photography 1.0 ft. me being obsessed with selfies

Hey lovelies!

So two weeks ago, just a couple of days after I announced my mini-hiatus, I went to a music competition (our team got the judge’s special mention yay! and afterward I went to cleveland and got 3rd prize solo yayay!) and took a couple of pictures. Some were nature, some were me 😉 I took even more pictures at my friend V’s house. Obviously I’m not sharing the pics of me where my face is visible because, ya know, privacy and my parents having limits to what I can and can’t post online.









Yes. I know that the right-most picture is not of me… but let’s kindly overlook that, thank you very much.

me in cleveland
wasn’t this a perfect picture spot?? this was the first day we landed in Cleveland when no restaurants were open so we ate in a bar 😀

Those are just the picture without my visible face, so there’s MUCH more XD.

See ya all later~




3 thoughts on “photography 1.0 ft. me being obsessed with selfies

  1. ooh, pretty. of course my favourites are of my plants (jk). but I love the one of the plotted plant the most- it has super cool contrast + shadows. I also love your “me” aesthetic the most. it’s so artfully messy and you 😄 good job in cleveland again! (your brother must be so proud of himself) xD

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