Book Review on Starflight

ဟယ်လို, muggles and mortals of Earth!
Um. Hi! (Yes, I apologize to the select few of you who happen to be wizards and demigods. There aren’t much of us out there anymore.)

I read a book called Starflight by Melissa Landers, and I felt like reviewing it.. so here we are!

Front Cover

Title: Starflight

Author: Melissa Landers


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two golden stars!


In the far future, Solara Brooks hopes to indenture herself for passage off Earth in order to escape the stigma of the felony convictions tattooed on her knuckles. Unfortunately, she has to indenture herself to Doran Spaulding, a former classmate and heir to a powerful fuel corporation. Doran can’t stand Solara, and when he finds out about her convictions and threatens to have her kicked off the ship, Solara has to make a choice. One stun gun and a kidnapping later, Solara and Doran find themselves on the Banshee, a ragtag ship with an equally ragtag crew that includes a kleptomaniac and a captain with a marsupial living in his pocket. As the Banshee dodges police, pirates, and assassins, the crew discovers a conspiracy with galactic ramifications. Solara and Doran have distinct voices, highlighted in alternating chapters, while the other characters switch between being bad*ss and lovable goofs. Equal parts action and comedy, Landers’s story should leave many readers awaiting the sequel. Summary from Publishers Weekly.


Oof. This book was… all over the place. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it was a bit overdone. Some parts I enjoyed, some I didn’t. I think I liked the author’s writing style? She was trying to go for a sci-fi romance, but I think she overdid the romance.

Thankfully, there were no love triangles! At least that went well. However, I really would have liked this book more if the plot was given a lil’ more importance than the lovey-dovey parts. The romance felt forced and too sudden- I get having a quick crush, but Solara fell pretty hard for Doran (who bullied her severely for several years, btw) which just doesn’t make any sense.

One thing I enjoyed about this book was the sci-fi aspect. I haven’t read much sci-fi but I want to read more science fiction after this book. I liked the mentions of other planets and currency (idkw, but I always like reading about currency. like, seriously) I liked the mechanics and the nitty-gritty of how the spaceships worked. It was cool how Solara is a mechanic- I haven’t read many stories about female mechanics.

Ooh- I loved the parts about the ball gown! I’ve always been a sucker for ball gowns. Honestly, that’s probably why I read The Selection XD. Not wearing them, but reading about pretty people in pretty ball gowns. I’m pretty sure I’d look bad in a ball gown 😉

Image result for ball gowns

Isn’t it beautiful?! I just adore descriptions of lace ruffles and tulle spilling off of a body, diamonds sewn in the hems and a *dagger slipped in the waistline. ahhh.

Where was I? Right.

I didn’t like Doran in the beginning- he kinda sucked. I liked the progression of his character arc and I liked how he started becoming responsible and actually doing stuff. Solara was the opposite- I liked her in the beginning and in the middle she started tiring me. In the beginning she was a boss, then she became meh and then a whimpering damsel in true-love-that-was-so-completely-fake. She wasn’t in distress- thankfully- but she was just stupid.

The interactions between the crew of the Banshee was nice. I like Captain Rossi and his sugar glider, Acorn 🙂


Uhm, I don’t really know… I haven’t read much of this combo before, but it seems like it’s mostly romance, so here’s some romance:

  • The Summer I Turned Pretty (I haven’t read this yet, but I just had a gut-feeling that it would work, y’know?)
  • The Selection
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

(why do these all start with “the” and an “s”??)

  • Twilight (I haven’t read this either, hehe)

Phew, that’s doesn’t start with “the”!

Well, loves, I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope it was interesting enough for you to read the book! See ya later,


*oh, that? that’s me nerding out over the Throne of Glass books by myself because none of my friends have read it 😦 The main character is bad*ss and also loves ball gowns, sooo

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