“Inside”: Stuck indoors feels, quarantine vibes, and more // StayHomeWriMo Day 1

Hey everyone and happy April Fools Day! I’m planning to prank my parents and I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow 😉

Welcome to Day One of the #StayHomeWriMo challenge. Just to familiarize everyone with what’s going to happen every day for the next month, I’ll just start off with the prompt and short story that I used for the day. I’m pumped!!


Prompt: Write a story about a character who’s stuck inside. How do they feel? Why are they there?

Kate stared out of the window. She was met with the same landscape as fifteen minutes ago: yellow-green hills, gray skies, the sun playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. It wasn’t the most ideal climate for most people, but it wasn’t like it mattered to her.

After all, the last time she had been outside was three years ago.

She missed the feeling of grass in her feet when she somersaulted across the lawn while practicing for a gymnastics competition. She missed lying down by a pool and feeling the sun’s warmth against her face. She missed running along the streets with her friends, throwing the basketball to each other and jumping to dunk the ball and run her fingers against the net of the hoop.

Honestly, she missed everything about the outside. She would give her left arm to be able to stand outside, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Kate found solace in the fact that at least she wasn’t the only one going through this. No one had been outside in at least a year. She just happened to be confined for three times longer because of her previous allergies, then her injury, and then the pandemic that swept the world.

The NOVV-42, nova virus, or whatever else you wanted to call it, was the most deadly plague that the world had ever seen. It spread through grass and pollen, which made it even more deadly to people like Kate who had pollen allergies.

At first, when the pandemic started killing millions, the world governments were worried about who would perform the essential tasks like farming and giving us food, taking care of the sewage systems, and more.

But drastic times require drastic measures, right?

“Kate. Dinner’s ready.” The robot walked over to her with a striking humanoid resemblance. Jay had been engineered to look like a part of their family, with a female appearance, blonde hair, green eyes, and even freckles. The robot looked a few years older than Kate. Sometimes Kate forgot that she- it– wasn’t her sister.

“Thanks, Jay. Is Mom upstairs?”

Jay nodded. “Yes. Your mother is upstairs. She asked me to deliver a message. Please go eat the noodles on the table. After that, go and practice the piano.”

Kate smiled at Jay. “Okay, got it. But before that, do you want to play a game of checkers?”

Jay was practically unbeatable, but Kate was improving.

Plus, for how long could you stare out a window?


I hope you liked this piece and thought I did a good job with the prompt!

What are your feelings regarding COVID-19? Are you quarantined or in self-isolation? Do you think robots will be a household staple in the future?


17 thoughts on ““Inside”: Stuck indoors feels, quarantine vibes, and more // StayHomeWriMo Day 1

  1. robots will DEFINITELY be a household staple in the future! it’s inevitable. but am i the only person who thinks that this idea will go horribly wrong or am i just being paranoid (prob a bit of both tbh xD)?? ooh, i love how you responded to the prompt, it’s givin’ me “everything, everything” vibes! :)) also, you’re planning on pranking your parents?? umm, details- you can’t leave me hAnGiNg 😦

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    1. yess I totally agree! but when do you think that’ll happen? cell phones became a thing at the beginning of the century so it took around 20 years to spread everywhere. maybe robots will be a household staple when we’re grandparents!! (no a lot of ppl think that XD y’know dystopian books that focus on robots taking over the world- personally i feel like it’s an exaggeration and I think it’ll go fine)
      thank you- yeah actually i started it off like that and was all ‘oop, i need to make it different’ so i thought i’d reflect on the current state 🙂 but fiction because i suck at nonfiction 🤣


  2. Oh my God this is a brilliant story!! I could have read more 🙌 I like how it was relatable what with the situation we are in at the moment but still a distant thought with robots 🤖 They will definitely become a household staple, even for those that cannot afford them as I reckon the government will have hidden cameras in them and want everyone to have one to keep track on things so there will be a way around the price (I’m going a tad overboard here but I truly believe it! 😂). I’m not sure if I’m in isolation or quarantine as we thought my sister had the virus and were told to stay in quarantine but now she’s better so maybe isolation? Either way I’m not finding staying at home tough (as I can still go in my garden) and am used to being here for long periods of time because of my health although that’s not to say it’s going to be easy as my family are all usually off doing their own things so it may take its toll on us all being together through this time 😂 but for now we’re fine. Have to say it one more time, loved the story!! Take care 💕

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    1. Thank you SO much, Elsie!! That means so much to me 💙 Yeah, I thought it would be nice to have a similar situation but I like writing far-fetched fantasy and sci-fi stuff hence the robots 😂. No, you actually have a point! Personally I think that by 2120- ish robots will be just as common as phones.
      Oh that’s interesting! For us the entire state is shut down so no non-essential services and no going outside to meet people. You’re supposed to just stay inside but I go for walks and just avoid people 🤣. School is canceled for the rest of the year and I’m really sad because a lot of my friends are going to go to completely different high schools so I might NEVER see them again at least for half a year?? :O. Thank you, and stay safe!! ❤

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  3. ooh good luck pranking your parents!! definitely let us know how it goes 😂

    and THIS STORY!!! i loved reading it, the dystopian view you took on the current world situation was scary, but honestly i bet robots are soon to become a staple in society. my school just announced that they are closing for the entire rest of the school year, so how you talked about the virus also hit close to home! 😭 your writing is so awesome, i could definitely relate with Kate. awesome post ❤ ❤ stay safe xx

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    1. thank you!! I’m posting it today haha 😉
      THANK YOUUU ❤ yes it was kind of scary- I actually didn't mean it to add anxiety to people oh no I hope that didn't hurt anyone 😦 yeah the entire state is shut down (and we're in the same county lol) and I'm so saddd 😦 thank you so much!! you too ❤ x

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  4. I’m late but I’m here and I love it!! I love the idea of story prompts!! I also love how relevant it is to present times. And your writing was amazing and it has robots!! (I wasn’t expecting that but I like it a lot, I’m not sure I would like having a robot, too many films have told me it will go wrong haha. I would like a dragon so maybe if it was a dragon robot, it probably won’t be as helpful though)!! I love the last line, ‘Plus, for how long could you stare out a window?’ YESSS!!

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    1. Thank youu 😂😭💛💛 yeah story prompts are literally my life XD I can’t write any short stories without prompts or made-up prompts 😅. Yeah actually I would love having a robot but I haven’t read or watched as much scifi as everyone else so I am not that scared haha. OKAY BUT DRAGON WOULD BE AMAZINGGG ❤ yeah the last line is literally me!! Thanks for commenting ❤

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  5. This was really good! It kept me engaged without my attention wavering once. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think we’ll ever see a robot takeover, but who knows because I would never have predicted a global pandemic.

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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! ❤ also, your comment was in my spam folder for some reason, so I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner! I totally get that XD to be honest, I'm a bit skeptical too. I doubt we'll have a full-blown takeover but I definitely think they'll become more common in next century or so.


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