Best TV Shows To Watch When You’re Bored + #StayHomeWriMo Announcement

Hey everyone!! *starting up with my announcement*
I’m excited to say that I’m participating in my first month-long challenge other than April of last year when I did the #BeHappy challenge! It’s been a year (exactly) since then and I’ve avoided pretty much all readathons, wrap-ups, tags, and awards like the flu (or coronavirus :O) in recent months- basically since the school year began. I hope that I’ll get over my aversion to those commitments because I get tagged a lot and have over 20 to catch up on!!

But, I digress. Today’s post is introducing my monthlong participation in the #StayHomeWriMo challenge hosted by NaNoWriMo while everyone is self-quarantined across the world. Here’s where you can find out all the deets.

It’s going to run throughout April and I’ll try to post every day but at least thrice a week since I have no school at least for now.


I’ve never really talked about TV shows or movies on my blog at all- however, my good friend Sophie has on her blog many times and we’re currently doing a collab too so I thought it’d be a good time to bust out my top favorites, in no particular order.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Dig Deep : Why “Korra” is a better series than “The Last ...

This show is my favorite of all time and in my opinion, the best show to ever- ever– exist. It may seem like I’m over-exaggerating, but this show is amazing in every which way. I’m probably going to do a full post on it sometime later so I’ll keep it short.

The characters, plot, worldbuilding, bending, and design (so… basically everything) of this show make it timeless. I will forever love it and even though it’s a kid show, it can get really spiritual and is perfect for adults, too.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Review: "Kicks" - The Tracking Board

I’m also going to do a full post on this (spoiler alert… in May) so this is going to be short. I started Brooklyn Nine-Nine only a few days/ one week ago but I’m already on Season Three and I’m really enjoying it! The cast of characters is fun and loveable which makes up for the fact that the plot continuation isn’t really prevalent until Season Two and it’s a sitcom, which means that each episode is basically unrelated. Until S2, of course, where it’s still easy to see on its own but some characters and plots are referenced from before.

The Politician

Ryan Murphy's The Politician Trailer Teases Netflix TV Show

I started this show a little while ago and finished it pretty quickly- after all, there were barely twenty episodes and only one season so far, but I still think it’s worth a watch for all youth readers who are looking at this post right now 😉

The Politician is a little bit different from regular TV shows in which it presents a cutthroat high school situation and a cutthroat protagonist, too. I ended up being immensely intrigued and it was impossible to stop watching it! Season Two will be out sometime later in the year, so watch S1 before that.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra review: elementary | Polygon

Here’s the other Avatar series that I love- it’s flawed for sure, but I love it with all my heart and have even written fanfiction for it, wow. The villains are cool 😉 Once again, it uses some of the ATLA worldbuilding but makes it more modern and steampunk since Korra is after Aang’s time. The ships, while a bit whack, are favorites of mine and even the characters are dear <3. Plus, the LOK fanfiction is amazing!


I hoped you all liked this post! Stay safe during these uncertain times and remember to stay home if you can!! Don’t put the elderly and immunocompromised people in danger because of your ignorance.

Did you like this post? Have you seen any of these shows? What’s your favorite TV show? Are you taking part in #StayHomeWriMo?


43 thoughts on “Best TV Shows To Watch When You’re Bored + #StayHomeWriMo Announcement

  1. girl, 20 tags to catch up on?? you can’t see it, but i’m just laughing to myself on the other side of the screen xD you could have like a week entirely dedicated to tags if that would help!
    “in no particular order”– avatar comes first -_- tbh, it really is one of the best shows i’ve watched to cuz’ everything is just done so perfectly!! the characters *tears up* are sooo beautiful, the amazing world-building, … gah, i need to watch korra right. now. i feel nostalgic 😿 but you watched the politician! (that was actually rly fast?? i’m low-key impressed, i can’t do that xD) brooklyn nine-nine seems super cool and i’ve heard tons of great things about it! what’s it abt?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lmao i know, right?! it’s crazy, but i haven’t done a tag in almost a year tbh. june or july, probably? yeah that’s my plan, actually! probably will do it in the first or second week of may so that it doesn’t clash with the april challenge but we also have no school (i mean, it’s not like everything’s going to settle down in a month… right? do you think school will start may 1 or no?).
      of COURSE avatar comes first haha you know how much i love it!! *tears up nostalgically* PLEASE WATCH KORRA, I NEED TO FANGIRL WITH SOMEONE! watch it during april with your brother :). haha yes i did- i watched it in like a week. brooklyn nine-nine is a sitcom and comedy set in a police station. it’s super funny and i love it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yessss, there’s so much to do but ~actually~ enough time to do it!! that’s hoenstly such a strange and foreign feeling, but i’m not complaining! yesss, i want to!! YOU’RE LIKE THE BEST PERSON TO FANGIRL WITH (like it’s actually sorta scary, the fandom be -s h o o k-) i have to check out brooklyn nine-nine tooo! i have like a bazillion shows to watch, oh nooooo *has an existential crisis* we love those!

        yo, i have no clue abt. the virus :(( i *don’t* think things are going to settle down in a month. ppl are still going out so flattening the curve may take longer… and we *do* have the most cases. there’s so much uncertainty, y’know? trying to stay hopeful!! *fingers crossed*

        Liked by 1 person

        1. i knowww but i procrastinate a TON (y’know me) so let’s see if i actually do it oop. I KNOW THE FANDOM BE ~ S H O.O K E TH~. brooklyn nine-nine is very very funny and good and wheeee ❤ haha I feel that
          yes, i'm really not sure about anything tbh. my friend's grandfather is in the hospital very sick and tested for COVID and i'm seriously praying for her and her grandpa ❤ 😦 things are definitely not gonna settle down by may 1, we'll be in quarantine and away from school at least until mid-may, right? this SUCKS :/

