Mother’s Day Tribute

amma, mathair, ibu, moeder, ana, motina, or even just mother~

There’s so many ways to address your mother, but they all mean the same thing. A loving, caring woman in your life who’s taken care of you and loves you to the end of all the universes. For me, my mother means so much. I love her immensely, even during the times when she yells at me or scolds me because I know that everything she does is for my benefit.

So dear Amma, here’s something for you:

Dear Amma

You’ve loved me since I was born

You endured my wails as a baby

You fed me though I resisted

You taught me to love stories

You told me to care for others

You held me when I cried

You cared for me when I was sick

You comforted me when I was blue

You scolded me when I was wrong

You introduced me to music and arts

Dear Amma

You are my favorite woman in this world and the next.

So Amma, if you happen to read this:

Thank you. I love you.

And to all the amazing mothers out there:

Keep on shining and bringing happiness. We appreciate all the hard work you have put in to make us, the children, vibrant people. You try so hard no matter what and we are so, so, so proud that you love from the bottom of your hearts.

A quick shout-out to a mother who blogs:

Sophie @ This Outnumbered Mama. You take time out of your busy life to blog and help other mothers who are struggling. And, of course, you love your kids and spend personal time with each of them.

And to everyone else out there!


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