hola, amigos and amigas! I have something cool to share:

I totally renovated this site! It has a new look which makes it look, if I may say, fresh. I added a Buttons page so look there if you’re interested in swapping buttons! I’ve also added widgets and a super cool, super amazing logo! Here it is:


Isn’t it great? I am in hearts!

And I maaaay have a couple of neat tidbits to offer. These are all science facts that were unknown before 2018! Look how far we’ve come:

  1. A team of researchers from two colleges in London managed to successfully 3D-print a pair of lungs!
  2. A mouse nicknamed the “night mouse” that lived in the era of the dinosaurs was found above the Arctic Circle!
  3. A cardinal was found perched in a tree near a residential area that was half-red, half-tan. It was half-male and half-female! It’s called a bilateral gynandromorph!
  4. One of Neptune’s moons was recently named Hippocamp and is a wee little thing!
  5. There is what is known as a “dead zone” in the Arabian Sea, meaning the algae feeds off of the oxygen and it is extremely hard for organisms to survive. Sadly, the dead zone has spread to the size of Florida.

And that’s it for today, folks! Love you guys, and don’t forget to stay tuned in for more! Here’s a question for you:

What would you rather see on this blog:

1. A book review. (Oooh, I know one, I know one!)

2. Recipes (I have lots of good ones!)

3. Facts (like the above)

4. Life updates (lots of those too!)

5. Collabs (I’d be really excited!)

See ya,



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