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  2. Having lots of tags to do is a constant mood, I can never keep up haha!! I haven’t heard of StayHomeWriMo but it sounds fun and I look forward to your posts!! 🙂
    Haha yesss I loved reading this post so much as I do love TV shows like you said, yay!! 😉
    Ahh… Avatar this is a really good show!! And I definitely think adults can love it!! I love the way they fight and everything. I’m so glad you got me to watch it. I just watched the episode ‘Zuko Alone’ in season 2 and it just gave me all the feels!!
    Brooklyn Nine Nine I obviously love as well, it is so much fun! It does have the sitcom ‘I have no plot’ at times but I mostly stay for the characters!! I’m so, SO, so happy you are enjoying it!!
    I need to watch The Politician but it does look good and I’m intrigued and you can guarantee I will be watching the follow up Avatar show afterwards too!! 🙂
    Wonderful post!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And haha yeah, I hope I’ll beat the backlist tags sometime soon :O
      Avatar is an AMAZING show and as;dfjkalsdfj;a I’M SO GLAD U LIKE IT!! Zuko Alone is so good, I agree! That’s most ppl’s favorite episode :D. Just wait until you get to the S3 finale *ahhhh* it’s the BEST finale eVER.
      I just finished the coral palms trilogy in brooklyn 99 and it gave me chills haha. Yeah, but the plot starts developing a lot more in S3!
      Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahahhaa it is amazing!!! I can’t wait to watch more and I had a sneaky look on IMDb and saw that the last finale was the highest rated so I am SO excited!!! 😍😍
        Yes the plot does develop more!! I loved the Coral Palms episodes 😍😍

        Liked by 1 person

  3. ok ok okkkkkk I DEFINITELY NEED TO WATCH ATLA. 😂 i’ve heard so many people rave about it, and hopefully i’ll start it soon, haha! these other shows also seem really great. 😉 i recently binge-watched HSMTMTS on Disney Plus and it was definitely better than i expected. i’m also planning to finish Your Lie In April soon (i’ve only seen the first episode XD)!

    also, that’s so cool about participating in StayHomeWriMo, have fun! awesome post, hope you’re doing well ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes you definitely need to watch ATLA it’s theBEST I LOVE IT SO MUCH IF I HAVEN’T MADE THAT CLEAR 😂 yess they are! ooh I have mixed feelings for HSM1 because I was in the play and all the characters are booo-ring (like seriously) and it was just so cringy. then again, I was salty because I didn’t get a good role and I’m a freaking ACTOR, y’all, I am really good at the funny sidekick disney role!!!1! but HSM didn’t have that character ugh so yeah haha 🤣
      thank you! first post will be up tomorrow 😉 and stay safe too! ❤ x

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  4. Woooo for Brooklyn 99! I just binged all of season 6 that came out 😂
    The politician is on my list to be watched but right now I’m enjoying good girls 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m on S4 and I’m lovin’ it (not to be confused with McDonald’s idk what I’m doing right now why did I clarify because I typed lovin’ it ohh) 😂
      Is it good? or are they BAD girlsss :O 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Sorry I had to drop into this comment (LOL!) eeek YOU WATCH GOOD GIRLS TOO 💖😂 I loved it so much, me and my mum finished it and it’s so good! 🙂 Hope your enjoying it 🤞

      Liked by 1 person

        1. SAME!! Can they just bring out another series all ready? 😂 My favourite mum is definitely Annie! I think she’s just such a bad-ass and so funny! 😆 How about you? Sorry for dropping in your comments by the way XD

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Sameeee she’s the best! I just love how she is with Sadie & I feel so bad for her because of all the stuff she’s had to go through & the other 2 don’t really give her credit (sorry for the like character analysis 😂)

            Liked by 2 people

            1. She definitely is! 💖 Yes she’s like the chillest, awesomest mum ever (*reassures mum she is also the most chillest, awesomest mum too 😂*) I totally agree! Damn, say it like it is El 🙂 No need to apologise! I love hearing your thoughts 🙂 I think it is one of the funniest, far-fetched programs ever, but so addictive 😆

              Liked by 2 people

  5. All of these look like so much fun to watch! 💖 Brooklyn Nine Nine is on my list, so now I know that it’s worth the watch, I’ll be binging that ASAP! 🙂 Love this post so much, it’s nice to get some opinions on some shows and some inspirations! Take care x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can imagine! 💗 I love the film Avatar so much (forgot to mention it in the comments) it is such a long film, but it is a definite watch! I highlyhighlyHIGHLY recommend watching Avatar too 😂 Look at us highlyhighlyHIGHLY recommending things! Yes I’ll Defo be checking that out! xx ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ❤ oh the Avatar movie haha. Yeah my dad said that I can watch it lol. I think the TV show is better though 😉 I know, look at us highlyhighlyHIGHLY recommending Avatar thingzz 😭🤣

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oops I’m so sorry, I completely mixed that up there! 😂 Honestly (I said that word way too much!), this quarantine is doing weird things to me XD I’ll definitely check out the TV show then 😉 Haha yes we are highlyhighlyHIGHLY recommending people watch Avatar stuff 😂 Lol! x

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  6. Sadly , I haven’t seen any of these shows but they sound like fun. I just got Hulu so, I will probably start watching Brooklyn Nine Nine soon:)
    Some of my favorite shows are Anne with and E and the Flash. Have you seen either?


    1. Yes they are pretty great! I highly recommend them 😉
      Ooh I’ve heard good things about both of them but haven’t seen them 😦 but I will definitely keep them in my radar!!
      Thank you for commenting- btw, your profile leads to which is apparently deleted so I can’t reach your blog- could you send me your URL so I can go follow? ❤ x

      Liked by 1 person

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