Dear America, End Gun Violence// rants & rambles

Dear America-

Honestly, I should have said this a long time ago.

215 days into 2019, America had witnessed 249 shootings. Mass shootings.

As an American, born and brought up in America, I’m ashamed. Isn’t America supposed to be the “land of the free”? The “home of the brave”?

I don’t think there’s anything brave at all about grabbing a gun and shooting a whole bunch of people. Is there really any reason to still be proud of my country when everything is crumbling around me?

Yet I am still an American. I belong here, and there’s no changing that.

However, what we can change is the fact that there were so many shootings in barely 200 days. Is that ok? Can we just slap a label on it and agree with President Trump for everything?

The world is watching, guys. The world’s watching America flustered and stammering all over the place. They’re laughing at us. And we’re okay with that? We’re going to take it and stand there, ashamed, looking at our feet?

I mean, they’re right. But that doesn’t change anything. It’s time to swallow our pride and mourn for those who lost their lives and those whose loved ones will never open their eyes again. It’s time to mourn for our brothers and sisters who are in wheelchairs or disabled for life. It’s time to mourn for America.

It’s not right to look at the rest of the world for support. Where were we when they had a crisis? In our posh bedrooms, stomach full, laptop on our lap, tweeting about their problems without an understanding of anything.

Listen up, America. This is absurd. It’s absurd that not only are your citizens disappointing everyone, but they won’t even acknowledge it.

Video games aren’t causing mass shootings.

We might as well say that bananas cause suicide.

Gosh, this is crazy. I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed, America. I’m embarrassed of you, I’m embarrassed of me. I’m embarrassed of us.

Video games don’t cause mass shootings. That’s not to say that video games don’t waste time and aren’t addicting, but that’s a different problem and we need to learn not to blame outsiders and companies for something that’s very much an internal fault.

We need gun restrictions, America.

Yes, mental health could definitely be a part of it. America’s schooling system is whack and generally contributes to anxiety and depression at a young age, something that other countries have, but not to his extent. White supremacy can be defined as mental health issues, and I’d totally agree.

But these mass shootings aren’t because of video games. They are because of white supremacy and very loose gun restrictions. 

Why don’t you get that, America?

Our president- hello, Mr. Trump. I don’t even want to think about you right now, but it’s not like I have a choice. You won’t see this, Mr. Trump, but I’m begging you, do something-


On behalf of the families in grief who are too worn to say a word let alone demand anything from a politician-


On behalf of the Americans ashamed and embarrassed of their own country, good people at heart-


And on behalf of me, a young girl still figuring out her place in the world, someone who deeply wants to believe that people are kind and beautiful, no matter the truth-



A Concerned Citizen

What did you think of this post? What’s your opinion on the current gun laws in America?


16 thoughts on “Dear America, End Gun Violence// rants & rambles

  1. i love this post so. freaking. much. and it had to be written. I had no idea that over 200 shootings happened within 200 days, and that is sick and shameful. thank you so much for writing this, because it’s so important for ALL of us as a whole to recognize and take initiative of this problem.

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    Thank you so much for writing it! I had no idea that this was happening, and I am only thankful that NZ has such a safe community that we do not have to work against these issues.
    Thank you so much for this eye opening post, it has revealed so much to me and I will be sharing this to everyone I know until the world ends.
    – Emma

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  3. *hugs*
    It’s so crazy the whole gun thing, like a while back weren’t they trying to arm teachers? Like, that is ridiculous & would just make school shootings a whole lot easier *shakes head*

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  4. ❤ ❤ ❤ I had to take a major social media break after the most recent shootings, because after Parkland I've been kind of f*cked up about all this. Beautifully put. Advocating for change is so necessary but sometimes so exhausting.

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  5. Oh my goodness, this post is SO POWERFUL. I love it. This message needs to be heard by all of America. Great job, Aditi! ❤ ❤ ❤

    -Ash |
    (also, hello! i'm new to your blog but will definitely be following you!)

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  6. Very timely post, Aditi. Really hope young people like you and your fellow bloggers really closely examine the social reasons behind these type of violence. I wont totally remove mental health from the picture, though. A poorly adjusted youngster with access to guns is many a times the reason for these mass shootings. But, have we wondered why there are so many youngsters let down, overwhelmed by the school system, society and their own families? Eventhough America spends a whopping sum on adult and is one of the countries supposedly leading the research on depression and social health. Mental health needs to be examined closely. I’d say individual mental health is far more critical in these mass shootings than we are giving credit for.

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  7. hey aditi,
    i was scrolling through your blog and thought this was a good place to start
    i’m shook
    you’re amazing and you go, girl
    just YES
    end gun violence
    because i check in with my friends to see if they were okay and that’s not okay

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