Life Update + April Blogging Challenge Day 12

Hey people~ sorry I’ve sort of fallen asleep the past couple of days! I’m just really tired and def looking forward to spring break NEXT NEXT WEEK (URGH TOO FAR AWAY). *sighs dreamily*

And I’m done with overworking myself. yay?
Ok, I’m done with my pity-fest and ready to actually do stuff whoopee.. But actually I’ve been tired from my music competitions coming up as well as school workloads getting larger and violin and dance and more stuff. I probably won’t be posting until next-and-a-half-week (but I’ll still be looking at other’s blogs)

because I’m busy. Just a mini 1-week break to take time for myself.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right thing to do or something, but I think I need some me-time. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m tired. I’ve been feeling less depressed lately, but I’m just so so tired 😦

So thanks for being here for me and quick side note:

I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT TO 22 FOLLOWERS?? HOW awesome IS THAT?! You people are the best ever ever ever.

And I’m posting again! Onwards, friends! *awkwardly shoves hand forward*


Your favorite color with a photo showing it.

Does this work??

Related image
rainbow sparkles and cupcakes for life, honey! jk, sorta

No? Ok, fine. Then, um…

Image result for teal flowers


Image result for lavender purple montage

or even…

Image result for shades of black elegant collage
blacks and whites and grays

I can’t really choose! They’re all amazing and I love ’em all! Just imagine:

What would life be like without the color blue?

  • the skies would be desolate. the rivers and ponds would be plain. when you look out on the street, the calm and harmony of blue will be missing from the clothes of on-goers.

What about green?

  • the grass would be grey. the trees? the bushes? the vines curling up sweetly against the rusted old fence? gone. the brilliance of the flowing ocean is taken away all at once.


  • the memory of a smile, fleeting against the face of a young child fighting a disease. the warmth of the sun on your skin, heating up your chilled bones after ravaging the woods for your lost items. all lost to the color-stealers.

Red? Pink? Purple? Orange? Grey?

  • when the sun sets and the sky splits open to reveal a gaping hole quickly filled with the watercolor reds, oranges, and pinks, the clouds tinted in a lavender hue. now all that’s left is the blacks and greys – and even that is slowly taken away.

Just imagine. Now rethink whatever your answer would be and tell me.

I’ll see you guys in a while, and until then, sit tight and DFTBA!


5 thoughts on “Life Update + April Blogging Challenge Day 12

  1. You’re so right! We need all colours for the world to be beautiful (ok, that sounded really cheesy 🧀) but I literally can’t even imagine not having a colour! 😂💕

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  2. All of those thoughts about not having a certain colour in the world is very thoughtful and smart! You should really take a break if you feel tired, because everyone will eventually burn out.

    Liked by 2 people

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