April Blogging Challenge Day 6

Three ways to win my heart:

The fangirl in me-

  1. The first thing you say to me: “You drool in your sleep.”
  2. When I say “May the odds be ever in your favor” because they’re going to take a test and they get it 😉
  3. Write me a poem about how my eyes are as green as pickled toads. Even though I have brown eyes. Even though I’ve never seen a pickled toad.

The sappy emotional me-

  1. Compliment me. I don’t get compliments from people my age, so it matters A LOT to me. Even if you’re not my age, I’ll instantly like you if you’re genuine.
  2. Talk to me. Yes, you probably asked me ‘how are you?”, smiled when I said ‘good’, and left. Don’t say that I didn’t make an effort to continue the conversation. I would if I could sense that you wanted to, darling!
  3. Make me food. Sorry-not-sorry, but food is ALWAYS a win 🙂


Aaand, that’s it, loves!


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