stop outside of the door and I lean against the wall as Melody closes the door and turns to me.

“The hour and a half of allotted torture with these insufferable ass-kissers are over, Audre. We’re free to leave. I’ll send someone in to tell those pests to get the hell out of here and to tell Clay to stop stealing your scones,” Melody says.

I grin. “You might want to send in someone a little more considerate, hmm? Or we’ll never see any of those faces again.”

Melody shrugs. “See if I care. It’s not like we need them. Hell, you’re a millionaire!”

She’s a great actor. You wouldn’t know Public Melody was the same as Private Melody. Public Melody is sweet but prissy and hypocritical while Private Melody is witty, badass, and on top of everything. I’m lucky to have Melody Kim as my best friend, although I would never tell it to her face.

No wonder I picked her to be my assistant, I think to myself.

I’m snapped back to reality when Melody waves her hand in my face incredulously. “Hello? Earth to Audre? Did you hear me?”

I paste an innocent smile on my face. “Could you repeat that?”

Melody rolls her eyes but repeats herself. “You have a dinner date in an hour, remember? We need to get you ready. Come on, I’m taking you to a dressing room.”

I groan and trudge after my friend. I totally forgot about my dinner date with Dylan McAfee, probably the most popular actor in Hollywood.

‘Diversity token points!’ comes the voice of my publicist, Harold, in my head. Dylan is a damn successful actor and a person of color, too. I respect that.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t hate him, I tell myself. I’ve only had one interaction with him before and it was icy, to say the least. All the other celebrity contacts I have said the same thing- that Dylan was cold to them and basically brushed them off without giving a damn.

Yet here I was, changing into a flowy white blouse that would be really expensive for a normal person but was just an everyday expense for me, ready to go on a dinner date with the last person I wanted to be with.

Somehow I had let myself be talked into doing this by Melody and Harold because the customers were curious about my romantic life, apparently. Melody and Harold did have a point, though. After all, we would be a power couple. The hottest, most popular young actor from Hollywood who managed to seduce the mysterious but beautiful CEO.

Here goes nothing, I think, walking out to where Melody waits for me.

“How do I look?” I ask her, posing with a hand on my hip.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous, A. Go get ’em!” she responds enthusiastically.

I take a deep breath and force a smile.

I sure hope so.


I actually loved writing this and kind of want to keep writing this story!! I’m thinking enemies-to-lovers and fake dating, some of my favorite tropes 😍

What did you think of my short story? Was it too long ? 😉 Are you a fan of the characters? What do you think is going to happen between Audre and Dylan?


25 thoughts on ““Insufferable But Romantic”: With boss CEOs, fake dating, and a possible enemy-to-lover romance// StayHomeWriMo Day 2

  1. Hey Adi! 💗 I’ve missed you so much – look at you being a talented popcorn 🍿 How are you? How are things? I’m back to blogging officially which is good! Hope you’re doing okay ❤️ Tell me about literally anything or everything 🙂 Also this story was so good, so if you ever write more please blog about it! 😂 Loved this! x

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    1. Omg heyy Ambs!! I’ve missed you too 😭 aw thx but how are YOU?! I’m doing okay but we have no in-person school for the rest of the year which really sucks 😦 I need to hear all the deets from you!! Any gossip? 😂🍿
      Thank you!! I’m actually writing and posting every day this month so you should totally read it 😉 xx

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      1. Hey Adi!! 💖 Aw yes, so happy to be back!! Anytime 🙂 Honestly I’m completely awesome, like I just feel so much happier now. Like something’s clicked and bam, obviously with everything going on it’s tricky, but I feel happier and then I feel bad for feeling happy 😂😭 A very vicious cycle! Oh god same, it’s awful! Haha not too much, I started writing a book which is pretty awesome on a platform called Wattpad (you should write on there – you have a lot of talent!! 🥰 Please credit me when you get famous though 🤣) and I’m transferring to a new school at the end of the year so a lot of nerves and stress but I’m really good 💗🥰
        I love that self promo! I 100% am, I’ve turned on site notifications for all the blogs I love (yours is on!! 🥺 Obviously.) So I can get a personal feed to scroll through and stay up to date with my favourite bloggers! 🙂 I totally will read it 😉 And spam your comment section 😂

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        1. That’s great, I’m so happy for you ❤ nooo, don't feel bad for feeling happy- it is NOT your fault, like at aLL, and it's not like you could do anything about it ❤ xx. Oh, I have Wattpad too!! What's your username? I'll follow you 😉 That's actually a great idea, I'm going to start posting the StayHomeWriMo stuff on Wattpad too. (I'm not gonna get famous though lmao 😭👀)
          Haha yeass 😉 Aw thank you! I'm looking forward to whenever you post next 😀 🤣

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          1. Thanks so much Adi! Sorry that I liked this and didn’t reply, my phone died of battery and then I ended up falling asleep (I promise you – I’m not using that as an excuse! 😂). Aw that makes me feel so much better thank you so much, your right ❤️ Okay so my username is @autumnrose31 (I didn’t want to use my real name – but my middle name is Rose so it’s kinda like a play on my name 💗!) Aw you so should! You definitely are 🥰
            Aww! I’m looking forward for your next post! I’m about to draft my next post so hopefully soon 💖

