April Blogging Challenge Day 2

Hellooo, people! I’m starting this challenge, done by Maggie a day late, but that’s okay 🙂

This is the #behappychallenge and I’m super excited to start this!

My Morning Routine:

BTW, this is a school day-

  1. I wake up at, like, 7?
  2. Then I laze around in bed until around 7:15~ish.
  3. Brush, use the bathroom.
  4. Change, wear my socks.
  5. Go downstairs and wait for my food.
  6. Either comb my hair while waiting or eat if my brother’s in the bathroom.
  7. Same as step 6 but reversed order.
  8. Sing if it’s 7:50 or earlier, grab my stuff and get ready if it’s later.
  9. If my dad’s going to office, I grab a ride with him and my brother at approximately 7:58 or 7:59.
  10. If my dad’s not going to office, start walking to school at 8:03 or 8:04.
  11. Get to school. If there’s time, go to the library or my friends. If there’s not enough time, go to ukulele class.
  12. It’s 8:20, school started.

Whee! Welcome to my mornings! So exciting- NOT.

Well, I’ll be back soon, either with another April challenge post or part 2 of my Webtoon edition. 🙂



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