March Poems

नमस्ते (namaste), loves! Recently, I posted another poem post: Poems + Worms Matter! and two people, Grace and pinchofprayer asked me to post more, so here I am!

Dark Days

Dark days go by, when you feel no hope left.

Remember to breathe and take a break.

The Sun will shine and tomorrow will come.

That’s the only way we undertake.

Nature’s Beauty

When the moon shines and the stars glimmer

the Sun smiles and the clouds dance

the birds coo, the butterflies sway

All of it, we look up at the sky in awe and wonder.

How much nature has done for beauty- there’s no need for more.

Never Give Up

Desolate, desperate faces scanned.

Rugged, tired humans slouching.

All together in a coop-like room,

where babies wail and children cry

where elderly slouch and parents shout

where leaders try and help but fail

where there is no hope left.

Looking for loved ones

searching for the lost

when whispers are louder

than the beat of their hearts.

Is where they search and search

with no fruit of success but

never give up.


Running fast,

The grain of the field swaying, fruit of the orchard rocking

Running barefoot,

Hair flying behind and dress waving with the wind

Running wild,

Breeze propelling me forward past the edge of sanity

Running free,

Never turning back again.

I’m going to post poems every month- this is something that I’d like to keep up with.

I hope you enjoyed this. These were meant to show truth and real life as well as a trip inside of my brain 😉

See you soon!


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