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            1. Haha the exact same just happened to me!!! And don’t worry, I always mark any likes as read so I don’t pay much attention to it. I just keep my comments for me to read!! Awesome, I’ll go follow you today 😉
              Yes!! I’m so excited for it 🙂

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              1. Good to know I’m not alone! I didn’t want you thinking I was making excuses (I wasn’t 😂) and then I was like ahh I need to reply lol! Aw that’s good, I always reply to comments because I guess I just like chatting to people?! 🤣 Definitely – I love reading different people’s opinions! Aw thanks so much, no worries if you don’t have time! 🥺 Aww I’ve just started it so hopefully posting it tomorrow!

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                1. Haha it’s never a big deal!! Sometimes comments disappear 😄. Me too, I always reply except nowadays I get a ton of notifications and sometimes I ignore them for a week haha. Haha it’s fine, I’m pretty free today. Yay!! And yess please join StayHomeWriMo!!

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                  1. Aw thanks! Yes that is so annoying, WordPress can do that a lot 😂 Haha gosh when I went on my crazy 8 month hiatus I was getting so many notifications and I just ignored them! Uh, what was wrong with me 😖 I’m trying to keep up with my blog seeing as I missed so much (let’s see how long that lasts 😂). That’s so awesome! Thanks Adi 💗 So is it like the self-care thingy? I wasn’t sure!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. 😂😂😂
                      Haha it’s okayyy, I’m sure everybody understands! I kind of disappeared from my blog for a month between Jan and Feb and I was still checking notifs but other than that… nope 😂😭 (I WILL HELP MOTIVATE YOU!) also if u have an Insta or Hangouts, I’d love to be in touch because if you ever disappear again I want a way to contact you 😉
                      I’m treating it like NaNo where I write every day but I don’t really folloe their guidelines lol. I prefer short stories to my novels because I don’t have motivation lmao. I recommend the same unless you have self-control then you should totally try a novel XD.

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                    2. Aw thank you! Yes a lot of them do, a lot of bloggers I was friends with when blogging last year have left which is very sad! The only ones left are you and El! You guys make up for them though 😉 It’s totally good to take a break from blogging – sometimes it can become too much and that’s okay! 🙂 Just don’t do a me and take an 8 month break… it really sucks trying to get up to date again! 😂 THANK YOU! I have hangouts – we could do that? Yes for sure!
                      That’s cool! So do you make your own writing prompts then? I’m writing a novel on Watty, so I’d prefer short stories too! Let me know if you do have a set of prompts you work from or if you make your own! 😂 Do I give you my phone no. for hangouts? 😂

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                    3. Aw that sucks!! I’m glad that both of us are still here haha. A lot has happened in that time! Like we started a group blog called The Diamond Village, El and I became besties, and I’m almost at 300 followers I think!! Haha yes I’ll try 😂 for sure! What’s ur email? You can email me at my contact page. I search them up, actually. You can use the ones I’ve already used if you want! Or you can search up writing prompts, those are always helpful. If you’re in the US, I can give you my ph # but if you’re outside we can use WhatsApp or Hangouts or IG.

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                    4. I know right!! For sure, you guys are here for the long time! 💗 That’s so awesome, are you and El involved in that? I’ll be sure to follow! Aw that’s so cool, you both are my favourite bloggers (+Bayance) so I’m very happy 🥺 Hangouts works for me as I’m not in the US – UK born and bred 😂 My email for hangouts is ambers.blog.06@gmail.com ! Hope that helps, I’ll look at your contact page and hopefully send you an email on hangouts! 🙂

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                    5. I joined WP in October 2018 but I only considered myself as part of the blogosphere in like April so almost exactly a year!! ❤ yes I am the leader and El is basically my backbone who helps with everything!! We have six people who are part of it, actually! ❤🥺 thank you, angelll ❤ haha okay I'll wait for the message!

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                    6. That’s so awesome Adi! I actually need to check when I joined, I think nearly 2 years this winter? Oops, who knows! That’s so awesome – do you ind sending me the URL so I can follow ad spam all your posts an just generally block up your inbox? XD That is awesome – I’m so excited to check thi out!! 😊 Aww anytime, replying to your google message now!

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  2. Aw.. I’m sorry you prank didn’t go as planned (Samsung ruined it) but it still sounds fun. I once pranked my mum by giving her perfume but I had used the perfume and just filled it with water for her so she sprayed water on herself!! (oops)
    Ah.. I love this short story, it is so enticing!! I definitely want to know more and see what happens with the characters. I’m definitely getting hate to love vibes and I’m digging it!! I mean we all love that trope and you’ve paired it with fake dating so YESSS!!! Love it!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Okay I wrote this on April 1 morning so after that I ended up changing the languages to Chinese and it was hilarious and it worked yay 😂 ahaha she must have been very confused lol.
      Thank you!! Yes tbh I wish I could read this story, I feel like if the right person wrote it, it could be super popular (or maybe my ego’s showing who knows…) XD. Thank you so much+!

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