Snippets from the Life of LV pt. 1

Hello, sunshines! I have a neat post idea for today. I’ve been re-reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and oh my, it’s so much more powerful than I realized!

(I read this first when I was eight, so maybe I didn’t really have an adequate understanding of these topics…)

The story is told from Death’s POV and I loved the idea of that. I want to start a series where I write about a certain person (soon to be revealed) from the POV of Death. This will not necessarily be the same genre as The Book Thief, but there will be some similarities. How does that sound? I’m excited!


Usually, my daily trip to collect traveling souls is uneventful. The only handling of souls I interact with are the saints and sinners. Predictably, there are more sinners than saints out there.

This particular day, I happened to make my way to a small village tucked away in the Netherlands nestled near the mountains.

Usually, in small areas such as that, you tend to find less “important souls” than large cities. If you do find one, they are mostly sinners. In a place where you struggle to feed yourself, not many look out for others.

However, that day I was slightly surprised as I stepped through the walls into a small wooden house with only two rooms. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the woman- the body of the woman laid out on the table, blonde hair sweeping out behind in a halo, eyes closed peacefully. Immediately, I felt the light radiating from her soul. She was the saint I was here for.

That’s when I made my first mistake; staying. Instead of taking her soul and leaving, I was captivated by the people standing around the table. There were five, to be exact. A man with brown hair and over-grown stubble lining his cheeks stared ahead at the body of his wife, eyes soft and hard at the same time. I could feel the sadness pulsing from his soul.

See, this is why my job is tedious. Not only do I take their souls, but I feel the souls of the alive. Honestly, I find the dead much more preferable. They don’t talk unnecessarily and they’re all in their designated positions. No havoc, no chaos.

The children seemed much like the average mourning kids. The two tall boys had the same pale skin as their mother and one had blonde and the other had brown hair. The older girl had soft brown hair and was rounder, with more curves than sharp angles.

What really stood out to me wasn’t the husband or the three oldest children- it was the youngest one, the midget with the pale hair, pale eyes, and pale skin, clothes hanging off of her tiny body.

Her eyes were the most curious- unlike her family with crystal blue eyes, the girl had muddy, almost swampy greenish-brown eyes. The were large and at the moment brimming with tears.

Although many prefer to think that Death doesn’t have a heart, I’d beg to differ. Of course, my heart doesn’t beat like a human one. It’s much darker, you could say. And at that moment, my black heart betrayed me, pounding just for a moment in my nonexistent body. I knew this girl- she’d been around so many deaths that it was hard to count.

Such a young girl shouldn’t have been exposed to so much sadness. And that, coming from Death itself.

“Lotte, what are you doing?” Spoke the boy with the brown hair. The young girl had crept to the other side of the table and was stroking her mama’s hair.

Lotte didn’t reply. Again, the boy asked harshly, “Lotte, what are you doing?”

She only looked up at him with big eyes and answered in merely a whisper, “Moeder loved it when Maria and I did this.”

Maria, the older girl, looked upon her sister sadly. “Lotte, she won’t get up.”

Lotte continued stroking. “I know. But she knows- she can tell.”

Her words were eerily accurate. She was right- at the moment, her mother’s soul was joy impersonated. She was so happy that her daughter remembered and didn’t fear her dead body. What I wondered was how she knew this. Maybe being around so many deaths had affected her soul.

The girl looked up, straight to the area where I was. It felt like she was glaring at me. With a shudder, I leaned over the table to grab her mother’s soul and swept right out of the room. Behind me, I could hear Maria (was that her name?bursting into tears.

I fought all urges to go back and see what was happening because I was scared. Scared of this freakish girl and her freakish eyes- scared that she knew what she shouldn’t.

Death was scared of a little girl.

I hope you enjoyed this! I won’t be continuing if you guys don’t want me to, so please let me know in the comments!

Have you read The Book Thief? Do you prefer multiple POVs or one POV? Who’s your favorite book character of all time?


17 thoughts on “Snippets from the Life of LV pt. 1

  1. The Book Thief is my favorite book! I love the POV, it’s so unique and well-written. I love the beginning of your story, please continue 😀 I love having multiple POVs when they’re well-written. When they’re not, it just gets confusing. I don’t know who my favorite book character is, there are soooo many!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love it too! And thank you so much~ I will continue just because you asked! 😀
      Yeah, I agree about the POVs~ Rick Riordan did it well but not all authors can pull it off. And yes, how can you pick a favorite book character?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah! Interesting, you’ve stalked me back to my roots I see 😂
        But yeah, we’re actually best friends still!
        Basically, we both agreed that she wasn’t putting as much into the blog as me because she wasn’t enjoying it like I was, she’d just write a post because i told her to 😂 Which was annoying for her & me. And her relationship with books is complicated, she’s kinda been going through her own little bookish journey recently. Anyway, I’m actually hoping to get her on for a post sometime soon, hopefully it’ll happen!
        Sorry if that was a bit TMI but it’s quite a complicated story (always is with friendship) and I wanted to answer your question properly! 💕

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        1. Oh wow, cool! I agree that blogging may not be for everyone, but I love it! I do hope to hear from Cos anytime!
          Haha, no, this was a perfect explanation.

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  2. Ahh… this was so much fun to read. As I mentioned before I love The Book Thief and that death was the narrator and I think this was done really well.
    I loved your writing and how you wrote from death’s perspective. I hope you do carry on with this series as I would be interested in it. And you ended on a very good line– very Markus Zusak style. I loved it!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you! 😘 I love The Book Thief too and it means so much to me that you think that! I definitely will because of all the positive feedback I’ve gotten! Haha, I tried and it must have payed off! Thank youuu! 💙💙💙
      (oh also I’m sorry if my comment replies are short- mostly I’m on my phone so I get too lazy to type 😉 but I’m on my laptop now so XD)

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      1. You’re very welcome!! ❤ I loved reading it– I’m glad you got lots of positive feedback and I look forward to the rest of the series!! 😊
        Haha it’s fine– yes I know what you mean I type more when on my laptop 😂

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